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Cute Cat Videos

Why Are You Kicking Yourself?

Cute Tuxedo kitty bunny kicks her own face. Read more

iCat Shuffle

The world would be a better place if we all just took a moment to dance with our cat. Read more

That's Okay, I'll Get It Myself

We have yet another water cat. This self sufficient kitty turns on the faucet and gets herself a drink. Read more

Perdy and Buddy at the Door

The cutest part is at the very end. Read more

A Moment of Cute

Cute Persian kitten, “Moo Moo” looks like she just woke up from a catnap. Read more

Mojo the Shower Cat

Meet Mojo the shower cat, here with more proof that some cats actually like the water. Read more

Cooling Off!

Summertime fun with a hose. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Kittens of Leisure

The weekends are a time to sloooow down. Read more

Watching Ping Pong

Cute bright-eyed kitty enjoying a little Table Tennis. Read more

Cat, Baby and Ribbon

A sweet cat and baby. There’s nothing like the sound of baby laughter. Read more

Wrestling Match

And in this corner…. Read more

"Mewot, You-in!"

Proof that cats ARE smarter than dogs! Read more

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