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Cute Cat Videos

Kitten Watching Hockey

An Abyssinian kitten watches hockey Read more

Kitty Cate And Her Foster Home

Kitty Cate shows us around the foster home where she is raising her kittens, in a charming little video. Read more

Top 21 Cutest Kittens and Cats Stretching

The funnycatsandnicefish kitties show us their cutest stretches. Read more

Cat Plays With the Vacuum Cleaner

The most amazing and surprising video with a cat and a vac ever seen. Read more

Kitten Ambushes Dog

Attack of the kitten! Read more

Amazing Kitty!

Suki is an amazingly talented 8 month old kitten. Watch and see! Read more

Cat Catches the Water Drops

A cat uses her paws to capture the drops of water coming from the faucet at the kitchen sink. Read more

Enthusiastic Kitten's Chirping

Little Rosie kitten chirps like a birdie. Read more

Lily & Rufus!

Adorable kitten Lily was found at 10 days old and is being bottle fed by a Found Animals foster volunteer. Here she is at 3 weeks old! She is growing strong and brave, and she has no fear of Rufus! Read more

A Ball Of Kitten

A litter of foster kittens create a sweet, moving ball of kitty love. Read more

Mama Cat Adopts Bunny

A mama cat adopts a bunny to care for along with her kittens. Read more

Screen Grab - Simon's Cat

“Stop, play, paws and rewind.” Simon’s cat and the kitten find a new pastime. Read more

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