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Cute Cat Videos

British Shorthair kitten falling asleep

Kelvin the kitten is oh-so-cute and oh-so-sleepy while sitting cosily in a soft slipper. Read more

Kitten Thief Steals Socks

The mystery of the missing socks was solved when a couple left a camera running when they went out. Read more

Cats Dance To ... A Laser Chicken Beat?

Thunder and Monkey do a happy dance as they chase the laser pointer. When they play with the laser chicken … not so much. Watch and enjoy! Read more

Squirt the kitty meets Ruby the Dalmatian Puppy!

A kitty meets the family’s new Dalmatian puppy in this cute little video. Read more

All Cats Are Created Equal

The Furball kitties can teach humans a thing or two: They say the color of your fur doesn’t matter, as they share their message of inclusiveness and acceptance on the MLK Day holiday. Read more

Cat plays tetherball ping pong

A cat plays a rousing game of tetherball ping pong with his unseen petparent in this cute cat video. Read more

The Geometrics Of Kitten Fighting

Baxter and Mitch demonstrate the geometrics of kitten fighting in this cute and very punny video. Read more

Trash box and Maru 3

Ha ha. The trash can is not so secret a hiding place when it has transparent sides. Read more

Cats Do the Funniest Things!

Marmalade’s irresistibly cute and funny antics shine in this compilation of video clips. Read more

Kitten Meets Rabbit

A little kitten meets a bunny in this cute video. Read more

Cat Cuddles

A cute video devoted to morning cuddles with a cat. Read more

Cute texting kitten

A cute little ginger kitten learns how to text on the iPhone. Read more

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