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Cute Cat Videos

Sexy & I Know It - Super Cat Style

Mia rocks the plastic bag on the catwalk (with supervision, of course).
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How To Walk Your Human

For cats’ eyes only! Keep your human healthy, happy and obedient with this 7-step guide to walking your human, instructed by Kodi the Kitten.
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City The Kitty Finds A Way Into The Box

City the Kitty wants to get into his box of t-shirts.
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Kittens Sleeping A Lot

The adorable sweeties from the popular video Sleepy Kitten … Wake Up are back and they’re sleeping up a storm.
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Cute Foster Kitten Snuggles With Dog

Pancake the foster kitten is awfully cute as he nibbles his little paw while snuggled up with his foster family’s German shepherd dog.
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Cat Stole My Pants

Dennis “Cat Burglar” Newman stars in a CCTV compilation video showing him at work bringing his treasures home and through the cat flap. He is also the featured subject in a TV program segment.
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Many Maru 8

Fun with Maru.
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Face, Please

Feels so good.
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Cat Daddy Excited to Meet his Daughter Kitten Marshmallow

The final video episode following kitten Marshmallow’s development. Here she meets her Daddy Jumbo.
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Cat Massages Tiger

Helga, the cat, practices her massage routine on a very cooperative tiger! Read more

Chick Nestles Under Cat

A chick sits happily nestled with foster Daddy extraordinare, Oscar the cat. We think Oscar deserves a special tip of the hat this Father’s Day for his incredible gentleness and devotion to “his” chicks. Read more

Billy The Stray Cat Changes The Life Of An Autistic Boy With The Healing Power of Love

Billy was rescued after being abandoned and now, after being given a second chance with a new family, he has bonded with a special needs boy and created a miraculous transformation in the little boy’s life. Read more

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