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Cute Cat Videos

Kitten battles reflection in the mirror

After discovering his reflection in the mirror for the first time, an adorable tabby kitten goes straight into attack mode in this incredibly cute cat video. Read more


When Nylah gets sleepy, she will sleep anywhere! Read more

Snowflake the baby deer meets a kitten

Snowflake the baby deer nuzzles a little kitten in this sweet video. Read more

Circus Kittens

Cute kittens use a rolled up yoga mat to perform an impromptu circus act. Read more

Cute kitten tries to say meow

A family’s little kitten cracks everybody up when she tries to meow. Read more

MEOW MIX! Kittens & Cats Meowing

Two of our favorite little cat video stars, Cole & Marmalade, meowing as kittens/cats in this cute and funny compilation! Read more

Cute Kittens Compilation

Kittens are being kittens – which means they are being cute, sweet, funny, feisty and completely adorable – in this new compilation of video clips. Read more

Little Kitty asking for attention

Little Ara loves to cuddle. Read more

Cat Plays in the Tub

Enix loves the water, and he plays with a bottle cap in the tub in this cute cat video. Read more

Many Maru & Hana 18

Famed internet cat Maru and his buddy Hana are featured in this cute new compilation of video clips. Read more

Paper Cat

This video with a cat pawing at a piece of paper takes a very sweet turn. Read more

Mmhhh... delicious feet...

Baby Joe Joe wants to nibble his own little kitten feet. Read more

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