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Chinese monkey adopts kitten

A monkey in China who showed up in a community and seems to have settled there has taken a kitten from its mother and is raising it as his own. Read more

Big boned Bumble – the cat jumping through hoops to shed the pounds

A slightly out-of-shape and overweight cat is getting fit and slimming down with an activity usually reserved for dogs – agility training! Read more

Firefighters use sardines and toys to rescue kitten trapped for 2 days

Firefighters from Sacramento, CA got creative when trying to rescue a kitten Tuesday after the little one had been trapped in a drain for two days. Read more

Cat who came to shelter with letter from deceased owner is adopted

The cat whose deceased former owner left a letter for her adopter has found a new home. Read more

8 Clever Ideas to Keep Cats Active

Check out these ideas for 8 clever ideas for keeping cats active, happy and healthy. Read more

Cat with rare blood disorder gets leech treatments

A cat with a rare blood disorder is being treated with an old and unusual procedure – bloodletting with leeches. Read more

Firefighters find newborn kitten left at their door in shoebox

Firefighters took immediate action to care for a newborn kitten abandoned on their doorstep in a shoebox Monday morning and were able to place the baby with a rescuer. Read more

Mikey the cat is missing at San Diego airport

Mikey is the latest cat to make the news after going missing at an airport after getting out of his secure crate during baggage handling. Read more

Cat survives California wildfire to be reunited with her family

A couple returning to their fire devastated home found their cat, who survived miraculously unscathed, under a burned out truck. Read more

Dumped kittens nearly taken with trash are on the mend

Seven kittens who narrowly escaped being hauled off with a vet hospital’s rubbish are doing well in their recovery a week later and have moved to a rescue. Read more

Box of kittens almost killed by Turkish police wary of it of being a bomb

Three kittens in Turkey are alive and in care after they narrowly escaped death when the box they were left in raised fears of a bomb. Read more

Stowaway kittens rescued at the Port of Miami

A litter of kittens rescued just in the nick of time at the Port of Miami are now safe in foster care with a rescue group. Read more

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