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Foster kitten Poppet left these sweet photos and some warm memories behind when she was adopted into a good home. Read more

Working in an animal clinic does have its perks

The perks of being a kennel worker at a clinic … . Read more

Whenever I start to play...

Somebody loves his Daddy … . Read more

Cat Gets Heatproof Boots After Jumping on Hot Stove

Mischief has lived up to his name by jumping repeatedly on the stove and burning his paws. Now he has a set of rather silly looking custom made boots that will keep him from being burned. Read more

Chase: A Dream Come True

This adorable kitty was a dream come true for his adopters. Read more

Kitten Sees the World For the First Time

Armando opens his eyes for the first time. Read more

Firefighter Reunites Woman With Her Kitten After House Fire

A Hamilton, Ontario woman was overjoyed when a firefighter handed her kitten to her after a fire at the family’s residence was extinguished today. Read more

Forbidden Love Story Has A Happy Ending

One who pines from afar is helped to see his true love. Read more

Little Orange Furball of Cuteness

The little orange furball of cuteness is a pair of rescued kittens who have been adopted into a loving home. The kittens are featured in a beautiful series of photos. Read more

Rio, the Cuddly Foster Cat

Rio became the favorite foster cat out of several, for a couple, and it’s not hard to understand why. Read more

Kalamazoo Firefighter Rescues Kitten From House Fire

A family who lost everything when their house burned on Thursday escaped with their lives and their pets. Thanks to a firefighter, a kitten trapped in the house was saved. Read more

Photos: Seattle Firefighters Resuscitate Cat at Scene of Fire

Firefighters searched a condo unit and found a cat hiding under a bed, barely breathing. They were able to revive the cat with the use of a pet oxygen mask. Read more

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