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Tripod kitty Lily survives devastating fire and is found days later

A three-legged cat missing for days following a devastating fire has been found. Read more

Homeless Kitten With Herpes Infected Eye Gets A New Chance At Life

Olivia has had it rough, but is so sweet and unaffected by her troubles! Read more

Philly Police Officer Helps Man Remove Cat From His Car Engine

A driver got help from a Philly police officer to free a kitten stuck in the engine of his car, and gave an entertaining running commentary of the rescue on video. Read more

Lola the cat survives stowaway migrant journey from Africa to Italy

An act of kindness has brought solace to a woman who made the migrant’s rough journey from Africa to Europe with her beloved cat hidden in her bag. Read more

Firefighters rescue kitten from 5 alarm New Hampshire fire

Firefighters rescued the very-aptly named Lucky the kitten Monday night from a stunningly ferocious residential fire in Nashua, NH. Read more

Cat attempts to reach lizard friend

A cat on the window sill is intent on getting its paws on a tiny lizard that is so near and yet so far, safely on the other side of the window glass. Read more

Kitten Town

The creator of the cute and calming TV show Kitten Town is looking for wider distribution at a media conference this week. Watch Episode 1 in full! Read more

Firefighters rescue and revive 15 year old cat at house fire

Firefighters in Indianapolis, Indiana rescued a 15 year old cat named Sissy Mouse when her family’s home burned last Friday night. Read more

Hairless kitten lost at airport is found!

A kitten who escaped due to a baggage handling mishap has been found after four days at the airport in Atlanta, GA. Read more

Yikes! Kitten survives trip into industrial shredder machine

A kitten emerged unscathed after going into a recycling center’s industrial shredder, in what is being called a miraculous escape from harm. Read more

Bobcat kitten rescued from brushfire is on the mend

A baby bobcat kitten rescued from a Florida brushfire is on the mend and getting TLC at a wildlife center. Read more

Rachael Ray Nutrish wet cat food recalled

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Voluntarily Recalls Five Nutrish® Wet Cat Food Varieties for Potentially Elevated Vitamin D Levels Read more

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