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Cute Cat Videos

Panther's Magical Trip

I’m a huge fan of video creator Doug Brown aka DrNworb and his work, and it’s always a good day when there’s a new video to enjoy. In this new video, Panther experiences his butlers’ laps while on a far out nip trip. Read more

Security Cat vs. Raccoon

When a raccoon ventures through the cat flap Security Cat lets him know he is not a welcome guest.. Read more

Sleeping Kittens - Hieroglyphs?

Coco gave birth to 5 kittens. They are very cute and funny and they write hieroglyphs in the dream with their bodies. Video creator funnycatsandnicefish asks: What do they want to tell us? Can someone translate this message? Read more

Cat Tunnel Camera Collision

Leo the cat runs through his play tunnel until a little collision with the video camera puts a stop to filming. Read more

I am Steve ... the Kitten

Mom likes to groom her baby, but Kitten Steve just wants to play! Watch as he stalks, pounces, attacks, tumbles, and play fights with his cat mom Ninja in this beautifully made video. Read more

Cunning Kitty Catches Hard-to-Reach Balloons

Kitty does not give up. Read more

Cuddletime with Mao and Yotsuba

Mao the cat and little Yotsuba have been fast friends since Yotsuba was a tiny baby, and are the subjects of a video series. Here they take a cuddly rest on the mats. Read more

Maru Can't Get It

Maru cannot seem to get the tip of his worn-out toothbrush that’s inside the little clear box. Read more

How to Relax: with Muffin the Somali Cat

Muffin shows us how to relax. Read more

Daddy Gets A Back Massage

Helpful kitty gives a massage. Read more

Bella is a BAD KITTY

Bad kitty, or sibling rivalry? You be the judge. Big kitty Meesha narrates an expose on younger attention-grabbling sibling Bella’s bad kitty ways. Read more

Shy Cat

Kitty would like a little privacy while eating. Read more

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