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Meet Sprinkles

Meet Sprinkles, the beautiful little kitten in the purple leg wrap cast who is getting the best of care with the shelter that is giving her a good start in life and the medical care she needs for a good future. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Home-Alone Cat from House Fire

Firefighters responding to a residential fire rescued a cat who was foaming at the mouth from smoke inhalation and suffering respiratory distress and gave him oxygen at the scene before transporting him to an emergency vet, where he was listed in stable condition. Read more

Good Samaritans Help Rescue Cat Stuck in Treetop for 5 Days

After being turned down by the fire department and animal control, a stranded cat’s neighbor found help on social media and teamwork saved the day for the frightened cat. Read more

Emma Lou the Cat is Rescued from House Fire

Emma Lou was rescued by firefighters who found her hiding under a bed in her burned home and treated her with oxygen at the scene. Read more

Cross-Eyed Rescued Kitten Olaf Has Vision Saving Eyelid Surgery

Olaf won the hearts of shelter staff and the public after he was rescued during a snowstorm on a -25 degree day in January. Now healthy, he is also nearly recovered from surgery for a condition that would have caused him to go blind. Read more

Sammy, Cat Dumped After Botched Declawing, Gets Help

The Paw Project Utah is helping a 6 year old cat named Sammy, getting him surgery to repair some of the damage caused by a botched declaw procedure. They hope Sammy’s case will help raise awareness and convince pet owners not to declaw their cats. Read more

Shelter Celebrates 6 Month No-Kill Status by Dismantling Incinerator

The Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association in Charleston, WV says the removal of its incinerator symbolizes the shelter’s commitment to saving lives. Read more

Animal Lovers Destroy Gas Chamber in Charity Demolition Event

Animal lovers armed with mallets and saws participated in the demolition of an Ohio county shelter’s gas chamber today in a symbolic event that raised money for the local SPCA. Read more

Tucson Firefighters Rescue Mongo the Cat From House Fire

Mongo the cat was rescued from his smoke filled, burned home by Tucson, AZ firefighters Thursday and treated with oxygen at the scene. Read more

Three-Legged Cat's Final Challenge: A Forever Home

Elvis, a beautiful Russian Blue mix, has had some huge challenges to overcome in his young life. Read more

Slinko Comes Out

A rescued feral cat surprised his caretaker when, after nearly a year in her care, he decided to show her that he was a tame and friendly boy after all. Now Slinko is looking for a loving home. Read more

Stolen Armstrong Hotel Cat Oreo is Found

Oreo, the beloved resident feline mascot at the historic Armstrong Hotel in Fort Collins, CO is back home. She was found, scared and crying, a block from the hotel two days after being stolen in a theft captured on CCTV. Read more

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