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Cute Cat Videos

10 cats and Soap bubbles

The ’10 Cats’ kitties – or some of them, anyway – are fascinated by soap bubble on the other side of a glass door. Read more

Curious cat is absolutely fascinated with baby

A cute cat is fascinated by a strange little creature … a human baby! Read more

Kittens Do Stuff For The First Time

A lighthearted little video shows kittens being cute while doing things for the first time. Read more

And the box becomes a part of Maru!?

This time, The box becomes a part of Maru. Read more

Kittens in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions!

Funny compilation of kittens confused by their own reflections … check out what happens when kittens see themselves for the first time! Read more

Sweet Dalmatian Lady watches over week old foster kittens

Here is Lady the Dalmatian when new foster kittens enter her home. She thinks it’s her job to love and protect them. Read more

The Joys Of Being A Cat Daddy

Cat Daddy and video creator Doug Brown shares some of the many joys of being a cat Daddy. Read more

Mick the one-eyed cat no longer needs his humans to get a drink of water

When Mick wants a drink, he helps himself! Read more

Nala won't let dad play video games alone

Dad wants to play games; Nala wants to cuddle. Read more

Cats Who Are Actually Spies

They could be watching you right meow. Read more

Real Men Love Cats

Chris Poole says: “I’m a cat man and proud of it! Here’s some of my favorite moments with Cole & Marmalade, Happy Father’s Day to all the cat dads out there!” Read more

Stevie the blind cat climbs a mountain

“Today Stevie climbed a mountain. Stevie is blind.” The beautiful video of that walk also speaks to life’s journey. Read more

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