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Brach the Cat Reunited After 2 Years!

Brach the cat disappeared more than 2 years ago and his owner thought he would never see him again…until one happy day earlier this month! Read more

African Serval Kittens and Mother Play, Pounce at the San Diego Zoo

Two serval kittens and their mother pounce and play with enrichment toys at the San Diego zoo. Read more

Chihuahua Lucy Liu adopts second pair of foster kittens

A Chihuahua dog who surprised her petmom earlier this year by adopting and nursing a pair of foster kittens has adopted another batch of kittens. Read more

Tiny rescued kitten strikes pose in police officer's hat

A helpless little kitten found on the side of the road in Cork, Ireland is safe and getting help at a local vet. Read more

Cat lost in 2013 flood is reunited with owners

Two years after he went missing in the Minden, Ontario flood, Louis has finally been reunited with his family again. Read more

NOLA firefighters revive lifeless cat with pet oxygen mask

A cat pictured wearing a pet oxygen mask like a helmet was brought back to life when firefighters found him lying unconscious in his burning home. Read more

Lucky Laurie's rescue: Kitten injured when thrown from car

A sweet little kitten is recovering with a rescue group after being injured when he was thrown from a car. Read more

Stanley's story

A stray cat in chronic pain from an old injury and tired from living rough has gotten help, and is now pain-free and headed toward a new life in a good home. Read more

Cat missing since May car trip is reunited with her family

Missy, who was called Hope by those giving her medical care and looking for her family, has finally been reunited with her loved ones after several weeks. Read more

Yum yum kitten

Yum, yum, yum … kitty enjoys her food! Read more

Kitten is saved from dangerous highway in early morning rescue

A police officer rescued a scared, crying cat from a dangerous highway overpass in the still-dark early hours Wednesday. Read more

Henrico, VA firefighters rescue kitten

A Henrico County firefighter was all smiles as he posed with a kitten his crew had just rescued. Read more

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