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Cat paw print is discovered in 2,000 year old roof tile

A Roman tile dug up in Gloucester, UK revealed a little surprise when an archaeologist discovered little cat paw prints impressed into it. Read more

Kitten and Owl Are Friends

A kitten and an owl at a Japanese cafe have become friends. Read more

Meet Lucius, "Britain's Happiest Cat"

A competition to find the UK’s happiest cat has been won by a kitty from Northampton, but life has not been all tuna and catnip for the winning feline. Read more

Texas veterinarian is fired after killing cat and boasting at Facebook

A Texas veterinarian has lost her job and is the subject of widespread outrage after killing a cat, then bragging and joking about it at Facebook. Read more

Rademenesa the nurse cat

An amazing set of photos show a Polish cat who survived his own medical ordeal and now comforts pets at the veterinary surgery that helped him. Read more

Meals on Wheels program now helping with pet food for seniors

A Florida program helping local seniors has expanded to offer assistance with pet food and veterinary care. Read more

Sightless kitten Hope finds a home

A sightless kitten who was rescued along with her mother and sister got the help she needed and is now in her forever home. Read more

Memow survives RV explosion and gets help

A cat who escaped when his family’s RV exploded is getting help for severe burn injuries at a Seattle animal hospital. Read more

Swedish woman says her cat Missan will turn 30 this spring

Twenty-nine-year-old Missan may be the world’s oldest cat, according to her Swedish owner, who says she expects her elderly cat to make it to 30. Read more

Purfect Cuppa' at Maison de Moggy - Scotland's first cat cafe opens

Scotland now has its first cat cafe, which has opened in Edinburgh Read more

RIP Frank and Louie: Famed 15 year old two-faced Janus cat dies

The world’s oldest two-faced Janus cat has died at the extraordinary age of 15. Frank and Louie was a Guinness record holder and a beloved pet. Read more

Rare male tortie Harry turns up at shelter

Staff at a Scottish shelter were surprised when a tortie kitten handed in to them turned out to be a rarity – a boy! Read more