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Cute Cat Videos

Why We Love Cat Guys

Happy Fathers Day to all the cat guys out there! We love you!! Read more

Mom Cat Talking to her Kittens

Mama cat Coco talks to her kittens. Read more

Anakin & Mika Play with the Feather Toy

Mika & Anakin both love this colorful bird feather toy. Here are The Boys taking turns playing with it. Mika just goes on and on licking and biting the feathers. They must really taste good! Read more

Flower Bed - Simon's Cat

“Fun in the garden.” Read more

Loki Loves Kisses?

Loki does this really cute thing when someone gives her a kiss on the head. Read more

How to Exercise Your Human

ATTENTION ALL CATS! Keep your human healthy, happy and subservient by becoming a purrsonal trainer! Read more

Kindly Allow Me to Eat, Please

One kitten very gently and politely removes another from the food bowl. Read more

Turtle Chasing Cat

A turtle is very interested in the family cat, but kitty remains wary while being chased around the house by the little critter. Read more

Sexy Cat Looking For Love!

Sleek black kitty heartthrob Cole stars in the hottest, cutest PSA for spay/neutering our cats ever. Read more

Meet Kimicat

The amazing Kimicat, in a compilation of some of her best moments on video. Read more

Ginger Meets the Moose Calves

A week after an earlier encounter with the babies, Ginger the cat gets brave and goes out to meet a pair of two week old moose calves who are munching grass with their mother behind her house in Homer, Alaska. Read more

Playing Pawsies

Liam and Luna play pawsies under the door. Read more

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