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Cute Cat Videos

Bird Won't Leave Cat Alone

Bird seems to have something very important to say, but cat acts like he’s heard it all before. Read more

Cat Massages Dog

… and it feels so good. Read more

Spider Cat: Edge of the Bed Edition

Another Russian spidey cat shows his spidey moves. Read more

Rocky and Rosy

Rocky and Rosy are two sweet lovey-dovey kittens. Read more

Everyday I'm Shufflin

Shorty and Kodi excel in the sideways shuffle, a move they own. Read more

Kittens Lovesong

Sweet kitty love. Read more

Simon's Cat in 'Ready, Steady, Slow!'

Simon’s Cat is back with a nod to the London Olympics. Read more

Panther's Cat Walk

Join Panther as he takes his butlers around the block for some fun and adventure! Read more

Anakin Playing Attack Peek a Boo With George

Anakin the amazing two legged cat – who was born that way – is a bundle of spunk and energy when playing his own little game with the bemused George. Read more

Adopt Me, Baby!

Call me maybe? Adopt me, baby! That’s the joyful and fun message in this upbeat video, as the Austin Humane Society and their resident cats and dogs celebrate with Carly Rae Jepson’s song. Read more

Cool Maru

Actually, he’s red hot! Maru shines in his Olympic themed new video. Read more

Pancake the Kitten Falls Asleep

Just a kitten falling asleep; that is all. Pancake is the same little sweetie recently seen in videos with his Doberman and German shepherd doggie friends. Read more

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