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Cute Cat Videos

Rambo Meets Jem

Jem forgets to bring her manners when she comes to Rambo’s house, but all’s well that ends well.
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Oskar the Blind Kitten Tries Out Catnip Spray

More fun from the adorably inspiring video star.
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Muki "Hides" His Food

Rescue cat, Muki attempts to cover the canned food with dry food.

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Murkin and his kittens will make you smile

Having a bad day? Murkin and his kittens to the rescue!!

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The Tail Response

She clearly knows her name.

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Sgt. Grumbles vs Soy Sauce: Scottish fold kittens at play

Family fun with two of the most adorable kittens around, in a very upbeat video.
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Murkin snuggling with baby kittens

Three foster kittens  who were  separated from their mother and abandoned at a shelter turn to sweet Murkin for some much needed comfort and affection.

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Shorty hates hide n seek

or Come out, come out wherever you are!
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"a paper sack and kitten" now

Super cute Poteto starred in two kitten in paper bag videos in 2009 and shows us a bit of then and now in this new video.

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Ginger The Cat's Morning Exercise Routine

Forget the gym and the personal trainers, this exercise video will have you in purrfect shape in no time!

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Pancake's Meowsic Video

Video star Pancake tries his hand at musical composition.

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Kitty Cats New Years Resolutions 2012

Happy New Year! We’re embracing the new year and starting off on a high note with this feel good video. Chase Holiday’s fabulous Furball Fables kitties – Merlin, Fairy, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi – share their resolutions and goals, their hopes and their wishes for the new year to come. Read more

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