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Kitten Rescued by Firefighters from Engine of BMW

A young kitten has the promise of a new home tonight after being rescued by firefighters from the engine compartment of a BMW in Beltsville, MD this afternoon. Read more

Orphaned Kittens Adopted by Fostered Mama Dog

A foster dog named Jean has adopted a litter of orphaned kittens that she cares for along with her own puppies. Read more

Cat Comes Home a Year After Texas Wildfire

Harley was missing when his family was allowed to return home a week after the 2011 Bastrop area wildfire. The family never gave up hope and after a year that hope was fulfilled. Read more

Neighbors Rescue Kittens and Puppies From Abusive Home

Two dogs have been rescued from a trailer where neighbors have stepped in to save several kittens and puppies in the past. The county animal control officer says the rescuers acted with good intentions and should be protected under a good Samaritan act. Read more

Togus the Cat, RIP: Beloved Maine TV Mascot Dies

A beloved cat who became a well known public figure in Maine died unexpectedly last week. He will be missed, but a fund set up in his name will benefit animals in need. Read more

Photos: Rare Rusty Spotted Kittens Born at Berlin Zoo

The Berlin Zoo has announced the births of two Rusty Spotted kittens, with new photos of the two month old cats The diminutive cats are called the hummingbirds of the cat family. Read more

Animal Activist Spends Weekend Caged at Shelter

Michael Rosenberg is raising awareness for a Miami-Dade ballot initiative to help the animals, and is promoting a special adoption drive. Read more

Grown-ups Killed my Kitty: Grief Stricken Boy's Letter to the Editor Touches Hearts

The heartfelt letter to the editor of a brokenhearted boy expressing his grief and asking for answers over his missing cat’s accidental killing at a shelter has gone from a small Utah paper to media outlets across the US and UK. Read more

Intimidation of LasVegas Kitten Drownings Witness Brings Case Back to Court

Christine Ohm reported a case of animal cruelty and spoke out on the need for justice. After continued harassment by the neighbor whose son committed the act, the DA filed a motion to bring the previously resolved case back to court. Read more

"Arrow Kitty" Gets Help From Local Vet and the Community

A stray cat found with an arrow through her mouth has the support of the local community and is getting the best of care at a veterinary hospital. She will have a home after she heals from her wounds. Read more

Trusting Kitten Phoenix Purrs Despite His Burns

A kitten abandoned at an LA shelter is recovering from chemical burns in San Diego. He has touched the hearts of his caregivers with his trusting, loving nature. Read more

Missing Cat Lily is Reunited With Her Family After a Year

Lily escaped her carrier after a cross country move and was not seen by her family for over a year. Thanks to her person who found her, and a microchip scan, she is back with her family again Read more

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