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Muffin, paralyzed kitten improves

Muffin is doing well and trying to walk after getting surgery to reverse partial paralysis caused by a botched microchip implant. New video! Read more

From Gollum to Ginger - A kitten's rescue

A kitten so covered in slimy oil his rescuers called him Gollum has been transformed into a handsome ginger orange tabby with just a little TLC. Read more

Shelter adopts policy that saves the lives of cats

The lives of hundreds of cats have already been saved, and more people have been able to keep their pets,thanks to a shelter’s new policies. Read more

Liza, the beatiful kitten missing her two back feet, is doing great!

Here is an update on the little kitten born without her back feet, who was rescued and given a good and loving home. Read more

Cat and Duck are Friends

A duck and the cat who helped raise her are best friends and happily spend their days together. Read more

Firefighters perform delicate rescue of cat trapped in car engine

A feisty feline was saved from near death on Sunday, thanks to caring firefighters. Read more

Man dismantles part of his home to find trapped kitten

A lucky little kitten is recuperating from leg amputation surgery after a man went to extraordinary lengths to rescue him. Read more

Elderly cats dumped at shelter are saved!

A trio of senior cats including one blind 25 year old girl were rescued and rehomed after their owner dumped them at the shelter for being too old. Read more

Utility Workers Save Kitten from Dire Situation

Piper was treading water at the bottom of an 8 foot hole when kind-hearted workers saved his life. Read more

Meet Monty Boy

Monty is a sweet and gentle kitty with a cute but unusual appearance, who is spreading the message that different looking pets are as wonderful as any other. Read more

Officer Gets Help Saving Soggy Kitty

A kitten who bolted from a box and into a drain pipe was rescued Monday. Read more

3 legged rescue cat is found 3 days after house fire

Tortie was missing for three days after a devastating and deadly fire at her home, then was found and reunited with her petmom on Wednesday. Read more

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