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Cute Cat Videos

Shorty and Kodi: The first time they played

Shorty and Kodi’s wonderful and talented petdad commemorates a milestone with a look back at the time when resident cat Shorty and newcomer kitten Kodi first played. Read more

Kitty Cate And Her Beautiful Kittens

A new video by a foster caregiver highlights the beauty of a new Mum and her babies and the good lives they will all lead because they were rescued. Read more

Simon Draws: The Kitten

Simon Tofield makes it look easy, as he demonstrates how to draw the kitten from the third Simon’s Cat book – Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos. Read more

Yogi Cat Walks on Hind Legs

A cat gets up and walks across the room in a brief video. Read more

Escape to Home: A Thriller With Kittens

A little adventure thriller stars Tyson the kitten, who must surmount obstacles to get back into the kitten pen. Read more

Pop Up Cat!

What could possibly be inside the round box? Read more

Anakin's Catnip Banana & Mika's Tail Toy

A new video catches up with Anakin, the intrepid miracle cat born without a pelvis or hind legs, and his new brother Mika, who is missing portions of his hind legs, and who the boys’ petmom Carrie Hawks rescued from a Texas shelter. Read more

Sleeping Maru

Maru is a master of the art of sleeping. Read more

"Growling Kitty" Leo the Cat's 2nd Birthday: A Look Back

The kitten from the viral video hit Growling Kitty turned two recently, and his petmom marked the occasion with a cute video that looks back over his youth. Read more

Animals Playing On iPads Compilation

Cats and other animals play on the iPad. Read more

Happy Easter, Kitten Bunny Style

A kitten is the cutest little Easter bunny ever! Read more

Carley's Kittens

When Carly arrived at Home at Last Humane Society she was close to bringing kittens into our world. There were complications as she was giving birth and she was rushed to the vet. A touching video tells the rest of the story. Read more

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