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Kitten Meets Hedgehog

Harley the hedgehog meets Loki, a friend’s kitten. Cuteness ensues. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Cat From Massive Blaze

Photographer Bill Roth captured the moment in a series of images as a cat was rescued from a fire in Anchorage, AK on Thursday. Read more

Cat Pulled from Fire is Revived by Paramedic

A paramedic with Rural Metro firefighters saved the life of a cat who was at first thought to be dead when it was pulled from a house fire today. Read more

Abandoned Kittens to Happy Housecats: A Year in Pictures

Photos and video chronicle and celebrate the first year of three girls from an abandoned litter of kittens found and adopted by a loving couple. Read more

They Grow Up So Fast: July to December, Kitten in a Basket

Kitty still finds a way to sleep in a tiny basket, months after outgrowing it. Read more

Eve Finds a Home

A couple were about to leave the shelter empty handed when Eve reached out to them and found herself a home. Read more

Waffle, Kitten Nursed Back to Health: A Story in Photos

With loving care, Waffle quickly regained her health and began to thrive. Read more

Richmond Police Use Creative Thinking to Rescue Two cats From Tree

Did the cats think, “Hey, look … boxes!” when officers stacked boxy trash bins at the foot of a tree to lure them down? We can’t answer that, but the plan did the trick and the cats were safely brought down. Read more

Wings of Rescue: Holiday Animal Airlift

A video slideshow set to Sugar Ray’s Fly documents the Wings of Rescue airlift of hundreds of Los Angeles area dogs and cats on Friday, December 7. The animals were transferred from high kill California shelters to safety in Washington, Oregon and beyond. Read more

Mr Waffles: Highly Trained in the Art of Cuteness

A handsome Scottish fold cat is making a name for himself on social media. His most recent adventures have him looking adorably festive and getting busted for messing with the holiday decorations. Read more

How to Make a Cat Proof Christmas Tree

A series of photos show kitty posing with the tree before and after it is mounted from the ceiling for an upside down cat proof holiday. Read more

Sarcastic Holiday Greetings From Richard the Cat

Home Depot’s social media marketing campaign starring a cynical and sarcastic cat named bringing entertainingly funny brand awareness to internet users across the social media world. Read more

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