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Cute Cat Videos

Cat Won't Let Dogs Inside

Pudge likes the dogs, but when they go outside, she tries her best to keep them there. Read more

Cat and the Skinny Box

She’s no Maru. Read more

Pancake and the Turtle

Pancake plays with a knitted turtle until the dog comes along. Read more

Happy 2nd Birthday Shorty

Funloving video star Shorty turns two today. While she’s an adult cat now, Shorty still thinks like a kitten at times. Read more

Dream a Little Dream of Me

… courtesy of Michael Bubl√© and a beautiful, pampered cat. Read more

Take Off Your Glasses and Kiss Me!

Kitty has Mom all figured out. Remove glasses, get snuggles. Read more

Cat Gets a Facial Massage

Feels so good. Read more

Venus the Chimera Cat and the New Cat Condo

This is Venus playing with her “brother” Mojo & “sister” Ginger on their new cat tower/condo. She’s a sweet as can be and the smallest by far but you’ll see that she IS indeed the alpha in the pack. Read more

Baby and Cat Cuddle

A baby and a cat cuddle in a little baby seat and it is absolutely adorable! Read more

Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Science answers the age old question for once and for all. Read more

Daddy's Home

Theo and Thea’s devoted petdad returns from a two week absence and greets the cats. Theo reacts as many cats do; playing aloof at first, then becoming very loving. Theo is the star of a series of successful videos. Read more

Chibi, Banana Box and Mimi

Mimi plays with Chibi’s tail from within a banana box. Read more

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