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Cute Cat Videos

Cat Gets a Facial Massage

Feels so good. Read more

Venus the Chimera Cat and the New Cat Condo

This is Venus playing with her “brother” Mojo & “sister” Ginger on their new cat tower/condo. She’s a sweet as can be and the smallest by far but you’ll see that she IS indeed the alpha in the pack. Read more

Baby and Cat Cuddle

A baby and a cat cuddle in a little baby seat and it is absolutely adorable! Read more

Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Science answers the age old question for once and for all. Read more

Daddy's Home

Theo and Thea’s devoted petdad returns from a two week absence and greets the cats. Theo reacts as many cats do; playing aloof at first, then becoming very loving. Theo is the star of a series of successful videos. Read more

Chibi, Banana Box and Mimi

Mimi plays with Chibi’s tail from within a banana box. Read more

Funny Dancing Fighting Kittens

More fun with the Ninja kittens. Read more

Trim Claws and Maru

Maru gets his nails clipped. Read more

Anakin Loves Da Bird: Two Legged Cat Hops Like A Bunny

Here’s Anakin playing with the cat toy, Da Bird! This is by far his favorite toy. Watch Ani jump & hop to catch Da Bird! Read more

Cute Kitty Massage

Shadow, massages his sister Luna, and then he leans up against her for a nap. They are 3 – 4 month old kittens. Read more

Mochi and Marshy Love Water

Mama Mochi and her kitten Marshmallow share a fascination with running water. Here they enjoy some time at the sink. Read more

Amazing Kitten Fetch!

Hyder makes a very impressive fetch. Read more

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