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Cute Cat Videos

Meet Kimicat

The amazing Kimicat, in a compilation of some of her best moments on video. Read more

Ginger Meets the Moose Calves

A week after an earlier encounter with the babies, Ginger the cat gets brave and goes out to meet a pair of two week old moose calves who are munching grass with their mother behind her house in Homer, Alaska. Read more

Playing Pawsies

Liam and Luna play pawsies under the door. Read more

Goodbye Kitty Cate & Kittens

Foster caregiver and video creator Doug Brown recently said goodbye to a sweet Mama kitty and her babies, all of whom went to good homes. This video takes a look back at Cate and her kittens, and the foster experience. Read more

Don't Steal My Pizza Rolls

Izzy wants pizza rolls, too! Read more

Scarlett Chasing Race Cars

Scarlett the cat takes an interest in auto racing. Read more

Maru plays in the bathtub 7

Maru plays in the tub with a favorite little toy. Read more

A Kitten's First 30 Days

A Kitten’s First 30 Days revisits Toffee’s early kittenhood on the occasion of his birthday. Read more

Soft Kitty Warm Kitty

Can’t fight off kitten love … and Gracie loves her Daddy. Read more

Hug Your Cat Day!

Hug Your Cat Day 2013!! Chris Poole and Cole gladly obliged. Read more


Look out! A giant cat is taking over the city!!! Read more

Cat Helps in the Office

Office cat is, naturally, helping out with the printer. Read more

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