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Cute Cat Videos

Mr. Cat

A cat’s quest for adventure turns him into worldwide celebrity in this animated short. Read more

Cat Bandit

Starring Kimicat as the door opening bandit. Read more

Cat on a Bicycle

RudiElias86 used his gopro camera to show us how he and his kitty cat MJ go for bike rides around Philadelphia. Read more

Autumn Sky and Maru

Maru plays in the garden. Read more

Kitty Rides the Roomba

In a new video, a kitty rides the Roomba like a champ. Read more

Cats Play Patty-Cake

Two cats play an adorable little game of pat a cake in the midst of a play fight. Read more

Vote for the Cat! Race for the Right House 2012

Adopt the candidate of your choice today to help them win the Race for the Right House … Yours! Read more

Oskar the Blind Cat Opening a Closed Door

Here is a quick video showing Oskar opening a closed door. He really wanted to play with Klaus and his toys in the bathroom! Read more

Mama Cat Adopts Hedgehog Babies

Mama cat Sonya adopted four orphaned hedgehog babies when they were rescued after losing their Mama, and cared for them alongside her own kitten. Read more

Kittens Learn Physics

The Funnycatsandnicefish kittens master the perpetual motion machine toy … sort of. Read more

Anakin The Two Legged Cat Vs. The Paper Bag

The amazing Anakin takes on a paper his newest video. Read more

Playing Maru 16

Maru loves this game. Read more

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