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Cute Cat Videos

Chick Tickles Cat's Belly

Oscar loves a tickle from his chicks. Read more

Maru plays on the sofa 3

Kitten Fight!

This is the kind of fight where everybody wins! Crazy antics from a frisky litter of rescued foster kittens. Read more

Cat and the Earthquake

Cat video creator Lowdope had the camera on at home when a minor earthquake hit Japan on June 1, 2012. Crie was unsettled by the tremors and sought reassurance from Dad, who also comforted Moire.
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Cat Game: Manouche and Cachou Play Hide and Seek

Thomas O'Malley Flufferpants Gives Snuggles To Murkin

Foster kitty Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants absolutely adores snuggling with Murkin.
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Cat Walking Down Fridge

Piggy pauses half way while walking down the fridge. She must have super grippy paws!
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Tiny Beyonce and Cat Stevens Explore the Barn!

Cat Stevens the kitten joins his puppy friend Tiny Beyonce on one of her adventures as they explore and play in The Grace Foundation barn. Read more

Ohagi, in Cat Trap

Narrow box, big kitten. Read more

Cassie The Kayaking Cat

Hauraki, NZ kitty Cassie jumped into her human dad Michael Raynes’ kayak one day last November. Now she and Michael are out  paddling around Shoal Bay together every day.
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Cute Kitten Plays in Doll House

Little Bella is back, and this time she is visiting Barbie’s dreamhouse. Read more

Cats For Peace - Medal Of Honor Cat - Furball Fables

The Furball kitties remembers those who’ve given their lives in war, and wish for peace. This 2011 video is the fitting response to Medal of Honor Cat, a war video about a brave fictional cat who gave his life in battle.
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