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Cute Cat Videos

Cat and Kittens: Sweet Love in a Basket

Mama bathes, cuddles and hugs her baby. Read more

Kitten MIMI and the Tissue Box

The love of boxes starts early. MIMI is the newest and most active member of the Shiro cat family. Read more

Maru Washes His Head

Maru enjoys a relaxing head wash before nighty nights. Read more

Cute Kittens At Play

Fun and frolics with Tiger Lily and Peter Pan. Read more

Cat Hugs Kitten While He Sleeps

Bella and Meesha have bonded, and show it by cuddling while they sleep. Read more

The Little Thief

Kodi takes Dad’s dropped shirt and won’t give it back, in what we’ve learned is just the latest theft by the little klepto kitty. Read more

What Scares Cats on the 4th of July - Furball Fables

The Furball kitties enjoy some of the trappings of an American 4th of July. They do not like the bangs and the booms, though, and made this PSA in their own inimitable style.
Read more

A Kitten Toy Surprise

Foster kittens play with the Cat-a-Pole toy and we learn a little about one of the boys. Read more

Princess and Her Kittens Reunited Part 2: More Joy

In a followup to last night’s post about a Mama and her babies reunited after a fire by two separate calls to the Red Paw emergency Relief team, we have photos and more uplifting video. Read more

Cute Cute Kitten

Kitten Pile!

There’s an 8 kitten pile up on the bed! Read more

Cat is Mother Hen to Chicks

Oscar is not the only cat in his household to care for the family’s chicks. Rosie does her part, too. Here she is letting the chicks snuggle up underneath her. Read more

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