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Cute Cat Videos


Nothing stops a smart cat from getting to the good stuff. Read more

Anybody Got a Pen?

Cats are so “helpful” around the home office. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Cradled Kitty Falls Asleep

Rock-a-bye, kitty… Read more

Small Tortie vs. Big Tortie

Cute persistent kitten finally wins Queen of the Chair status, as the videographer suggests, but playtime with Mama is the real prize. Read more

♪ Walking For Kisses ♪ The Ballad of Pork Chop ♪

You may have seen Pork Chop’s smash hit video Walking for Kisses; here’s the music video for Walking for Kisses: The Ballad of Pork Chop, with scenes from his greatest hits. Caution: Song sticks in head. Read more

Kitten vs Baby: Friends at Play

Otherwise, this video of two babies playing could be called Kitten vs A Not At All Scary Thing. These two make wonderful playmates and, though kitty pounces and attacks, she is careful not to scratch. Read more

She Who Does Not Play

8 year old Maggie has never been one to play. Perhaps she is above such things. Read more

Handsy Cat

Imagine if they really had hands….. Read more

Embers and Harley

Check out Embers’ interesting “fighting stance”. Read more

"I'll open it for you!"

More smart cats opening doors. Read more

This Kitten Discovers That Kitten In The Mirror

We love watching kitty’s thought processes as he investigates that mysterious other kitten, even looking behind the mirror for him Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Kittens Bathe-n-Nap

But I just want to sleep!! Read more

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