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Precious Photos Show the Unparalleled Bond Between a Girl With Autism and Her Cat

A very special cat is helping a little girl with autism to connect with the world. Read more

Baltimore Photographers Capture Secret Lives of Street Cats

Husband and wife team document cat colonies across the country Read more

The love of a cat

To earn the love and affection of a cat you have to understand, relate and empathise with them. So begins the caption to a photo that inspired a discussion about cats and their affections. Read more

Sheriff Zeke - Petparent Gets Amazing Cat Portrait Tattoo

A petparent paid tribute to her best buddy by getting a phenomenally beautiful tattoo portrait of her cat Zeke as a handsome sheriff, in a design taken from a famous John Wayne image. Read more

Photographer Captures Cat's Dramatic Rescue from Burning Home

A photographer on site at a house fire captured the drama as a cat was discovered sitting in an upstairs window of the burning home, then was rescued by a firefighter and returned to a grateful owner. Read more

Meet Sheeba!

A year ago, Sheeba and her littermates were rescued after being left in a dumpster to die. Their rescuer raised them and shared this sweet album of photos online. Read more

Photos: Woman Gets Visit from Her Cat at Rehab Facility

Mom’s friend had a stroke and had been in the hospital for three weeks. We managed to bring her kitty in for a visit – they were inseparable. Read more

Kitten is Rescued and Adopted by Firefighters

Little Olaf the kitten was rescued after a neighbor heard his little meows coming from a pile of debris. His life was saved and he found a new home all in one day. Read more

Cat Greets Searchers in Arkansas Tornado Disaster Zone

A friendly ginger cat emerged from an overturned mobile home to greet search volunteers in Saltillo, Arkansas in the aftermath of Sunday’s devastating and deadly tornado. Read more

Couple Finds Cat in Debris of Home Destroyed by Arkansas Tornado

A couple from Vilonia, Arkansas visited the pile of debris where their home once stood on Monday and pulled their cat from the pile alive. Read more

Sweet Kitten Found in a Van Gets Loving Care

A London veterinary hospital is caring for a little kitten being lovingly hand-reared while bonding and being entertained by some special dogs. Read more

Cat is Rescued from Narrow Ledge

Police and Fire personnel rescued a frightened white cat from a narrow window ledge Sunday morning. The rescue was documented in photos. Read more

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