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Firefighters Rescue Kittens from Fire at Vacant Home

Two kittens rescued from a fire in Kansas City, MO were given oxygen at the scene and are getting medical care at a veterinary hospital. Read more

Fiona's Rescue

A beautiful young cat currently being called Fiona was rescued in Brooklyn, NYC last weekend, thanks to the combined efforts of an Animal Care and Control supervisor and officers from the NYPD. Read more

Kittens Get Second Chance with Inmates in Jail Foster Program

Kittens rescued from death row are getting a second chance while enriching the lives of their foster caregivers at the Gwinnett County, GA Detention Center. Read more

Chinese Animal Activists Search Forest for 1,000 Kittens

Volunteers are searching for over 1,000 cats and kittens seized from a truck driver and released into a forest in eastern China last week. Read more

Kitten is Resced and Adopted After 90 ft. Fall at Work Site

A little kitten named Petty survived a 90 foot accidental fall down a shaft and found a home with one of her rescuers. Read more

Paramedic Revives Boy's 9 Week Old Kitten at House Fire

A 9 week old kitten that was limp when brought out from his home following a deadly fire was revived by a paramedic using a pet oxygen mask. Read more

Petition Seeks to Save Shelter Animals from Mayor's Demands

The mayor of Decatur, AL characterizes the humane care and housing of homeless pets at the shelter as hoarding and is demanding that only a small number of animals be allowed on site. He allowed only 30 days to reduce the number. Read more

Oops! Cat Calls Cops

Police responding to a 999 call – the UK equivalent of 911 – broke through the door to get in and were surprised to find the family cat had rung them up and was home alone at the time. Read more


The all volunteer Bakersfield, CA cat rescue group The Cat People took in a sickly little kitten this week and immediately got her some much needed care. Katy-Kitty responded well, and two days later The Cat People had a spunky and playful little kitten on their hands. Read more

Stubby's Story

Stubby was a baby kitten living in a hoarder’s house, injured and uncared for. Kings Harvest took in his family and others and this is Stubby’s Story and Happy Ending. Read more

Firefighters, Police and Animal Control Rescue Trapped Kitten

Animal control, firefighters, police and other emergency responders rescued a kitten from a storm drain in Bedminster, NJ Wednesday afternoon. Read more

Community Effort Rescues Cat

A Bakersfield, CA cat was finally rescued today after several days and several failed attempts. Concerned residents, fa TV news crew, irefighters, animal control and a private security services company all pitched in to help. Read more

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