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Sleepy Pocket Kitten

A trusting one month old kitten named Audrey fell asleep in a warm, comforting and cozy spot. Read more

Just got home from college last night. Woke up to these cuties.

Cute guy, cute kittens … perfect pic! Read more

So, tonight I got to hold a kitten for the first time ...

Guy in the photo writes: So tonight I got to hold a kitten for the first time, this was taken after I spent a half hour freaking out over how cute it was. Read more

Man Finds Brother's Cat in Debris of Home Destroyed by Moore Tornado

A couple who rushed into the tornado zone to check up on relatives in a destroyed neighborhood found the family’s two cats in their usual hiding place, under the bed. Read more

Kiki's Reunion: Moore Tornado Cat Finds Her Family

Kiki ended up at the shelter after she got lost in the tornado that ripped through Moore, Ok on Monday. She has been happily reunited with her family. Read more

This is how she wakes me up ... .

A new kitten has already established an endearing morning routine. Read more

Fireman Rescues Cat From Tornado's Destruction

A smiling Moore, OK fireman carries a mud caked cat he has just rescued from tornado debris on Tuesday. Read more

Found! A Woman's Emotional Reunion with Cat Found in Moore OK Tornado Rubble

A series of photos captured the emotion of the moment when June Simpson recovered her cat Sammi from the rubble of her family’s Moore, Oklahoma home on Tuesday, one day after a devastating tornado leveled the neighborhood. Read more

Soldier Shares a Meal With a Kitten in Afghanistan

A US Marine shared his meal with a kitten he met in Afghanistan and posted this photo online. Read more

Ginger, Willy and Sir Digby

Meet Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar, Ginger, and One-eyed Willy, a family of three Devon Rex cats with personality plus Read more

I Love Kittens!

These photos showed up at photo sharing sites this week with the caption: I love kittens!. We love seeing the love! Read more

Photos: Fort Myers Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Tree

Two firefighters with the Iona McGregor Fire Department in Fort Myers, FL responded to a kitten-up-a-tree call today. Read more

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