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Cute Cat Videos

Murkin Goes To War With The Kittens

… that is, if going to war means laying there like a big friendly Gulliver while the Lilliputian Black Kitten Brigade climbs all over you and playfully bats you in the face. Read more

Bird wakes his best friend...a cat!

Chama is a cat,  U-chan is a budgie, and they are best friends; so, waking the cat up is all in a day’s play for the bird. Watch and see.

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Cat Tales: Cat on the Loose

Beau goes exploring on the leash and harness when on vacation with Mom, and a lesson is learned.

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Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: The Hippest Bed Cat

Ginger the Cat jazzes up the bed.

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Ohagi, in Buddy-Buddy Cats

Aww …  A sweet moment on the cat condos, between Ohagi and one of the bigger cats.
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Cute Kitten Playing With Squirrel

Tom Tom makes friends with the stuffed squirrel.

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Cat Goalie

We love Shorty the Cat. If your favorite NHL team needs a goalie in a pinch, Shorty’s up to the task!
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The Cat Days of Summer

Jay The Cat thought we could all use a little shot of summer right about now.
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Rambo Meets Jem

Jem forgets to bring her manners when she comes to Rambo’s house, but all’s well that ends well.
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Oskar the Blind Kitten Tries Out Catnip Spray

More fun from the adorably inspiring video star.
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Muki "Hides" His Food

Rescue cat, Muki attempts to cover the canned food with dry food.

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Murkin and his kittens will make you smile

Having a bad day? Murkin and his kittens to the rescue!!

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