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Cute Cat Videos

Noisy kittens waiting for dinner!

Four hungry foster kittens make a big fuss meowing insistently for their dinner in this cute video. Read more

Cute Kittens: Playtime

A pair of cute rescued kittens play, jump and tussle together in this sweet feel-good video. Read more

Cats React to Digi Birds

Bobo and Nikita play with a pair of chirping mechanical birds in this cute video. Read more

Cat and Budgie: A love story

Zim the budgie and his love of his life, Lexie the cat, share a snack, and hang out with the family’s other cats. Read more

Stealth Cat

Ohagi uses his kitty ninja skills to sneak up on his prey that’s hiding beneath the rug. Read more

Cat vs Lemon

Watch what happens when Hime the Cat investigates a lemon. Read more

Cute Kitten Slowly Waves Paws During Nap

A sleeping kitten slowly waves its little paws in this super cute video. Read more

Cat Massage Therapy

Kitty gives a therapeutic massage. Read more

Kitten Steals a Doormat

Nikita steals a doormat, and he loves putting those cute little paws under the door. Bonus: We get to hear his endearing little chirps! Read more

Cat knocks things off the table

Put it on the edge of the table … and kitty knocks it off. Read more

2 Cats, 1 Cat Tree!

Cole and Marmalade have fun with a new cat tree. Read more

Sleepy Kitten

A sleepy kitten nods off after getting some kisses from Daddy. Read more

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