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Cute Cat Videos

Mama Teaches Kitten to Lick the Saucer Clean

Sweetness at mealtime, with Mama Coco and Ninja kitten Tyson. Read more

Polite Cat Dislikes Petting

John is a very polite cat. Read more

Black Cat Covered in Styrofoam Pellets

Don’t try this at home … . Read more

CH Kitten Rupert Wobblepants Gets a Very Special Home and Meets Murkin

DC Janelle and her rescue dog Murkin have fostered several litters of kittens, delighting video viewers along the way. Now they’ve given a CH kitten a loving home. Read more

Anakin and George, Brotherly Love,

Miracle two legged kitty Anakin is best friends with big brother George. Read more

Purrfect Cats Choir

Ninja kittens Rocky, Rio and Ruby share a moment of purrfect contentment together with Mama Coco. Read more


Miriam and Ken order a bedroom set for their new home and it arrives exactly as advertised, which ends up being more than they were hoping for. Read more

Cat vs. Furminator

Yorgi is not too fond of the Furminator. Read more

A Cat's Guide To Caring For A Human

A Cat’s Guide to Caring For A Human is the quintessential guide for caretakers of humans. Read more

Cat Watching the Aliens

Kitty suspends disbelief while watching a TV show about aliens and their impact on our lives. Read more

Cat Meets Snow

Fletcher is a delight as he plays in the snow, in his protected back yard. Read more

Kodi Demonstrates the 8 Signs Your Cat is Actually a Dog

The ever adorable Kodi celebrates his 1st birthday with this cute video. Read more

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