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Cute Cat Videos

Lacey and Cocopuff: Orphaned Puppy and Kitten Are Loving Companions

Two tiny, orphaned babies, a kitten and a puppy, love one another as though they were actual littermates. Their videos and photos will melt your heart. Read more

Cat Gives Baby a Tongue Bath

A cat gives a baby girl a bath by licking her head. Read more

Wait, I'm Not Done!

Kitty wants more water. Read more

Shorty's Harlem Shake

Shorty shows her stuff in the latest entry in the Harlem Shake cat throwdown. Read more

Chick Bullies Cat

Oscar is bossed around and gets an earful from one of the chicks. Read more

Goofy Marshmallow Kitty

It is never a dull moment when you have a kitten like Marshy around. She can engage in the most random activities or react in the cutest ways. Read more

A Cat Toy Intervention

Will Emi & Mischa overcome their addiction to the Cat Catcher? Read more

Mika, Anakin's New Brother!

Anakin, the miracle kitty born without a pelvis or hind legs, is joined by a new kitty, Mika, a special boy adopted into the family. Mika is missing parts of both hind legs but is a happy and playful boy. Read more

The Toilet Paper Roll Waltz

Thunder & Monkey, have you been stealing from the bathroom again? Read more

Cat and Rabbit Play Chase

Kitty and bunny play a game of chase around the room. Read more

Cats to Stay Wants You to Dance With Your Cat

A group set up in response to Gareth Morgan and his Cats to Go invites cat lovers to submit short clips of themselves and their cats for a video project. We include their amusing invitation video here, along with a link to their Facebook page. Read more

Skillful Forefoot of Maru

Maru’s front paws are surprisingly skillful; he uses them like little hands. Read more

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