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Firefighters Rescue Kittens from Miami Airport Ceiling

Three little kittens were rescued from an airport ceiling Saturday following a noise report. Now they are looking for homes. Read more

Ray Charles, the Happy Blind Cat

Deeper Shade of Soul Read more

Blind Cat + Big Warm Dog = Best Friends

Why nap alone when you can nap in a snuggle pile? Read more

Kitty Sees Absent Owners on Skype for the First Time

“We have been travelling for more than a month now. This was our cat’s first reaction upon seeing us over Skype.” Read more

Kittens Rescued from Intersection

A Good Samaritan family is caring for the litter of kittens they rescued from a busy intersection. Read more

Sir Stuffington: Cute Special Needs Foster Kitten Gains Fame

Sir Stuffington is one of those adorable cats who go viral and gain spontaneous fame. His foster petmom is using his fame to highlight the good work shelters, rescuers and foster caregivers do for animals in need. Read more

Puddles the Kitten is Rescued from Storm Drain

Spartanburg Animal Services tells the story of Puddles’ rescue in a sweet photo essay. Read more

Pets Rescued from Colorado and New Mexico Flooding

Photos captured the moment as pets were rescued from the floods that devastated parts of Colorado and New Mexico in recent days. Here is a selection of images from Longmont, Greeley and Boulder, Colorado and Las Vegas, New Mexico. Read more

Borys and Walter

Borys the Bengal and Walter the retired greyhound are BFFs whose patdad is a professional photographer. The bonded pair are featured in a charming series of photos. Read more

Medic Revives Cat at Scene of Fire

So I saved a cat at work the other day… writes the medic who saved kitty’s life with the aid of a pet oxygen mask. Read more

Daisy's Packing Peanuts Party

Cuz there ain’t no party like a packing peanuts party! Read more

Firefighters Rescue Cat from Burning Home

A series of very moving photos show a cat being rescued by South Bend firefighters and reunited with its family. Read more

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