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Cute Cat Videos

Lily & Rufus!

Adorable kitten Lily was found at 10 days old and is being bottle fed by a Found Animals foster volunteer. Here she is at 3 weeks old! She is growing strong and brave, and she has no fear of Rufus! Read more

A Ball Of Kitten

A litter of foster kittens create a sweet, moving ball of kitty love. Read more

Mama Cat Adopts Bunny

A mama cat adopts a bunny to care for along with her kittens. Read more

Screen Grab - Simon's Cat

“Stop, play, paws and rewind.” Simon’s cat and the kitten find a new pastime. Read more

Crazy Jumping Cat

A playful, funny cat shows off some crazy sideways jumps. Read more

Many Maru 12

Charming little vignettes with Maru. Read more

Walking the Kitten

Shorty and Kodi spend some time getting to know their new kitten, deciding who gets to walk him, and finally taking the kitty down the hallway for a spin. Read more

Top 25 Cutest Kitten and Cat Yawns

Sweet yawning kittens and cats will brighten your day. Read more

Are You My Mother?

A duckling follows a cat around as though it is the bird’s mother. Read more

Anakin & Mika Playing

Miracle cat Anakin, born without a pelvis or hind legs, and new rescued brother Mika, missing past of his hind legs, are playing around “The Favorite Chair.” Read more

Kitten Yorgi Diary

An adorable kitten grows up before our eyes in slightly less than two minutes in this very sweet video. Read more

Shorty and Kodi: The first time they played

Shorty and Kodi’s wonderful and talented petdad commemorates a milestone with a look back at the time when resident cat Shorty and newcomer kitten Kodi first played. Read more

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