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Cute Cat Videos

World Cup Loving Kitten Finds a Home

A homeless, injured kitten who recovered in time to chase the ball around the TV screen during World Cup matches has found a home with the perfect family. Read more

Totally Relaxed Cat

Moko the cat is ultra relaxed and stretched out on his back for a little nap break in this cute video. Read more

A Cat's Guide to Training Your Human

Watch Cole the Black Cat and Marmalade demonstrate the points of their guide to training a human Read more

Yoga With Pets

Cats and dogs interfere with their petparents’ yoga workouts to adorably comic effect in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Cute Dog Mothers Kitten

Paola Sanchez uploaded these endearing short videos of her Jack Russell terrier Marley mothering Bryan Blue, a little Siamese kitten rescued by her dad. Read more

Kobi and TigerLily: Gentle Dog Meets the New Kitten

Kobi the dog is gentle and patient with the new, tiny kitten. Read more

A Day With Cats In 2 Minutes

Highlights from a day in the lives of cats Bobo and Nikita are condensed into two minutes. Watch what they do. Read more

Cats And Babies Compilation

Cats play, hang out and cuddle with babies in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Cats And Dogs Sleeping With Babies Compilation

Cats and dogs cuddle up with sweet little babies in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

ShoKo at the Vet!

Shorty and Kodi’s petdad takes us along on a trip to the vet for his two cats. Read more


Starring DIDGA! Yes, cats run, jump on, climb up, jump off and always land on their feet, but you’ve never seen it done like this. Read more

Maine Coon Kitten Chorus Line

Seven Maine Coon kittens move in unison, making a super cute kitten chorus line. Read more

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