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Meet Baron Urdnot Dr. Grunticus von Visskers III, PhD in Adorability. Read more

Tim: a Rescued Kitty's Story in Photos

Tim was a homeless black kitten living in a groundhog hole when he was rescued last year. Now he is a happy, healthy house cat. Read more

Cat at Home Sings Along with Miley and Her Giant Cat During AMA Awards Show

“My cat is performing with Miley tonight,” according to Twitter user Dillen George. Read more

The New Kitten

A series of photos sum up Samson the cat’s feelings about the new kitten. Read more

Neighbor Finds Family's Cat in Tree Following Washington IL Tornado

A family who lost everything when their house was destroyed by Sunday’s tornado is thankful that their cat was found and rescued. Read more


Meet Max, a Maine Coon/Ragdoll mix tuxedo cat beauty with striking, fluffy white ear tufts. Read more


Jethro was only a couple of days old when he was rescued. A caring shelter helped the sick abandoned baby, and he has blossomed into a sweet and feisty boy. Read more

Beautiful Sparrow

Sparrow was the last of his litter to be adopted from the shelter, but his lucky adopter got a supremely handsome cat with a very chill and unique personality. Read more

Found together as stray kittens. Now 12 years old. They have slept like this every day.

Two closely bonded cats who’ve been together their whole lives still love to cuddle together. Photos. Read more

Oops! Cat Calls Cops

Police responding to a 999 call – the UK equivalent of 911 – broke through the door to get in and were surprised to find the family cat had rung them up and was home alone at the time. Read more

So I came home to this...

A lucky gal who comes home to an adorably cuddly trio of her man, dog and cat shared photos online. Read more

Kittendales 2014 Hunks Calendar Benefits Shelter

The 7th edition Kittendales Calendar to benefit the Hull Seaside Animal Rescue in Hull, MA is now on sale. Local men from all walks of life pose for beefcake shots with kittens and cats for the annual fundraiser. Read more

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