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Kitty Gets Cuddles From Her Friend

A kitty gets some rare cuddles from her friend after returning from the vet wearing the cone of shame. Read more

A trip to the hospital with Studley, therapy cat and 2014 "Cat of the Year"

A video crew followed along as Studley, the therapy cat who is the ASPCA’s Cat of the Year, visited hospital patients and brightened their day. Read more

Eddie Redmayne poses with kitten for Bazaar

A new guy-with-kitten photo is storming the internet! Read more

Faithful Cat Comforts Injured Man

“Since I’ve come home from the hospital, he’s rarely left my side,” kitty’s petdad writes. Read more

Diego's First Swim

Diego the Bengal cat amazed his family when he started to swim while walking on the leash with them as they waded at the shoreline of Graham’s Beach in New Zealand. Read more

Theodore & Isabella

Rescued brother and sister littermate kittens Theodore and Isabella are living the good life in this series of photos. Read more

Cute Sheep Cat

One of the 9Cats kitties is dressed in costume to celebrate as Japan marks the Year of the Sheep in 2015. Read more

Leonard's Rescue: Kitten trapped in abandoned hospital is saved

A kitten trapped in the walls of an abandoned hospital was lucky that a caring person just happened to be on hand to save him. Read more

The cat who came to stay

A cat who wandered into a family’s house and made herself at home has been made an official family member. Read more

Gronk with Kittens!

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is further endearing himself to old fans and winning new ones with his photoshoot posing with kittens for an interview with ESPN Magazine. Read more

Photo: Woman is reunited with her cat at Thanksgiving

A woman and her cat shared a touching moment when they were reunited at Thanksgiving after spending several months apart. Read more

Liza, the beatiful kitten missing her two back feet, is doing great!

Here is an update on the little kitten born without her back feet, who was rescued and given a good and loving home. Read more

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