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Cute Cat Videos

Shark-Cat, Shark-Duck and Duck-Dog in Shark Week Finale

Max-Arthur the Roomba riding cat celebrates the end of Shark Week with a grand finale video co-starring his cohorts, the dog and the duck. Read more

Cat Chasing the Shower

A cat chases the water spray from a hand held shower attachment the way some cats chase the laser beam. Read more

Kittens Slide Down Elephant's Trunk

Incredibly cute kittens play on a toy elephant slide. Read more

Shark Cat and Swimming Pool with Max-Arthur the Roomba Riding Cat

Shark Cat Max-Arthur ventures near the water in this Shark Week Special video. Read more

Goldie and Kate's Happily Ever After

The famous duo of a little dog and the kitten she adopted before the pair were rescued from a creek bed in SC were adopted last month. A local news crew visited them for an update at their home on Wednesday. Read more

World Cat Day!

August 8, 2013 is world cat day. Let’s celebrate cats! Read more

Kitten Gets First Love Massage

A kitten is adorably cute and trusting as he is massaged by his foster caregiver. Read more

Cat Shark Week with Max-Arthur the Roomba Cat

Max-Arthur the Roomba cat got back into his shark costume to celebrate Shark Week and has, so far, released two new Roomba riding shark cat videos. Read more

Kitten Stands And Waves His Paws

Oscar the kitten continues to charm in this very cute new video. Read more

Meme'd: Lil Bub

Lil Bub is a fan favorite cat all over the world and this is the story of her viral success, her life, and the special relationship she shares with her person. Read more

Kittens Want to be Petted

At two weeks old, Mama Coco’s kittens already enjoy the warmth and affection they get from their human. Read more

Cat's Skateboard Surprise

Something you don’t see everyday….or ever! Read more

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