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Veterinarian Saves Shot Kitten and Offers Reward

A caring vet performed surgery on an injured kitten for free and is offering a reward to find the person who shot the kitty. Read more

Kitten Saves Couple from House Fire

A formerly stray kitten adopted in August alerted his petparents to a fire at their home and is being credited with saving their lives. Read more

Family has remarkable reunion with missing cat after 2 years

A family whose cat disappeared after they moved away were reunited with her two years later, just days after they moved back home. Read more

Kitty is rescued after 3 days trapped in narrow 25 foot deep vent

A desperate cat was rescued after 3 days spent trapped in a deep, narrow space without food or water during California’s recent heat wave. Read more

Obese Cat Sumo Loses Weight and Gets Fit

An extremely fat cat has lost weight and started moving again after 3 months on a carefully controlled weight loss program. Read more

Cabbie Stops In Traffic To Save Kitten

A cab driver stopped his car in busy highway traffic in Queens, NYC to save a kitten. Read more

Cat gets lifesaving transfusion of dog's blood

A severely anemic cat in Key West is doing well now after getting an emergency transfusion with dog’s blood. Read more

4 Year Old Boy Reunited with Cat After Fire

Firefighters have reunited a little boy with his missing cat a week after a fire at the family’s home. Read more

Recuperating Cat Gets Hooked on Bake-Off Show

A 2 year old orange tabby cat recovering from a serious injury has gotten so hooked on a baking competition show he comes running when he hears the theme music! Read more

Lilieput is named World's Shortest Living Cat

A 10 year old Munchkin cat rescued several years ago as a stray has been named Shortest Living Domestic Cat by Guinness World Records in its 2015 edition. Read more

Emotional reunion follows as cat traces her petmom to residential facility

Staff at a care home noticed a cat hanging around the building and found that Cleo had followed her petmom there. Cleo and the woman have been reunited and the cat can stay at the home. Read more

"Vampire Cat" Timmy Finds Fang-Tastic Home at Last

Timmy seemed to have everything going against him and had been returned to the shelter 4 times, but he has finally found the purrfect home. Read more

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