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Cute Cat Videos

Cat vs the Water Faucet

Silly Yorgi can’t decide whether to drink from the stream of water coming from the faucet or go to battle with it. Read more

Cats see ceiling fan move for the first time

Two kitties (who appear to be siblings) are fascinated by a ceiling fan spinning from a safe distance above. Read more

Girl Reads With Kitten on Her Head

Everyone needs a good study buddy! Is it easier or harder to keep reading your book with an adorable kitten on top of your head? Read more

When Your Friend Won't Wake Up: Kitten and Dog Edition

A cute and persistent little ginger kitten named Jack plays with Bella the pit bull’s ear and then her leg, but she just doesn’t want to wake up. Read more

Sleepy kitten struggles to stay awake

A sleepy kitten tries to stay awake but it’s a losing battle. Read more

How To Make Popsicles For Cats!

Chris Poole makes some cool cat treats for his boys, Cole and Marmalade, and shows us how to do it ourselves in this cute and helpful DIY video. Read more

Timo and the mousie baby mobile

Looking like a big, fluffy cat baby, Timo the Ragdoll cat has fun playing with the little stuffed mice on his mobile Read more

10 Cats and the Ice Ball

The 10 Cats kitties cool off and refresh themselves while playing with a giant ice ball. Read more

Asking Elvis the Siamese Cat His Favorite Question

Elvis the Siamese cat gets very talkative when asked his favorite question! Read more

Franzie Kitty Waves to Ask for Love!

Franzie the famous Hugging Kitty waves at Dad to ask for attention, then gives one of his special hugs in this cute new video. Read more

Red paper bag and Maru 2

The lovable little star puts on a fashion show while wearing his red paper bag. Read more

Cat wants baby's cookie

Kitty wants to share some of baby’s graham cracker and won’t give up trying! Read more

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