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Jogger Swims to Rescue Cat Drowning in Carrier

A jogger was in the right place at the right time to save a cat sinking into the waters of a creek while latched into a cat carrier weighted down by a rock. The good Samaritan heard the cat’s cries and jumped into the water to rescue him. Read more

RIP, Poppy: Guinness Records Oldest Living Cat Passes Away at 24

Poppy, the 24 year old cat from Bournemouth, UK who was recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest living cat last month, has passed away. Poppy was officially recognized by Guinness on May 19 and died last Friday, on June 6. Read more

Cat and Lynx are Loving Friends

A sweet video with the bonded domestic cat and lynx from a St. Petersburg, Russia zoo shows the pair’s loving relationship. Read more

Couple Finds Cat in Debris of Home Destroyed by Arkansas Tornado

A couple from Vilonia, Arkansas visited the pile of debris where their home once stood on Monday and pulled their cat from the pile alive. Read more

Burned Kitten Phoenix Recovers at Caring Vet Clinic

A kitten burned in a residential fire in Houston, TX was rescued by a good Samaritan and is getting loving care during her recovery at a local veterinary clinic. Read more

Justin the Fire Survivor Marks 1 Year Anniversary with Special Appearance

On the one-year anniversary of the tiny kitten being set on fire, famed cat Justin the Fire Survivor will visit Animal Alliance to thank fans and those who helped save his life while raising funds for new pet adoption center. Read more

Cat Comforts Patients at Children's Hospital

Huck Finn brings comfort and smiles to young patients at a Portland, OR children’s hospital. Read more

Memieux' Story

A couple with no pets and no experience with ferals rescued a little feral kitten who was unlikely to survive much longer on her own. They helped her adjust and gained her trust, and now Memieux is happily living the good life with her new family. Read more

Frosty: Kitten Found Frozen to the Ground Gets Help

Frosty is staying warm and being treated for a respiratory infection after being rescued this morning when a good Samaritan found him frozen to the ground and took him to get help. Read more

Quiver Improves as Police Identify Arrow Shooting Suspect

The cat found with an arrow shot through her face last week, prompting a reward offer of more that $9k, is doing so well she has been released by the animal hospital. Today, police announced that they have identified a suspect in the case. Read more

Alabama Cat's First Snow

Sophie experiences snow for the first time and her reaction is priceless! Read more

Couple Arrested for Braving Avalanche to Get Cat to the Vet

Ninja needed help and the only vet clinic that would see him without getting money up front was on the other side of an avalanche that blocked the road. His petmom and her partner were arrested for entering the avalanche zone but their determination saved Ninja’s life. Read more