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Cute Cat Videos

A box and Maru 11

Do Not Disturb!

The Amazing Pip!

Tenth Life Cat Rescue made this delightfully heartwarming and uplifting video with Pip, the sweet special needs kitten born with deformed front legs who is in their care. Read more

Foster Kittens Asleep and Awake

Recent videos with a sweet litter of kittens rescued in May of this year. Read more

Shorty and Kodi, in Sneak Attack

Action and thrills with Shorty and her feisty little brother Kodi at play. Read more

Challenge Accepted

Kitty accepts and meets the challenge. Read more

Kostya Cat Goes Home

Going up! Kostya takes the lift up to the second floor.
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Foster Kittens' Big Day

A video takes us along as litter of 6 kittens born to a feral mother spend their first day in foster care moving into a big crate and getting comfy in their new digs. The bravest kitten makes his presence known, too.
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Ta Da! Bibi's Somersault in Slow Motion

Foster kitten Bibi reprises her somersault highlight from Queen of the Couch in glorious slo mo detail. Read more

Sleepy Kitten ... Wake Up!

One kitten wants to sleep while the other wants to play.
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Queen of the Couch

The bouncy and adorable little foster kittens from Two Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed take the action over to the couch.
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Love is Tolerance

Shorty and Kodi continue their relationship, in all its aspects. This time, Shorty tolerates Kodi’s attentions.
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