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Russell Update - Nearly a year since he was burned in a fire at his home

It was nearly a year ago that a fire at his home put Russell in the hospital with severe burns. He is nearly recovered and will return home before long. Read more

FatBoy's Rescue

A sweet and loving kitten was stuck up a tree for 2 days, crying for help until his rescuers saved the day and brought him safely down. Read more

Petco removes cat and dog treats made in China from website and shelves

Pet supplies retailer Petco announced on Monday that it has removed all cat and dog treats made in China from its website and store shelves. Read more

Community helps kitten hit by car

A 10-week-old kitten who was seriously injured when he was hit by a car is recovering from surgery and will have a home with the woman who rallied the community to help him. Read more

Leonard's Rescue: Kitten trapped in abandoned hospital is saved

A kitten trapped in the walls of an abandoned hospital was lucky that a caring person just happened to be on hand to save him. Read more

Pedro's Recovery

A kitten injured when he was thrown from a car a month ago is on the mend. Read more

Saving Cat Lives! Barn Cat Program

Chris Poole rode along with Love Your Feral Felines as 6 lucky cats traveled to begin a purrfect new life just in time for the new year! Read more

Leo, kitten with glaucoma, gets the gift of family

A caring veterinarian took guardianship and treated a kitten whose family could not afford to pay for surgery, then gave him back to them. Read more

Freddie Mac is adopted after 6 years at the shelter

Freddie Mac waited 6 long years at the shelter for her forever home, until she was finally adopted this week. Read more

Jimmy the cat saves his family from house fire

Jimmy raised the alarm by meowing loudly at 4 a.m. to wake his family when fire broke out at their home. Read more

Kitten is adopted 95 days after dramatic rescue

A kitten who was rescued in September after a fall and a two day effort to save her went to her forever home this week. Read more

Garfield's Happy Reunion: Cat Missing 7 Years Goes Home

When Garfield was reunited with his petmom at the shelter Tuesday afternoon after 7 years he immediately transformed from a grumpy and unhappy cat to his old, loving self. Read more

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