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Cute Cat Videos


Kira the cat tries to squeeze into a very small box. Read more

Abandoned cat rescued from the road is adopted by two dogs

When an abandoned Romanian kitten was rescued back in July, his new family’s two dogs quickly adopted him and and made him part of the pack. Read more

World's Most Polite Cat!

Kitty politely asks for attention by putting a paw on his petmom’s hand. Read more

Kitten trying to play with Big Cat

A kitten playing with its little littermates tries to get big kitty interested in the game. Read more

Mesmerizing Tail

Jess is fascinated by her own tail. Read more

Bengal Cat Talking to her Kitten

Mama Bengal kitty talks to her kitten in this sweet, heartwarming video. Read more

Cats And Dogs Vs Toilet Paper Compilation

Cats and dogs engage in one of a pet’s favorite activities – unrolling and tearing up the toilet paper – in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Maru and the Box: Variations on a theme

Maru shows different ways to occupy the same little box in this new video from the internet’s original superstar cat. Read more

Kitten and Cat Play a Game of Tag

An adorably spunky kitten plays a spirited game of tag with an adult cat in this cute video. Read more

Kitten to Cat! - Cute Compilation

Cats Cole and Marmalade frolic, play, get into mischief and are generally adorable in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Best Cat Video Compilation

Friskies put together this super cute compilation of cat video clips. Read more

Cat loves the baby swing

Kitty loves the baby swing. Read more

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