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Cute Cat Videos

This Cat Really Loves Being Vacuumed

BoBo and his beloved vacuum cleaner. Read more

Vinyl Cat

A cat spins Bob Marley on the turntable. Then the cat spins, too. Read more

Meow Meow Maru 6

Maru has found an insect outside the window that captures his attention. Read more

Anakin's Itching Ear

So, what does a cat born without a pelvis and hind legs do when he’s got an itch on his head? In Anakin’s case, he gets a little help from Mom, then goes back to playing. Read more

Cat and Kitten Play Footsie Under the Door

Foster kittens Minx and Jinx meet resident cat Nuala when she puts her paw under the door that separates her from them. Read more

Cat and Fox are Best Friends: The Video

A video captures affection and play between the Turkish cat and fox seen in a recent series of photos. Read more

Ping Pong Cat

Boy and cat play a friendly game of ping pong. Read more

Cat Interrupts Univision Weather Report

A cat adds an unexpected element to the weather report during Univision’s nightly news. Read more

Funny Kitten F1 Racing

The Ninja kittens from funnycatsandnicefish race around under the supervision of Mama kitty Coco. Read more

Pudge Begs for Treats

Forget politely asking for a treat. Pudge takes matters into her own paws. Read more

Paws Up, Paws Down

Volodya is one very easy going kitty. Read more

The Cat Flap

Leo has no trouble opening doors. Cat he learn to navigate the new cat door, though? Read more

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