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Cute Cat Videos

Cute Cat Does Battle With Its Own Reflection

Kitty vs kitty in the mirror. Read more

Shanti Settles In

Shanti prepares her spot before a nap. Read more

A Sexy Panther

Happy Friday the 13th! A famous YouTube video star’s message to the lady cats works equally well as a charming pro-adoption PSA for black cats everywhere. Read more

Claws and Hooves: A Love Story

Cats of Okinawa

Videographer Skytomo, who’s had some viral cat video hits lately, made this beautiful and artistic tribute to the cats of Okinawa.
Read more

Gizmo the Cat and His Eagle Friends Hanging Out

Gizmo the Alaskan cat from earlier videos hangs with some friends out on the deck railing. Read more

Monday Morning

Just sitting around at the foot of the bed, not going much of anywhere … . Read more

Kittens' First Time At Play

An adorable litter of kittens make their first little efforts at play. Read more

Good Night, Gracie

Our little girl showing the most appreciative kneading and love like no other I’ve had at this early age. She’s in LOVE with us! Read more

Meet Link the Kitten

The family who adopted Link shows just how wonderful their formerly unwanted kitten, who’d been labeled feral, turned out to be. Read more

Adopt a Lucky Black Cat... They have superpowers!

With Friday the 13th on the calendar for this week, Chris Poole made this sweet video about the adoptability of black cats. Read more

Kitten Adopted by Family's Dobermans

A ginger kitten was found and adopted by a family’s dogs, and is growing up as one of the pack. Read more

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