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Persistent Cat Saves Woman from House Fire

In a lifesaving demonstration of ‘tortitude,’ a 2 1/2 year old Tortoiseshell cat named Taffy is credited with waking her owner by repeatedly biting the woman’s hand when their flat was on fire from an arson attack in the wee hours Thursday morning. Read more

Cat Thrown From Moving Car is Doing Well After Surgery

A kitten thrown from a moving car in freeway traffic has been helped by many after being rescued by a couple who saw him in the road. An appeal for donations to help with the kitten’s surgery for a broken femur raised the needed amount and more in just a day. Read more

Man Who Offered 100k Airline Miles Reward Finds Missing Cat

After media coverage of a man’s unusual reward offer for the return of his two missing cats, one of whom has cancer, brought 100 calls offering to help, one of the cats has turned up on his own. Read more

Continued Optimism Despite a Life of Tragedy

We all seem to know that one person who keeps smiling through the most difficult of challenges, who manages to maintain an optimistic outlook Read more

Tiny Tim's Christmas Miracle

A cat injured and unable to walk after he was hit by a car has gotten his Christmas miracle, as he is up and walking on his own. Tiny Tim was scheduled for surgery but his vets say his pelvis is healing. Read more

Wil runs for Santito

A new video recaps the story of Santito, the special needs kitty saved, helped to walk, and given a home, thanks to Kitten Rescue volunteers. One of the rescue’s volunteers will run in the LA Marathon in Santito’s name in March, 2014 Read more

Good Samaritan Rescues and Revives Kitten Found in Burning Home

A Good Samaritan passing by entered a burning house before firefighters arrived and saved the life of a kitten trapped inside. Read more

Winooski Firefighters Rescue Kittens from the Rubble Following a Fire

Firefighters returning to the scene of a nighttime fire the next day found two cold, wet kittens hiding beneath a couch in a basement apartment. They took the kittens to a safe place, then warmed them up and fed them. Read more


Jezebel was a homeless blind kitty when she appeared at an office building one morning in October and let people know she wanted to be let in and taken off the street. Now she is safe and well cared for in foster care while she waits for her forever home. Read more

Freckles, Cat Found in Debris of Burned Shelter, is Recovering Well

A cat whose survival lifted hearts and spirits when she was found in the debris of her burned out shelter several days after a deadly fire is doing well and making a good recovery from her burns. Read more

Man Dying from Cancer Finds Comfort in Visits to Cat Shelter

An Ohio man with terminal cancer finds comfort in his ‘bucket list’ visits to a cage-free cat shelter, where the felines flock to him and give their best cuddles and purrs. Read more

Seized Cats Looking for Homes After Being Held 2 Years at Shelter

Several cats that sat caged for two years in legal limbo at the shelter now have only a few weeks to be adopted. They are looking for their homes now. Read more

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