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Cute Cat Videos

Cats and a Box: Expect the Unexpected!

Fun with two cats and a box, starring Rocky and Tyson. Read more

Suitcase - Simon's Cat

A creative cat exceeds the baggage allowance.” Read more

Cat Tries to Ignore Turtle

A cat seems a bit uncomfortable about the attempts of a friendly little turtle to get its attention. Read more

Tiny Cute Fluffy Little Kitten

Kitten cuteness. Read more

Cat Sees Owner For First Time in 12 Months!

Two recent cat videos spoof a genre of video where dogs go nuts for their returning loved ones. Do we expect the cats run to the door and jump all over their returning loved ones? Maybe not. Read more

Talking Kitty - Cat vs Ant!

Cole is very interested in the ant who has invaded his territory – and he’s got a lot to say about it. Read more

Heart and Soul piano duet for cat and human

Kodi performs a duet with dad. He’s been been practicing his heart out learning his part but still gets distracted by moving things. Read more

Kitten Scares Mama Cat

Kitten scares Mama cat … and a good natured family free-for-all ensues. Read more

Look. I Can Jump!

A very cute kitten hops around adorably. Read more

Top 10 Cat and Kittens Hugs

Special, loving moments from Mama Coco and her kittens during their first week of life. Read more

Vincent and Spike - A Love Story

Vincent the cat and Spike the bearded dragon share a little love. Read more

Rupert Giles Wobblepants Defined

Rupert Giles Wobblepants, the CH kitty with swagger, struts his stuff. Read more

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