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Cute Cat Videos

Squirt the kitten gets kisses from Lady and climbs Louie, her Dalmatian adoptive parents

Squirt the kitten loves her adoptive Dalmatian dog parents, Louie and Lady. This video shows their gentle interaction. Read more

Ta-Da! Cat bursts through snow to come inside

A cat who ended up out on his snowy deck makes a dramatic entrance when he comes back inside. Read more

Chattering Cat

A gorgeous cat with big beautiful eyes seems very serious as he chatters at something outside his window. Read more

Cute cats share kisses

This bonded pair of cats show their love and affection by spending some time grooming each other. Definitely an adorable moment! Read more

Bobo the Cat at the Vacuum Cleaner Spa

Bobo gets his fur ‘done’ and enjoys a relaxing massage at the vacuum cleaner spa, while helping Dad to test out two new attachments. Read more

5 cats who have to get into the cupboards and drawers

Five feisty felines are masters at getting into drawers and cupboards and making messes, in this cute video. Read more

Cats React to GIANT Fish Balloon!

How will Cole and Marmalade react when a super gigantic remote controlled fish balloon invades their home? Watch and see! Read more

Determined kitten repeatedly climbs owner's leg

This determined little kitten keeps climbing his owner’s leg despite being continually put back down on the floor, making for a fun game. Read more

Cat grabs treats from beneath bed

A sneaky paw from under the bed grabs kitty’s cat treats before he can get them. Read more

Maru looks through the small box

Maru looks through the open end of a very small box he’s managed to get himself into. Read more

A Cat Valentine

Shiro and friends send a perfectly posed Valentine until Kuro comes along and moves Chibi Bang’s little stuffed heart Read more

If You're Happy and You Know It Say Meow

A little girl sings an adorable rendition of ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It’ with her pet kitty, who meows right along on cue! It’s just too cute. Read more

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