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Cute Cat Videos

Ragdoll cat gives koi carp a kiss!

Timo meets koi for the first time … . Read more

Kittens Sleeping on a Kitty

Maximum kitten cuteness. Read more

Dramatic Cats

The funnycatsandnicefish kitties star in a clips compilation video featuring moments of high drama. Read more

How to get your cat to stop scratching the furniture

A Sho Ko helpful how-to video: Shorty and Kodi’s “dad” shows you 4 simple tips to get your cat to stop scratching the furniture. Read more

Kitten's First Sunbeam

Kitten’s first sunbeam shows Oscar’s sweet reaction to his first moment in the sun. As you’d expect, he is as cute as ever and acts in the same way any other cat would. Read more

10 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Men!

Why CATS are better than MEN! Here are 10 reasons as demonstrated by COLE the Black Cat. Read more

Random Kitten Cuteness

A fun look back at a recent litter of foster kittens and all of their sweet and silly antics. Read more

Cat ... Be More Dog?

A very cool new video made to promote a provider’s 4G service uses some stereotypes about cats and dogs to amusing effect. Read more

Synchronized Ragdoll Kittens

Five Ragdoll kittens look like they’re watching tennis. Read more

Cat Plays Pool

Kitty runs the table. Read more

The Towel

Kitty thinks it’s well worth the effort to get a nice, fresh towel that’s been warmed and dried in a sunny window. There’s nothing quite like it. Read more

Kitten Reading a Book

A cute kitten finds the perfect vantage point, draped over a girl’s head. Read more

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