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Firefighters revive cats at house fire

Salt Lake City firefighters rescued two cats following a fire at their home and revived them with the use of pet oxygen masks. Read more

Kami The Kitten-napping Mama Cat

The story of Kami and her kittens, rescued from an industrial site and now in foster care, continues. Read more

Stowaway kitten survives car crash and finds a home

A little kitten rescued from a car engine after a crash immediately found a new home! Read more

Rookie vet saves cat from fatal ‘blocked-tom’ stones

A rookie vet had a beloved pet’s life in her hands as she did a procedure for the first time to save him from the effects of a urinary blockage. Read more

#SharkCat and #SharkBaby Riding Roombas. Happy #SharkWeek

#SharkCat Max Arthur and #SharkBaby are riding Roombas to celebrate Shark Week. Happy #SharkWeek! Read more

Brunhilda's Road to Recovery

Brunhilda was found on the streets of Detroit, dragging herself along by her front legs. Now, with therapy and a prosthetic, she is learning to walk again. Read more

Trapped kitten is rescued from car

Firefighters in Alhambra, California worked over and beneath a car for more than a half hour to rescue a little kitten that was trapped or hiding inside. Read more

Blind kitten finds home after thousands of shares to Facebook post

Proving the power of social networking, a little blind kitten from Orange County, Florida found a home within a day of his photo being posted to Facebook. Read more

Kitten's 4th of July Rescue

Firefighters took time away from their holiday weekend on the 4th of July and went all out to rescue a little kitten trapped underground. Read more

Shelter's appeal for kitten food brings overwhelming response

A shelter was stunned to receive over 5,000 pounds of cat and kitten food after sending out an appeal just before the July 4th holiday weekend. Read more

6 legged cat Pauly to get surgery to remove extra legs

A cat surviving on the street with a bad hip and two extra legs is getting the care he needs to live normally and find a home where he can enjoy an easier life. Read more

Firefighter adopts kitten she rescued

Firefighter Valerie Ligi left the scene of a call with a little something extra – a kitten she rescued from below ground, where it was trapped. Read more

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