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Cute Cat Videos

Dinner With a Cat

Cat That Loves the Snow

Kitty loves to play in the snow.
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Dog Adopts Abandoned Kittens

Minnu adopts the three abandoned kittens her mom brings home, in this sweet video.
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The Magic of Love

Mother love and its magic, in the sweetest, most aww-inspiring kitten video we’ve seen this year.
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Facebook Parenting: For Troubled Teen Cats - Furball Fables

Mom gives the Furball kitties a talking to when she finds out what they’ve been up to on the internet.

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Pat the Cat

What Cats Do When You Try to Knit

Demonstrated adorably by Jackson, who actually shows pretty good restraint.
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Camouflaged Chick

“A day old Chick escaped, I feared the worst when I saw the Oscar the Cat was in the same room, then I saw the Chick… It has developed a method to hide from its primary predator.”
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The Cats Beof and Wolf, in Waiting For You

Jeanette took care of two sweet cats while their family was on vacation. This is how she was met at the door.
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Catnip Box

First play with it. Then sink your teeth into it. Don’t forget to take a break – Thanks for the life lesson, Boozle the Cat.
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Shiro in Snow

The famously relaxed cat takes a romp in the snow.
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Storm the Salescat

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