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Blind cat Ray gets second chance at life

When Ray was found, abandoned with badly infected eyes, vets said his best chance in life was to have both eyes removed. Read more

Update on Bebe, special needs kitten with Manx Syndrome

Bebe is an adorable and wonderful kitten who is special needs. His caregivers saved his life and are helping him to find his forever home. Read more

Good Samaritan rescues kitten burned in brush fire

A kitten is getting care at a local vet’s after being rescued from a brush fire. Read more

Vets save cat with stomach full of shoelaces

Vets thought Garry had a worrying tumor on his stomach, but it turned out he had eaten shoelaces, hair ties and other odd bits. Read more

Owners reunited with pets at scene of devastating apartment fire

Emotions were raw as two women were reunited with their pets – a cat and a dog – at the scene of a devastating apartment building fire. Read more

Police officer saves the life of a cat thrown from a van

An injured cat rescued after being thrown from a van was saved from euthanasia by a police officer who got her medical care and plans to adopt her. Read more

Florida Highway Patrol trooper adopts kitten thrown from car

A kitten thrown from a car quickly found a home with a Florida Highway Patrol trooper who was looking to adopt a kitten. Read more

Stowaway kittens ride under car from Kentucky to NC

Some kittens were freed from a car following a trip from Kentucky to North Carolina. Read more

Keelo and Koda: A beautiful friendship between a rescued kitten and a golden retriever

A kitten and and a golden retriever dog bonded and became the best of friends after the kitten was rescued at three weeks old. Read more

6 kittens found in trash bag in Walmart dumpster

Six kittens found in a trash bag in a Walmart dumpster are safe at an animal hospital, where a mama kitty is giving them TLC. Read more

Mama cat who lost her babies fosters shelter kittens

A woman whose cat was grief stricken after losing her newborn kittens found a way to console the cat while helping kittens in need. Read more

Kitten survives 5 days trapped in cinder block wall

No one believed her when Lynn Kuschke said she heard a kitten’s cries, until 5 days later when her husband found the kitten. Read more

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