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Marvel and the Ironman Kittens: A Rescue Story

A cat lover and dedicated foster caregiver rescued a feral Mama kitty and her litter of 5 black kittens, tended to them all, then placed mama safely on a farm and got the kittens adopted into loving homes. Read more

Cute Cross-Eyed Cat Jarvis P Weasley Goes Viral

A set of sweetly oddball and appealing photos of a 5 year old cross-eyed cat named Jarvis P. Weasley are bringing fame to the beloved pet, who was rescued as a sickly kitten in danger of euthanization, then adopted by his foster petmom. Read more

Cat Comforts Patients at Children's Hospital

Huck Finn brings comfort and smiles to young patients at a Portland, OR children’s hospital. Read more

So, this is where they choose to sleep ...

These girls have a whole cat tree, and an entire house to explore and relax in… they choose this box and always sleep together Read more

Zoey and McGhee: Rescued Kitties Get Their Happily Ever After

Zoey was rescued from an animal hoarder and McGhee was rescued from someone who was going to throw him out like trash. The pair are closely bonded now and are happy in their forever home, where they are loved and appreciated. Read more

Hammie the Bulldog and His Foster Kittens

Hammie the bulldog helped his petmom foster a litter of kittens. He loved his little kitty babies and posed with them for some of the sweetest photos we’ve seen. Read more

Ice Storm Orphans

A Mississippi vet tech is caring for a litter of newborn kittens who are alive thanks to the man who made the hour and a half trip to the shelter in the recent ice and snow storm that paralyzed parts of the US South. Read more

Mama Kitty Cuddles Her Day-Old Kittens

A Mama kitty bonds and snuggles with her newborn kittens, who all have homes lined up. One will stay with Mama and the other two will be adopted together. Read more

Somebody abandoned 2 beautiful kittens nearby my house

The rescue of two abandoned kittens found in the cold and snow, huddled in a rescue box, is told in a series of photos. Read more

Feral Cats Make Themselves at Home in Nativity Scene

A colony of feral cats in Red Hook, Brooklyn delight passersby as they share the stage with creche figures in a nativity scene. Read more

Stuart Little's Tale

Stuart Little was so tiny when he and his family were rescued that his caregivers thought he looked like a wee baby white mouse. Now he is growing and healthy, and has found his forever home. Read more


Meet Baron Urdnot Dr. Grunticus von Visskers III, PhD in Adorability. Read more

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