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Cute Cat Videos

Freaky Meowrice

Ten seconds of kitten fun. Read more

Ginger The Cat In Love

The old girl still knows how to get romantic. Read more

Ace and the Fly

Bengal cat Ace, climbs “pet quality” screens in an effort to catch an elusive fly. Read more

Ivy's Cat Day

A little girl enjoys a day in the country and finds a new friend and family member. Read more

Get The Treat!

Mr. Muggles, Bongo and Eli figure out how to get the treat out of the jug. Read more

Kitten vs Amphibians

Zat discovers two newts in a tank in this video. They seem to be as curious about him as he is about them. Read more

Great Idea!

Fun tunnels for kittens! Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/How Many Parts to a Cat?

Cat Ivan consists of so many different parts – one video can’t show it all, or can it? He is said to be an “earnest student of leisure time and never forgets to have fun.” Read more

Scoot On Over And I'll Pet You

Dexter the cat gets around without getting up. Read more

Big Cat, Tiny Shoe Box

Sassy wants to lay down in a tiny shoe box! She may need a shoehorn to get back out. Read more

Dreamy Jay The Cat

Jay, the Maine Coon Cat, dreams of his younger days. Read more

Interesting Perspective

Kitty appears to know what is going on behind her back. Read more

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