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Cute Cat Videos

Good Night, Gracie

Our little girl showing the most appreciative kneading and love like no other I’ve had at this early age. She’s in LOVE with us! Read more

Meet Link the Kitten

The family who adopted Link shows just how wonderful their formerly unwanted kitten, who’d been labeled feral, turned out to be. Read more

Adopt a Lucky Black Cat... They have superpowers!

With Friday the 13th on the calendar for this week, Chris Poole made this sweet video about the adoptability of black cats. Read more

Kitten Adopted by Family's Dobermans

A ginger kitten was found and adopted by a family’s dogs, and is growing up as one of the pack. Read more

Simon's Cat in 'Window Pain'

A playful cat helps things get squeaky clean. Read more

Kitten Loves the Tissue Box

Stalker Shorty

Short creeps down the hallway toward Dad. What is she thinking? Read more

Bengal Kitten vs Chihuahua Puppy: The Reunion

A kitten and puppy who were fostered together meet again in a joyously playful reunion. Read more

Cat Discovers Wheels

Windshield Wiper Cat

In The Night With Grey Kitty...

We’re invited to view a secret late night rendezvous. Read more

Cat and Kittens: Sweet Love in a Basket

Mama bathes, cuddles and hugs her baby. Read more

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