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The Last One Home

In June 2012, an abandoned litter of six kittens was brought to Independent Cat Society, a no-kill cat shelter in Westville, Indiana. Read more

Cat Alerts Owner to Apartment Fire

Bill the cat made sure both he and his guardian got out safely when fire broke out at a nearby unit in their apartment building on Friday. Read more

German Shepherd Adopts Orphan Kittens

A loving dog mothers a litter of foster kittens. Read more

Kitten Trapped in Car Finds Home with Rescuer

A little kitten now named Butch for his tenacity and toughness survived a 38 mile ride at 65 MPH stuck behind a car’s rear wheel and ended up finding a home. Read more

Stolen Kitten is Recovered and Returned to Shelter

Police and Animal Control recovered Turbo a month after she was stolen. The kitten was found during a domestic disturbance call and is back at the shelter now. Read more

Kittens That Disrupted Brooklyn NY Subway Service are Safely Removed from Tracks

A story that received widespread coverage came to a happy resolution as two kittens whose presence disrupted subway service in Brooklyn for a couple of hours today were finally found and removed in cat carriers early this evening. Read more

Belgian Shepherd Dog Adopts Kitten

A dog who mothered a mama cat when it was a kitten has adopted one of that cat’s kittens into her litter of puppies. Read more

Colonel Meow Makes Guinness Records for Longest Fur on a Cat

Colonel Meow can now add Guinness Record holder to his other accomplishments, which include things like internet meme and social media star. Read more

Two Paws

Two Paws is a happy, vibrant girl who gets around by pulling herself with her front legs. She was living with a feral colony when rescued, and has shown herself to be well adapted and well socialized while staying in foster care. Read more

Newborn Kittens Resced From Flooded Storm Drain

Three tiny kittens became separated from their mother and were rescued from a drain pipe full of the runoff from a heavy rain. They are getting round the clock care at a local vet’s and are expected to survive. Read more

Michelin Gets Help

Michelin is the latest jumbo sized cat to end up at a shelter and make the news. The 34 pound fellow will spend the next year at a vet’s while on a careful weight loss plan before he is put up for adoption. Read more

Dan is on the right track baby! He was born this way!

A Houston shelter celebrates a bent legged kitten for his special uniqueness and his great personality. Meet Dan. Read more

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