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TNR Success in Tampa

A successful TVNR program at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay has spay/neutered 40k cats since 32006. Now the public shelter is set to begin their own ambitious program, after a strong vote of support from County Commissioners. Read more

Oklahoma Tornado Pet Rescue Efforts Begin Amid Widespread Destruction

Rescuers and animal lovers are already pulling pets from debris, setting up lost and found listings online, and providing treatment and temporary housing to pets affected by the Oklahoma tornadoes. Read more

Cat Injured in House Fire Gets Help

Friends and neighbors are pitching in to help a cat injured in a house fire. Baby suffered minor burns, respiratory issues and carbon monoxide poisoning in the fire that destroyed her family’s home. Read more

Feral Cat Brought to Shelter Turns Out to be Missing Pet Bengal Kitty

Thanks to a microchip and a shelter’s community cats TNR program, a missing cat is back with his family. Read more

Woman Pays £2,500 to Bring Adopted Cat Home from China to the UK

A Brit teaching English in China brought the cat she adopted after finding him mewing in the street back with her to the UK, and says the £2,500 cost is worth every penny. Read more

Compassionate Police Officers Rescue Kittens Tossed From Truck

An Illinois town’s police and firefighters went the extra mile to save the lives of three kitten who’d been placed in a bag and thrown into a ditch. One officer thought of his daughters and their love for cats while helping the babies to survive. Read more

Veterinarians see eye-to-eye to help kitten with birth defect

Two vets – one from Manitoba and the other from Long Island – teamed up to help a kitten born without upper eyelids. Joe is now recuperating from corrective surgery and will shortly go to his forever home. Read more

Cat Adopts Orphaned Piglet

A Mama cat in Romania adopted a piglet into her litter of kittens after it was rejected by its mother. Read more

Mama Cat Breaks into Prison and Gives Birth to Her Kittens

A litter of beautiful kittens rescued from the prison where they were born have all been named after famous fictional detectives. Meet Christie, Jessica, Marple, Poirot, Kojak, Sherlock and Mum Agatha. Read more

Tarpon Springs Firefighters Revive Cat Following Smoke Inhalation

Tarpon Springs, FL firefighters revived a cat today after it suffered smoke inhalation during a house fire. The cat is back with its family. Read more

Stray Cat Enters Home and Has Kittens Under Boy's Bed

A 7 year old boy thought he was hearing the neighbors snoring when a cat who’d climbed 3 stories and entered his room gave birth to her kittens under his bed. Read more

Cat From Cop-Stuck-Up-Tree Rescue is Back Home

The cat at the center of the incident where firefighters had to rescue a cop stuck up a tree is finally back home. Read more

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