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Cute Cat Videos

Maru & Hana: Two Cats in a Box

It’s close quarters when Maru and Hana share a very small box Read more

Abyssinian cat wants kisses

Tommy the Abyssinian asks for kisses and head rubs from his petmom in this sweet little video. Read more

Cats Demanding Petting Compilation

Cats are asking to be petted in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Cats Playing Pool

Cats and kittens are playing (or trying to play) pool in this cute compilation of video clips, and some of them are pretty skilled players! Read more

Bailey and Sanza (Parrot & Kitten Love)

Bailey is enthralled by Sanza and cannot get enough of the new kitten. Read more

More Head Scritches, Please!

A cat politely asks for more head scritches over and over again in this cute video. Read more

Budgie is Friends with Patient Cat

A budgie is friends with a very patient and tolerant cat. Read more

Baby Plays with Cat

One year old baby Jordan plays gently with Chocolate, the family cat, in this sweet little video. Read more

Cat Uses Water Cooler

A cat has figured out how to dispense water from the cooler. Read more

Cats and Yogurt

When two cats are given a nearly empty yogurt container one kitty does not want to share. Read more

World Cup Loving Kitten Finds a Home

A homeless, injured kitten who recovered in time to chase the ball around the TV screen during World Cup matches has found a home with the perfect family. Read more

Totally Relaxed Cat

Moko the cat is ultra relaxed and stretched out on his back for a little nap break in this cute video. Read more

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