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Cute Cat Videos

The Toilet Paper Roll Waltz

Thunder & Monkey, have you been stealing from the bathroom again? Read more

Cat and Rabbit Play Chase

Kitty and bunny play a game of chase around the room. Read more

Cats to Stay Wants You to Dance With Your Cat

A group set up in response to Gareth Morgan and his Cats to Go invites cat lovers to submit short clips of themselves and their cats for a video project. We include their amusing invitation video here, along with a link to their Facebook page. Read more

Skillful Forefoot of Maru

Maru’s front paws are surprisingly skillful; he uses them like little hands. Read more

Harlem Shake (Kitty Edition)

Chris Poole and Cole get in on the current craze. Read more

Henri Friskies 1 Rough Cut #1

Henri, le Chat Noir sells out! The famously angsty cat claims to have researched cat food boredom for a big company for purely selfless reasons. Read more

THE HUNT: Join the Online Scavenger Hunt, Sunday Feb. 17!

Join the fun in an online game featuring your favorite cat and dog internet celebrities. There are several prizes and hourly drawings. The fun begins 2pm PST / 5pm EST. Read more

Cute rescued kitten is suprised!

Little Hector is adorable! Read more

Cat vs. DVD Drive

Don’t know what it is? Better smack it! Read more

Pretzel, The Little Kitty That Could, Explores New Cosy Digs After Surgery

The special needs kitten had surgery on Thursday to realign her twisted right hind leg. Two days later, with her leg wrapped, she is able to use it better than before. A new video shows Pretzel today. Read more

Anakin Being a Brat to Trixie, Cat With Two Legs Playing

Anakin can be a feisty little man when he feels like it. Trixie just wanted to sleep like a queen on the top of the tower but Anakin had other ideas. Read more

Lil Lil BUB - BUB as a Kitten

A new video compilation with home movies of Lil BUB shows her as a playful, beloved kitten, before the internet made her one of the world’s most famous cats. Read more

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