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Yes, please! Mew hoo!

Leo the cat is psyched and ready for that bowl of deliciousness. Read more

Toppa the Blind Wonder Kitten

Toppa was a skinny, flea ridden little barn kitten born without eyes, who now has a good home and is adored. Read more

Bella and Buddy: 3 1/2 Years of Friendship

A little girl grows up with the family cat, Buddy.

Read more

Synchronized Eating

Feeding the cats, Busby Berkeley style.
Read more

Cats Help Foster Baby Bird

Karin Caston’s two cats allowed a little robin to nestle in their fur as it was being cared for until it was old enough to return to a life in the wild.
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Kitty Loves Daddy

Happy Father’s Day. Read more

Sleeping like that is just ASKING for belly kisses!

Garden Cat

“She does this every time we’re in the greenhouse.” Read more

The Introduction

After a week of growling and hissing, they decided to cuddlenap! Read more

Photos: Linus the Kitten

Slideshow photo essay with an adorable little kitten named Linus. Read more


A rescued kitten’s story in pictures. Read more

Photos: Laundry Day With the Cats

In the traditional schedule for household chores Monday is laundry day.
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