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Cute Cat Videos

"Growling Kitty" Leo the Cat's 2nd Birthday: A Look Back

The kitten from the viral video hit Growling Kitty turned two recently, and his petmom marked the occasion with a cute video that looks back over his youth. Read more

Animals Playing On iPads Compilation

Cats and other animals play on the iPad. Read more

Happy Easter, Kitten Bunny Style

A kitten is the cutest little Easter bunny ever! Read more

Carley's Kittens

When Carly arrived at Home at Last Humane Society she was close to bringing kittens into our world. There were complications as she was giving birth and she was rushed to the vet. A touching video tells the rest of the story. Read more

How to Make An Easter Basket for Cats - Furball Fables

Don’t let the Easter Bunny forget about the cats when he comes hopping down the bunny trail to your house … . Read more

Shorty and Kodi, in ShoKo's Easter Adventure

Featuring a cuckoo Koko, the Shorty shuffle and one very unlucky bunny. Happy Easter! Read more

Gravity Cat Climbs Stairs Upside Down

An agile cat finds a new way to climb the stairs. Read more

Kitty VS Easter Eggs!

Cole the black cat enjoying some Easter egg fun! Read more

Henry and Wanda

Henry and Wanda are two adorable foster kittens from a new litter in the care of Los Angeles based Kitten Rescue. Read more

Kitten Falls Asleep

A beautiful kitten nods off. Read more

Sleeping Dancing Kitty

A kitten does a little dance while dreaming after a meal. Read more

The Little Kitty That Could: Cat Lady in Training

Ever watched a tiny, toddler cat lady in training? Carmen Bernard’s little daughter Donna steals the show from the family’s very special kitty, Pretzel, aka the Little Kitty That Could, in new video showing how well the kitten is doing after corrective leg surgery. Read more

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