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Indycar Driver Adopts Kitten from Anti-Abuse Photo Shoot

Josef Newgarden was smitten for the kitten when he posed with a little cutie for Baltimore’s Show Your Soft Side campaign. Josef adopted the kitten, who was personally delivered to him by the foster mom today. Read more

Kitten rescue from inside the hood of a car - Queens, NY

A kitten seen hiding under cars in a Queens, NY neighborhood for a couple of days was rescued when it climbed up into a car’s engine. Read more

Protesters Pleased with Developments in Kitten Torture Case Against Judge's Son

A special prosecutor has been assigned to the case of a town judge’s son accused of trying to hurt kittens. A similar incident where the kitten was harmed will now be investigated for a connection to the case. Read more

Rare Two-Faced Janus Cat Born in Brazil

A white two-faced kitten was born to a house cat in Brazil on Monday. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Kitten from House Fire

Cabot, VT firefighters rescued a little kitten from a residential fire in its trailer home on Tuesday and provided it with care at the scene. Read more

Afghani Cat Mousetrap to be Reunited in US With Her Soldier

When Nowzad and Soldiers’ Animal Companions Fund ran an appeal last week, Mousetrap’s travel expenses were funded within a week. She will be reunited in the US with the soldier who could not bear to leave her behind. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Burning Home

Firefighters rescued a kitten while battling a house fire in San Bernardino, CA on Monday. Read more

Cat Lost at Westjet / Vancouver Airport is Found!

Willow, the timid, formerly abused cat lost at Vancouver airport on Thursday has been safely found. Read more

Oliver’s Search for a Final Home

Oliver is a beautiful, sweet natured cat who remains hopeful that he will find a perfect home to spend the rest of his life in. Read more

Spooked Cat is Rescued by Fire Department

A 4 month old kitten got scared and fled it home when a dog entered, then got stuck 40ft. up a tree. The Fire Department brought a ladder truck and made the rescue. Read more

Thumper the Wonder Cat

Thumper couldn’t walk due to a neurological condition when he was rescued as an 8 week old kitten. With physical therapy and a wheeled cart, Thumper became stronger and learned to walk and play. Read more

Cat is Rescued from Vacant Home 79 Days After Canadian Train Disaster

A cat holed up in a home in Lac-Megantic, Quebec was rescued on September 22, 79 days after a train carrying crude oil derailed, causing a deadly explosion that resulted in disaster for the town. Read more

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