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Cute Cat Videos

Kitten Rocky Has the Hiccups

Poor little Rocky doesn’t know what’s happening when he gets the hiccups. Read more

Sneakers Cleans House

Cat takes charge and cleans house. Read more

Pet Me, Please

A very polite kitty asks to be petted. Read more

Marshmallow Kitty's 1st Birthday with Cuteness Recap

Marshy’s first year has been followed by hundreds of thousands of animal lovers worldwide. A new video celebrates her first birthday and includes special moments from her first year. Read more

Goat vs. Kitten

A kitten is more than able to hold its own in a showdown with a pygmy goat. Read more

Kitten vs Scary Ghost

A kitten fearlessly fights the scary ghost and reveals his secret! Read more

Playing Maru 17

Maru charms with his skills batting a toy in the hallway. Read more

Kodi and the Ladder

Here’s a video of Kodi’s ladder climbing skills and a bit of Shorty ignoring the ladder altogether while reminding us she’s just as cute as ever even if she can’t climb ladders. Read more

Cat vs Paper Towels

Kitty goes to town on a roll of paper towels. Read more

Cat Asks For Food

Maniek politely asks for a treat. Read more

The Most Interesting Cat in The World

The can opener starts when it hears HIM coming. Read more

Lincoln, The Formerly Quadriplegic Miracle Kitty, 6 Months Later

Lincoln was a broken kitten, unable to move, when he was found on a sidewalk 6 months ago. Now he is a handsome, fully mobile young cat, who has been adopted by the woman who helped him heal. Read more

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