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Cute Cat Videos

Jumping Kitty, in Just Rolling Around

Kitty loves rubbing on the cool concrete floor and rolling around. Read more

Share with me!

Kitty wants a snack, too. Read more

Petunia's Kittens

Langley Animal Protection Society took in a pregnant kitty named Petunia, who had her kittens in March. The babies have become stars with millions of views of the Ustream kitty cam channel where they are featured. Read more

Anakin & Mika Play Fighting

Two legged miracle kitty Anakin and his new special needs sibling Mika play fight like the feisty boys they are! They play pretty rough but don’t hurt each other. At the end of the video Anakin gives Mika a little bath. Read more

A Very Obvious Cat Trap

Kitty walks right into the trap, being powerless to resist the lure of the box. Read more

Dreamy Foster Kittens

Cate’s babies make a sweet and sleepy little kitten pile. Read more

Sweet Awkward Sleeping Kitten

Kitty looks uncomfortable but keeps on sleeping and doesn’t seem to mind. Read more

Todd Sucherman and Cleo: Nicknames for a Cat

We all tend to give nicknames to our cats. Here are a few from STYX drummer Todd Sucherman, who is not afraid to share the fond and silly nicknames he has for his cat, Cleo. Read more


NINJA KITTY part 2, with Savannah cat Nylah and Bambu. Amazing footage shows the beauty and athleticism of cats’ movement. Read more

Kitten goes in one way and pops out the other

A kitten climbs into a bathroom cupboard and pops out of an unexpected drawer. Read more

True Cat Confessions

The latest Furball Fables video is all about true cat confessions. Read more

Henri Le Chat Noir 6: "Cat Littérature"

Henri is back with more angst filled musings. There is now also a book … . Read more

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