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Cats Rescued From Sealed Tub in Dumpster Are Adopted Together

Two cats whose story made the news when they were rescued from a sealed tub in a dumpster a week ago were adopted together into a good home on Friday. Read more

Jojo the Dachshund and Her Kittens: More on the Story

A family member shares more on the story of Jojo and the Blizzard Kittens. Read more

5 Year Old Girl Rescues 5 Week Old Kitten

Myra was walking with her mother when she heard cries, and the pair discovered a sweet kitten tied into plastic bags in a garbage can. The shelter thanked Myra by allowing her to name the kitty. Read more

Dachshund Adopts Abandoned Litter of Kittens

A little dog has adopted a litter of kittens whose Mama gave birth on a family’s porch and then abandoned her babies. Read more

Smitty, Cat Missing Hind Legs, Gets Help and a Home

Smitty is a former stray who is getting help from a rescue group and a caring veterinary practice after being found with his hind legs severed, perhaps by a trap meant for a coyote. Read more

Distressed Cat is Removed From Car's Engine Compartment in 'Operation Kitty Rescue'

Another cat is rescued after finding herself trapped in a car; This time, kitty was stuck with her head tightly wedged through an opening. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Kitten Trapped in Car

A new fire crew member with a background in auto repair made short work of a rescue when a tiny kitten became trapped in a car’s wheel well. Read more

Texas Senate Votes Unanimously to Ban Animal Shelter Gas Chambers

Texas is on track to ban the use of a euthanasia method widely viewed as being cruel and barbaric. Read more

Troublemaker Tries to Force Library Cat Out of Her Home

Penny has lived at the Swansea, Ma library for 14 years. Now a man using the ADA against the library has presented a list of demands that may cause Penny to lose her home. Read more

Burned Kitty Valiente Recovers as $1k Reward is Offered to Find Her Tormenters

Valiente is doing well and is expected to have surgery to help her skin heal next week. A report has been filed on her abuse, and a local group is offering a reward to help catch the people who tormented and injured her. Read more

Garfield Gets Help

A feral cat called Garfield is back out on his home turf again after being helped by caring rescuers. Read more

Mama Chaos and the Orphaned Kittens

New Mama Chaos showed an orphaned litter of kittens some mother love when they were rescued by Tenth Life. Their touching story is told here. Read more

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