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French Cat Saves 11 People from House Fire

Boulette woke her petmom by making scratching sounds, alerting the woman to a fire. The hero cat was thought to have died in the fire but turned up safe and sound after several hours. Read more

Oscar's Story: Update on Kitten Recovering from Paralysis Following Neuter Surgery

Oscar is making excellent progress in overcoming the paralysis caused by a lack of oxygen during surgery. His caregivers are confident he will make a full recovery. Read more

Mama Cat Nurses Chihuahua Puppy Rejected by Its Mother

A little Chihuahua puppy named Cookie was rejected by her mother, but is doing fantastically well because of the kindness and generosity of a Mama kitty who shelter staff are calling the worlds most fantastic cat! Read more

Kitty Family Survives Polar Vortex and Finds Forever Sanctuary

On January 30, 2014, two little kittens in terrible condition were brought to Caroline’s Kids Cat Rescue in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Read more

Cat Comforts Patients at Children's Hospital

Huck Finn brings comfort and smiles to young patients at a Portland, OR children’s hospital. Read more

Mydia's Story: Kitten Thrown from Car is Rescued and Adopted

Mydia is a little survivor who was rescued and adopted by a woman who spotted her off the side of the interstate during a snowstorm earlier this month. The vet says Mydia was thrown from a car. Read more

Cat Wins Hearts and is Rescued from Euthanasia Just in Time

Sweet Willie, appropriately named for his especially sweet personality, ended up in a local high-kill shelter after having lived with the same family Read more

Cat rescued after being stuck under a ferry in Sweden

An animal lover working on a Swedish ferry’s crew didn’t think twice before getting into a wetsuit so he could go into the water and save a cat that had somehow ended up on one of the boat’s water jets. Read more

Memieux' Story

A couple with no pets and no experience with ferals rescued a little feral kitten who was unlikely to survive much longer on her own. They helped her adjust and gained her trust, and now Memieux is happily living the good life with her new family. Read more

Sing It Kitty

A little girl on a bike and a kitty riding in the basket star in one of the cutest music videos ever. It’s a new ad for a British mobile phone carrier. Read more

Kitten Paralyzed Following Neuter Surgery Walks Again

A cat lover took it upon herself to help a kitten who woke up paralyzed from the neck down after his neuter surgery. Nineteen days later, Oscar was walking again. Read more

Fawkes Goes Home: Stray Kitten Injured in Car Engine Recovers and is Adopted

A kitten who lost some toes and part of his tail after he was injured in a car engine and was found clinging to a branch was adopted this week by a woman who rushed to the shelter as soon as she heard he was ready to find a loving home. Read more

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