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Cute Cat Videos

Cat Plays Pool

Kitty runs the table. Read more

The Towel

Kitty thinks it’s well worth the effort to get a nice, fresh towel that’s been warmed and dried in a sunny window. There’s nothing quite like it. Read more

Kitten Reading a Book

A cute kitten finds the perfect vantage point, draped over a girl’s head. Read more

How to Master a Box

Rocky is a very athletic kitten but he’s presented with a challenge in trying to get through a small box. Read more

Sleepy Kitten Is Sleepy

Kitten Oscar shows he’s a cutie in all that he does; his sleepy antics are adorable too. Watch him purr, nod and yawn as he tries to fight falling asleep. Read more

Patriotic Cat in a Hat!

Happy Independence Day message from Cole the black cat! We hope your 4th of July is full of purr-fect moments together. Read more

Maru plays under the sofa

Maru likes to play under the sofa. Read more

Midnight Snack

Coco is unable to resist the temptation to snag herself a little midnight snack Read more

Stuffed Tiger Plays with Kittens

A stuffed tiger comes to life through a simple trick and plays with some Abyssinian kittens. The kittens have loads of fun playing with tiger cat! Read more

Simon's Cat in Gromit Unleashed

Simon Tofield covers a Gromit sculpture with 100s and 100s of Simon’s Cat drawings. Gromit will be on public display in Bristol before being auctioned for charity later this year. Read more

5 Things My Cat Does Better!

Ever been shown up by your cat? Chris Poole’s cat Cole has got him beat in at least 5 things. Read more

Oscar's Kitten Cuteness

Some kitten cuteness courtesy of Oscar. Read more

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