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The Foster Kitten

A foster caregiver with the attitude that each kitten fostered and sent on its way is another life saved posted one of the cutest kitten pics we’ve seen. Read more

Cat and Dog Bond in Grief and Remembrance for Recently Deceased Sibling

A cat and dog who don’t usually get along are napping together now in an expression shared grief and remembrance for a recently deceased fellow pet. Read more

Man and His Cat Swim to Safety in Floodwaters

Photographer Jordan Verlage was on hand to capture the drama in a series of photos as Kevan Yeats and his cat Momo climbed out of their sinking truck and swam to safety through floodwaters in Alberta, Canada on Thursday. Read more

Bagel the Bengal

Here’s a beautiful photo set of Bagel the Bengal as a kitten. Bagel recently gained fame as Bagel the Bengal, destroyer of boxes, thanks to another great photo of her that’s gone viral. Read more

Kitten and Puppy at the Shelter Are Best Friends

Sad little puppy just cried and cried because she was alone until a tiny kitten was put in the cage with her. Now, they are best friends. Hopefully they get adopted together. Read more

Peach and her Loving Rescuer

The young man who rescued 9 kittens dumped in a box in the Arizona desert says: This one I named Peach and she’s all mine. Read more

Oliver watching a deer watching the neighbor's dog.

A deer wandered into my front yard. It stopped to watch my neighbor’s little dog. My cat stopped to watch the deer. I stopped to watch my cat … . Read more

Reunited! Gypsy is found in her home 3 weeks after tornado

Gypsy was reunited with her family yesterday after being trapped within the walls of her home for 3 weeks following the devastating Moore, OK tornado of May 20. Read more

Home From the Hospital, Cuddled by the Cat

A young man who had pulmonary valve replacement surgery for a congenital condition shared this photo of himself being comforted and cuddled by the cat after his return home. Read more

Pay attention to meeeee

Pay attention to meeeee … little kitten Chip implores. Well, who could resist! Read more

Kitten Attack!

Attack of the cute leg climbing kittens! Read more

Sleepy Pocket Kitten

A trusting one month old kitten named Audrey fell asleep in a warm, comforting and cozy spot. Read more

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