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Woman who married her 2 cats tells her story

A woman who is making headlines after being married to her 2 cats for 10 years does not sound silly or out-of-touch when she explains herself. Read more

A trip to the hospital with Studley, therapy cat and 2014 "Cat of the Year"

A video crew followed along as Studley, the therapy cat who is the ASPCA’s Cat of the Year, visited hospital patients and brightened their day. Read more

Police officer selects purrfect companion for elderly shut-in

Thanks to a compassionate police officer, a bereaved elderly man has a new feline friend, and a shelter kitty has found a home. Read more

Firefighters at house fire rescue and revive cat

Firefighters and EMTs rescued a cat from its burning home near Houston, TX on Saturday and gave it oxygen at the scene Read more

Judge tosses top charge against Brooklyn Cat Kicker but the case proceeds

The most serious charge against the Brooklyn Cat Kicker was dismissed Thursday, but another charge was added and the case will go forward, with the next hearing in scheduled for January 20. Read more

Phil, kitten born without eyelids, is adopted

Phil was in the news when he had corrective surgery last month. He and his little friend Vixen were adopted together this week. Read more

Bulgarian Green Cat Comes Clean

The green cat seen around the Black Sea resort community of Varna, late last year is now back to her natural state, except for some green tinged patches. Read more

Gabriel's Story

When little Gabriel the kitten was rescued off of the street he was covered in mange and mostly blind. Read more

27 year old cat Tuppence may be world's oldest living cat

A woman from Plymouth, UK claims she owns the world’s oldest cat – a 27-year-old one-eyed kitty who has had more than her share of mishaps in her long lifetime. Read more

Firefighter rescues kitten with broken leg

A kitten who broke her leg when she fell down a drain was rescued by a firefighter and is getting care at a vet clinic. Read more

A Kitten's Rescue

Winston Young brought a tiny kitten up from a space beneath his mother’s porch and returned the kitten to its concerned Mama. Watch! Read more

Man who tried to return the bodies of his adopted cats get 2 years in jail

A case revolving around the deaths of a couple’s pet cats in 2013 was resolved this week when a Long beach, CA man was sentenced to 2 years in jail. Read more

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