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From Abandoned in Storm to Loving Sanctuary

Ferguson was lost and alone when he was rescued by a kind lady, who found him lying in a snow bank, unable to get up or walk. Read more

Missing Cat Found in Owners' Donated Couch After 5 Days

Crockett’s petparents were distraught when he disappeared and didn’t how or why he’d gone missing. To the surprise of everyone, Crockett was found by the new owners of a couch his family had donated to a charity shop, hidden away inside. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Las Vegas Cat from Burning Home

Firefighters saved a woman, her daughters and the family’s cat from an early morning fire that caused serious damage to the home. Read more

Rescue cat helps make sure diabetic owner is feline fine

A rescue cat left dumped in a box outside a shop has proved to be the purrrrrrfect pet by raising the alarm when her young owner’s blood sugar levels dip to dangerous levels. Read more

Derecho’s Determination Paves the Way for Many Others

Determination. It’s not something many small kittens already have, but Derecho had it from the start. Read more

Jackson's Tale

Jackson was alone outside in the freezing cold when he was found by a concerned citizen who noticed the cat’s tail was encased in ice from the cold and snow. Read more

Pinecone's Adoption: Cat Up Tree for 10 Days is Rescued and Finds a Home

In the midst of one of the worst winters Michigan has seen in years, Pinecone was suffering through the cold nights and snowy days, alone at the top of an evergreen tree in Detroit for 10 days. She was rescued, and now she has found her forever home! Read more

OC Firefighters Rescue Cat Trapped Inside Concrete Wall

A beloved 13 year old cat heard crying for 4 hours got trapped within a concrete barrier wall on Sunday and was rescued by firefighters using a special saw. Bailey will remain inside from now on. Read more

Concerned Animal Lovers Use Social Media to Rescue Kitten from Busy Highway

A woman risked her own safety to rescue a kitten trapped on a busy Houston Highway. Flash is safe now, resting in the care of Frisky Paws Rescue. Read more

Cat Travels 6 Miles to Find Owner's New Home

Mayehm left the farm where he’d been rehomed and traveled 6 miles to find his petmom at her new house, a place he had never been. Read more

Seattle Firefighters Rescue and Revive 2 Cats Found Unconscious in their Burned Home

Firefighters rescued and revived two cats who were overcome by smoke and unconscious when found in their burned home Wednesday evening. Read more

Mama Cat Adopts Newborn Chihuahua Puppies

A nursing Mama cat at a Florida shelter has adopted two premature, newborn chihuahua puppies into her litter. Read more

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