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Cat Owners Say Missing Pets Were Trapped and Killed in Feral Roundup

Several residents of a Pennsylvania town say their pets were trapped and killed by the man hired to get rid of feral cats. Read more

JFK Airport to Build World Class Animal Care and Handling Facility

The airport where Jack the Cat went missing in 2011 has announced that a new world class animal care facility will be built at JFK. Read more

Meet Izzy

Izzy is a young special needs kitten in the care of Tenth Life. She was born with twisted back legs. Tenth Life is optimistic about her progress and expects her to thrive. Read more

Redding CA Group Rescues Kitty Mill Purebreds Released After Court Case Ends

Several cats including Abyssinians, Bengals, Oriental Shorthairs,and a Persian are finally going to lead good lives after living in terrible conditions with a breeder and then sitting in limbo at a shelter for a year. Read more

PA Close to Ban on Gassing of Shelter Animals

Pennsylvania is close to enacting two significant pieces of legislation that will impact the state’s shelters and animals if they become law Read more

Cute Kittens and The Power of Kawaii: Prescription for Productivity

A new study says that viewing photos and video of baby animals improves thinking skills, productivity and the ability to carefully perform tasks. Read more

Florida Cat Shot With Arrow Draws Community Support

Widespread local news coverage has brought community interest and support for a cat found shot by a hunting arrow on Wednesday. Emily will recover but may not regain the use of her hind legs. Time will tell. Read more

Texas Weighs the Value of Sentiment in Pet Death Damages

The Texas Supreme Court has agreed to hear a closely watched case over whether pet owners can sue for sentimental value rather than market value of their dead pet. Read more

NYC ACC Executive Director Julie Bank Resigns

The NYC ACC faces another period of transition, as the embattled director resigns her position. Read more

Grumpy Cat

A unique looking Snowshoe cat with physical anomalies is the latest internet sensation, as her videos and photos go viral. Read more

Opie the Cat Celebrates Kidney Transplant a Year Later

The cat who got a new lease on life in September 2011,and a new sibling in the death row donor whose life was spared,was the guest of honor at a celebration this month. Read more

Protest Held Over Dropped Charges in Mesa Cat Killer Case

Mesa police have explained why animal abuse charges against Scott Andrew Graham were dropped. A protest held Tuesday will be followed by another on Saturday. Read more

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