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Cute Cat Videos

Funny Dancing Fighting Kittens

More fun with the Ninja kittens. Read more

Trim Claws and Maru

Maru gets his nails clipped. Read more

Anakin Loves Da Bird: Two Legged Cat Hops Like A Bunny

Here’s Anakin playing with the cat toy, Da Bird! This is by far his favorite toy. Watch Ani jump & hop to catch Da Bird! Read more

Cute Kitty Massage

Shadow, massages his sister Luna, and then he leans up against her for a nap. They are 3 – 4 month old kittens. Read more

Mochi and Marshy Love Water

Mama Mochi and her kitten Marshmallow share a fascination with running water. Here they enjoy some time at the sink. Read more

Amazing Kitten Fetch!

Hyder makes a very impressive fetch. Read more

Kitty Eats With Fork

Nylah the Savannah cat decided to eat her snack with a fork. Read more

Ninja Kittens Play

The adorable kittens from several recent video hits take some time for play. Read more

My Toy

Kodi shows off the new toy he found while Shorty looks on. Read more

Kitten Elsa Trying to Catch Birds on TV

Elsa enjoys a nature program about shore birds. Read more

Kitten Ruffians

Sibling kittens Monkey & Thunder fight it out for the “Top Ruffian Kitten” title. Read more

Cat Gives Possum Piggyback Ride

An Aussie cat carried a baby possum on her back as she gave it a ride around her yard Tuesday morning. Read more

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