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Cute Cat Videos

Shiro, in Mushroom Hat 2

Cool cat Shiro is hanging out. Read more

How to Catch a Mouse

Cute kitten plays with a toy mouse. Read more


A new video with the unusual little cat in a playful mood highlights Lil Bub’s special sweetness and beauty. Read more

Throw a Cat a Bone

A bone-shaped dog toy that is. Watch Kodi investigate, conquer and show off his new toy for everyone to see. Read more

Cat and Rat Play Game of Cat and Mouse

A cat and a rat play together. Read more

Kitten in a Basket

Pancake is fortified in his tank basket. Read more

Cat Cuddles With Sleepy Dog

The videographer writes:This is my dog and cat, Myrtle and Stewart. They cuddle on my couch like this pretty much every day. Read more

Simon's Cat in 'Springtime'

A hungry cat scales new heights in search of supper. ‘Springtime’ celebrates the launch of Simon Tofield’s new book, Simon’s Cat Vs THE WORLD. Read more

Scary Kitten Dance

A kitten we’ve seen in other videos playing with littermates and cuddling with Mama kitty gives a classic rendition of crazed, crabwalking kitten. Read more

Porsche's Kittens: Birth to 8 Weeks

The videographer says: This short film shows Porsche and her five very cute kittens, filmed from birth up to 8 weeks old. ‘Great to watch on a short break at work or to put a smile on your face if you’re feeling somewhat blue. Read more

Soccer Cat

A cat gets in on the game but is more interested in the footballers than the ball itself. Read more

Cat Criminals

Furball Fables petmom and video creator Chase Holiday says: We are breaking the law in Los Angeles and we are happy about it! Read more

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