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Kitten trapped within wall is rescued

A kitten in Dallas, Texas was rescued after getting himself in a jam that would have ended very badly for him had someone not heard him and called for help. Read more

Man with cancer is reunited with missing cat

A man battling a brain tumor has been reunited with his beloved cat , seven months after being forced to give up the hunt due to his illness. Read more

A Visit to Aoshima: Japanese Cat Island

Welcome to Aoshima, the Japanese Cat Island where the cats far outnumber the people, and a ferry brings day-trippers out to visit the cats. Read more

Bart the miracle cat gets a stroller

Bart, the injured miracle cat who dug himself out of the grave, continues his recovery and was given a new stroller this week. Read more

Happy 27th Birthday, Tiffany Two!

Tiffany Two, the San Diego cat who is the current official Guinness Records holder as oldest living cat turns 27 today, and her petmom says she is still going strong. Read more

Lexi and Dimitri: Missing cat is reunited with his petmom

Lost, found, adopted, scanned for a chip, and finally reunited with his petmom; after a tumultuous year, Dimitri is back home where he belongs. Read more

Kitten Found with Paws Frozen to Fence Seeks New Home

Poor little Ralphie’s paws were stuck frozen to a fence when a good Samaritan found him last Saturday. Read more

Percy is recovering after close encounter with car fan belt

Percy is on the mend after suffering serious injury when he climbed up into a car engine and got too close to the fan belt. Read more

Woman is reunited with her missing cat after 3 years

Thanks to a turn of events and the efforts of those who devote themselves to helping homeless animals, a NC woman has been reunited with her long lost cat. Read more

Raising Eyebrows: Cute Cat Becomes Viral Sensation

You’ve probably seen Sam, the unforgettable feline whose well-placed markings have made him famous as the very expressive ‘eyebrow’ cat. Read more

Is Ludo set to become the world's largest, longest cat?

Friendly, lovable, and already far larger than the average sized cat, 17 month old Maine Coon cat Ludo is 45 inches long – and he’s not done growing! Read more

Petmom is distraught after her cat escapes from boarding kennel

Boo was supposed to be safely housed for 2 days while her petmom moved house. Instead, she escaped and is now missing. Read more

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