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Cute Cat Videos

Kitten Can't Control His Feet!

Yoshi kitten can’t control his own feet and the kicking is out of control! Oh, my! Read more

Griffin Von Porkchop in Exotic Shorthair Kitten Playing with Blinds!

Exotic Shorthair cat Griffin Von Porkchop, best known for his adorable Instagram pics, stars in this cute video from his baby kitten days. Read more

The lamp cat

A pink and white knitted shade cosy has turned a table lamp from a simple lighting device to a cool play spot for kitty! Watch kitty’s Jack-in-the-box moves! Read more

Sgt. Grumbles Gets His Toes Tickled

Sgt. Grumbles the Scottish Fold has an interesting reaction when he gets his little toes lightly tickled. Read more

Timo the Ragdoll Cat and his plush puppy

What does a curious cat do with a mechanical plush puppy? Watch Timo the Ragdoll cat and see! Read more

Kittens Learning to Walk Compilation

These kittens learning to walk for the first time might be one of the cutest videos you’ll ever see. It will definitely make you say aww over and over again! Read more

Dance Little Kittens, Dance!

The kittens moving in unison in those cute kitten chorus line viral videos make it look easy, don’t they? Here, Doug Brown’s VOKRA foster kittens give it a try to somewhat less dazzling result. Read more

Adorable baby kitten goes on her first playing adventure

Bat at toys? Check! Sit in box? Check! Climb human’s pant leg? Check! A cute little kitten enjoys her first play session. Read more

The Joys Of Being Owned By A Black Cat

Panther adopted his loving family after living as a stray. They appreciate him all the more after he suffered a stroke and temporary blindness earlier this year. Read more

Roomba Riding Shark Cat Entertains Shark Baby! Happy Shark Week!

Cool Shark-Cat Entertains Cute Shark-Baby! Happy Shark Week!!! The famous Roomba riding Max-Arthur the Snowshoe cat aka Shark Cat is back with another great video! Read more

My Black Cat Is - Black Cat Appreciation

A heartwarming new video celebrates black cats in honor of Black cat Appreciation Day, held each year on August 17. Read more

Light blue tent and Maru & Hana #2

Playtime with the light blue kitty tent for Maru and Hana looks a lot like a smackdown on the mat in this new video from the original superstar internet cat. Read more

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