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Firefighters rescue cat trapped between walls

A handsome black and gray tabby cat was freed from a dark and airless space thanks to firefighters who rescued him yesterday. Read more

Smokey's Recovery

Kitten hit by car recovers from his injuries Read more

Missing cat Taboo is back home after two years

A missing cat named Taboo is back with his petmom again after two years, thanks to several people who pitched in to help him find his way home. Read more

Burned Mama cat and her kittens recovering as suspect sought

A Mama cat and her kittens are recovering from chemical burns as police and the Houston SPCA seek suspect. $5,000 reward offered. Read more

Little Dude RIP: Sweet big boy on weight loss journey passes away

Little Dude’s caregivers did their best for him after the sweet 36 pound cat’s family handed him over to them. He passed away Saturday after a sudden medical crisis. Read more

Dumped Newborn Kittens Rescued from Dumpster

A litter of newborn kittens are getting a second chance thanks to the family that rescued them from a dumpster and took responsibility for their care. Read more

Dottie's Story

Dottie spent most of her life in shelters before finally finding her forever home this week. Here’s her story. Read more

Aria's story: Cat missing for 10 months is reunited with her family

Aria was happy to be rescued when an animal control officer picked her up from a vacant house. Thanks to her microchip, she is back with her loving family. Read more

Felony charges for man who caught kittens on sticky traps

Five kittens were rescued and a man was charged with five felonies after a neighbor discovered the man had caught kittens on sticky rodent traps and thrown two of them into the garbage. Read more

Shelter Helps Paralyzed Kitten to Walk Again

Bruce Lee was semi-paralyzed when he was rescued from a drain pipe by a Good Samaritan. Caring staff at the shelter are helping him to regain his mobility with a custom wheeled cart and physical therapy. Read more

Stray cat shot by police officer after being reported as rabid is cleared and recovering at the shelter

Clark is recovering after being shot by a police officer who’d been told he attacked a girl and seemed rabid. He will go to a good home when he is released. Read more

Baltimore Photographers Capture Secret Lives of Street Cats

Husband and wife team document cat colonies across the country Read more

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