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Borys and Walter

Borys the Bengal and Walter the retired greyhound are BFFs whose patdad is a professional photographer. The bonded pair are featured in a charming series of photos. Read more

Medic Revives Cat at Scene of Fire

So I saved a cat at work the other day… writes the medic who saved kitty’s life with the aid of a pet oxygen mask. Read more

Daisy's Packing Peanuts Party

Cuz there ain’t no party like a packing peanuts party! Read more

Firefighters Rescue Cat from Burning Home

A series of very moving photos show a cat being rescued by South Bend firefighters and reunited with its family. Read more

Paw Talk

What is this cat saying to his paw? Here are some amusing thoughts on the subject. Read more

Missy's Story

Missy is finally safe after a rough two years.Missy was abandoned on a woman’s father’s property after having kittens, and then she disappeared. On a recent trip back to visit her father’s grave, the woman cried when she was met by a very skinny but still warm and loving Missy, and she took her home. Read more

Kitten Sitting at the Renaissance Faire

A kitten being looked after by a young woman working at a Renaissance faire gives contented snuggles in a tender moment captured by the camera. Read more

Emotional Reunion as Missing Cat Comes Back

The photographer writes: After 6 hours of looking for our cat outside my wife finally sat down. 5 minutes later he shows up. Read more

Cat Steals the Show in Couple's Wedding Photos

The bride and groom didn’t mind when Coco the cat upstaged them both in photos from their July 6 wedding. See the photos here. Read more

Bulldog Adopts Kitten

A family’s two year old bulldog has adopted a tiny ginger kitten found abandoned in a church. Read more

Happy Together

Happy together: a man and his cat. Read more

Look Who's Sleeping in Barbie's Bed

A cute kitten makes Barbie’s bed his own. Read more

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