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Cute Cat Videos

Cat Babysitter

Watson the cat and baby Elliotte are best friends. Read more

Cats Stealing Dog Beds Compilation

Cats make themselves right at home on the dog’s bed, in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Cat Chases Fish On Frozen Pond

It’s like an iPad game come to life, when a cat chases fish swimming under the ice of a frozen garden pond. Read more

How To Make a Cat Proof Christmas Tree!

Cole and Marmalade’s clever petdad makes a cat friendly Christmas ‘tree’ that pleases both kitties and their people. Read more

Cats vs printers

Cats versus printers – the fascination never ends! Here’s a new compilation of video clips that shows cats and their favorite piece of office equipment. Read more

Playful Cat Rocks Baby to Sleep

A playful cat helps to rock a baby to sleep in this cute video. Read more

Cats and babies playing together

Cats show great fondness for the human babies in their lives in this cute compilation of clips with cats and babies. Read more

Bengal cat gives doggie head massage

Kitty gives her doggie friend a gentle head massage, by making biscuits on him. Read more

Maru never gives up

Maru believes that he can get into all boxes. And Maru never gives up. Read more

What Cats See at Christmas...

See things from a cat’s purrspective this Christmas! Cole and Marmalade show us Christmastime from the cat’s point of view. Read more

The Neediest Cat in the World

Kodi is in the running for neediest (and lovingest) cat in the world. Watch! Read more

Kitten plays Whack A Mole

A kitten plays away at whack a mole in a super cute video. Read more

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