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Cute Cat Videos

Why Cats Are Basically Dogs

A humorous compilation of video clips suggests that cats are a lot like dogs and concludes that maybe cats are really man’s best friend. Read more

Grumpy Cat Compilation!

The star hangs out at home, just being a cat, in this compilation of home movie clips. Read more

Give me your paw!

Kitty gives one paw, the other paw, and then both paws when asked – just like an obedient dog. However, a session with a dog might not end like this! Watch! Read more

Kitten Growing up with Dog Best Friend

A video showing the bond between a pair of best friends – a rescued kitten and the family’s dog – has gone viral, and has touched hearts everywhere. Read more

Adopted kitten bonds with family cat

A super sweet video shows a new kitten bonding with the family’s cat. Read more

Cats vs Rare Bathtub SHARK!

This time it’s purrsonal! Cole & Marmalade discover a shark in the bathtub … a (not so) vicious battle begins! Read more

Kitten vs Mirror

A kitten amuses himself by going on the attack and repeatedly hurling himself at the kitten lurking in the mirror. Read more

Copycat Kitten

Neo the kitten tries to copy his mama as she bathes. Read more

Dalmatian couple provide full service kitten daycare

Louie and Lady love their foster felines. They provide love, bathing, and entertainment! Read more

7 Things That Cats Do!

7 Things That Cats Do! Read more

My Strange Addiction

Shorty has a strange addiction. No, it’s not the catnip banana, which isn’t strange at all. It’s to chewing plastic. Watch the Sho Ko video! Read more

Happy Purride!

Shorty and Kodi frolic with the rainbow flag and a rainbow hued stuffed banana toy to show their pride and celebrate equal rights for all. Happy Purride! Read more

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