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Cute Cat Videos

Lego Town promo video does not go as planned

Sam was creating a video presentation about the Lego Town project he does for his son’s school when he got some unexpected help from his cat. Read more

Cat Goes Crazy Over Shadow

A cat tries everything he can to grab the shadow on the wall! Read more

iPhone 6 (Cat Owners Edition)

iPhone for cat owners – “The best thing to happen to cats, since yarn!” Read more

Roll Over!

Kitten Isis rolls over and gives her paw with just a friendly and gentle prompt. Read more

Kitten scares big dog!

A small kitten scares an English Mastiff. Read more

Maru is Playing: 18

The ever cute, ever spunky Maru has a bit of simple playtime fun. Read more

How to exercise with your cats!

Want to get fit but not sure where to start? Shorty, Kodi and their “dad” show you how you can exercise at home with this easy tutorial. Docile cats not included. Results may vary. Especially if the cats aren’t docile. Read more

Kitten Watching Hockey

An Abyssinian kitten watches hockey Read more

Kitty Cate And Her Foster Home

Kitty Cate shows us around the foster home where she is raising her kittens, in a charming little video. Read more

Top 21 Cutest Kittens and Cats Stretching

The funnycatsandnicefish kitties show us their cutest stretches. Read more

Cat Plays With the Vacuum Cleaner

The most amazing and surprising video with a cat and a vac ever seen. Read more

Kitten Ambushes Dog

Attack of the kitten! Read more

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