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Rio, the Cuddly Foster Cat

Rio became the favorite foster cat out of several, for a couple, and it’s not hard to understand why. Read more

Kalamazoo Firefighter Rescues Kitten From House Fire

A family who lost everything when their house burned on Thursday escaped with their lives and their pets. Thanks to a firefighter, a kitten trapped in the house was saved. Read more

Photos: Seattle Firefighters Resuscitate Cat at Scene of Fire

Firefighters searched a condo unit and found a cat hiding under a bed, barely breathing. They were able to revive the cat with the use of a pet oxygen mask. Read more

Griffin's First Time on a Leash

Griffin goes exploring on his first little outing into the yard using the harness and leash. Read more

I Was Born Today

A newborn kitten is introduced to the world, gently cradled in caring hands. Read more

A Spot of Birdwatching ...

Some cats at the Chico Cat Coalition practice their stalking skills on a pigeon that landed nearby. Read more

Frank and Boots: Brotherly Love

Frank and Boots are never far apart, as this series of photos shows. Read more

Photos: Firefighters Rescue Kitten Stuck in Tree For Two Days

Firefighters made the rescue when called in by the RSPCA to save a cat stuck far up a tree for two days. Read more

Amelia: Sweet, Specially Abled Miracle Kitty Comes to Tenth Life

Amelia was born with nubs instead of her lower back legs, but she is perfectly able and will be made available for adoption to the right home. Amelia is introduced in a beautiful photo set and two videos. Read more

Sprite: Blind Kitty Living the Good Life

They wanted to euthanize him as a kitten because he’s blind. Today he played in 2 feet of snow. Read more

Firefighters Rescue and Revive Cats Found in Smoke Filled Home

Setauket, LI firefighters used pet oxygen masks to revive two cats who were unresponsive when they were found in their smoke filled home. Read more

Update: Kittens Rescued From the Cold in Boston Doing Well

The four beautiful, fluffy kittens rescued from the bitter cold in Boston last week are happy and healthy, and doing well together in foster care. Read more

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