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Cute Cat Videos

Shorty Helps Decorate the Christmas Tree

Shorty the cat, star of several wonderful videos, helps with the tree and wishes us all a Merry Christmas. Read more

Dreidel Cat

What kitty can resist the spin of a Dreidel? Read more

Ohagi, in Kitten Pole Fighting

Ohagi loves it when her toy is attached to a snug little box. Read more

Christmas Cats at the Friends of Felines

Christmas fun in the cat room, as the shelter kitties climb the cat pole Christmas tree. Read more

Saturday Sleep In

It’s the perfect Saturday morning, with all the kitties lounging on the bed. Read more

Lilo and Yoda: Very good friends

Yoda shows Lilo some love in this sweet little video. Read more

Holiday Birthday Kitty in Penguin Suit

Yep, that’s what it is all right! Jumbo Pillow dons a penguin suit and enjoys a birthday feast of steamed cod. Read more

Reo asks politely, in Variously Wishing Cat

Reo gets up on his hindquarters and very politely uses the imploring gesture for whatever he asks for or desires. Read more

Nail Trimming Time: A Study in Contrasts

Individual differences come to light between two cats in the same calm, peaceful, loving Japanese household when the nail clippers come out. Read more

Recall Nature: Kitty on High Chatter Alert

Something has kitty’s attention. Is it the clicking and ticking sound in the background, or something else? Read more

Shorty, in Cat Yoga 2: Back to the Mat

Shorty demonstrates her technique in a new yoga workout video. Read more

Jay the Christmas Cat

Jay the Maine Coon cat gets ready for the holiday in this feel-good video set to a Boston Pops rendition of Sleigh Ride. Read more

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