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Lost Cat Gets Flight from Seattle to his Family in Ohio

Itty went missing when his family moved. A rescue group helped him and an Alaska Airlines employee flew him halfway across the US to his new home. Read more

A Journey in the Life of 3 Sisters

It all began sometime in December, 2011. For anyone living in New England, that was the winter that never seemed to stop snowing. Read more

Tanzy: Paraplegic Kitten is Feisty and Spirited Fighter Who Loves Life

Tanzy is a special little girl who found her way to Tabby’s Place, where she is getting the best of loving care. Here is her inspiring story and a link to her Facebook page. Read more

Paws and Relax

One airline is getting ready to use videos and other programs with cats and dogs to help sooth travelers. Read more

Ohio Cat Kicker Arrested

The young Akron, Ohio man seen kicking a cat and then laughing for the camera on a video posted to Facebook earlier this month has been arrested and charged. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Two Cats from House Fire

Charlotte, North Carolina firefighters rescued Homer and Moe from a fire at their home Wednesday morning and revived Homer with CPR and a pet oxygen mask at the scene. Read more

Suitcase Kittens Rescued

The same orange suitcase that held a litter of kittens when they were dumped in an alleyway became a prop for a photo shoot showcasing the beauty of the rescued babies. Read more

Good Samaritans Rescue Kitten Trapped for a Week in Ditch

When convenience store workers realized a kitten they’d heard days earlier was trapped nearby they teamed with local animal rescuers to save the helpless kitty. Read more

Kitty Thrown From Car Now Thriving

On December 12, 2013 a passenger traveling on Interstate 5 in Salem, Oregon dropped four-month-old Edmond onto the pavement Read more

3 Legged Rescue Dog Finds and Mothers Kittens Trapped in Ceiling

A three legged dog named Meg, who made the news in 2008 when she was attacked, is back in the limelight after helping to rescue a tiny litter of trapped kittens and acting as their surrogate mum. Read more

85 Year Old Cancer Stricken Man Reunited with his Cat "Baby"

Neighbors helped a cancer stricken elderly man to be reunited with his beloved “baby,” a cat who’d been missing for 2 months. Read more

Soldiers Save Tiny Stray Kitten

Little Soldier was weak, cold and starving, and being bullied by a big, tough cat when he was rescued by caring soldiers at an army barracks. Now he is recovered and `nearly ready to begin a much better new life. Read more

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