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Future looks bright for 10 kittens found dumped in box

Ten kittens found dumped in a cardboard box in a Lowe’s parking lot were rescued and are looking forward to much better lives. Read more

Stowaway kitten is reunited with his family after car ride

A simple microchip has reunited a missing kitten found under a car’s hood with his owners. Read more

Natchez firefighter rescues litter of kittens found in paper bag

Natchez, MS firefighter Thomas McGinty rescued a litter of three kittens he found in a paper bag he spotted while conducting a routine inspection. Read more

Missing cat Gizmo is reunited with his family after 10 years

Ten long years after he disappeared, Gizmo the cat is back home with his loving family. Read more

Photos: Roscoe's emotional rescue

There were cheers and tears, and Roscoe’s petmom was overcome with emotion, when firefighters rescued the tabby cat from a narrow dry well in Sunday. Read more

Missing cat found in shipping container after 49 days

Pippa is recovering from her ordeal after spending 49 days in a shipping container and traveling over 1,700 miles. Read more

Vet defends firefighter effort to rescue kitten

The vet caring for a kitten rescued by firefighters is speaking out in response to those who said the effort was a waste of time and resources. Read more

The Search for Ciara

A pet detective located Ciara and set up a trapping operation to get her back home. She tells the tale in the style of a detective story. Read more

Oliver Rescued From A Deep Window Well

Oliver was found trapped in a very deep window well. Find out what happened when a rescue team was called to the scene. Read more

Blind cat Ray gets second chance at life

When Ray was found, abandoned with badly infected eyes, vets said his best chance in life was to have both eyes removed. Read more

Update on Bebe, special needs kitten with Manx Syndrome

Bebe is an adorable and wonderful kitten who is special needs. His caregivers saved his life and are helping him to find his forever home. Read more

Good Samaritan rescues kitten burned in brush fire

A kitten is getting care at a local vet’s after being rescued from a brush fire. Read more

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