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Cute Cat Videos

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, fluffy white kitty … .
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Truly Captivating Videos For Your Cat

A series of videos just for cats truly delivers. My cat Tuppy sat transfixed throughout these two HD visits to the world of tropical fish and songbirds at the feeder. Watch in full screen mode!
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Pudge the Easter Bunny Cat

Furriness on the Table

Something cute and furry is on the table. It’s Ashley!
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Cat Wants Easter Egg!

Chick Swallowed by Cat's Belly: Oscar Roosts With His Chick

Sleepy Oscar folds the chick into his warmth.
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Cats Catch Easter Bunny In The Act - Furball Fables

The Furball kitties celebrate Easter in this holiday special Furball Fables video.

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Lola Talking Kitty Gets a Bath

Mom stays calm and keeps up a running conversation with Lola as the talkative cat gets a bath.
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Cat for gold - kitten chasing his shadow

Maru is playing 15

Cat Bunny Kicking Himself in the Face

… and nibbling on his toes!
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Balletto Gatto (Cat's Ballet)

Kimi performs a spring ballet inspired by the season and her love of reflected light.
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