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Kittens Rescued From Flood Waters

A woman in Utica, Mississippi rescued her two kittens when they were in danger of drowning or getting lost in the floodwaters that rose in Hinds County last week. Read more

Cat Taps on Neighbors' Window to Save Owner's Life

Slinky saved his petmom’s life by tapping on the neighbors’ window to raise the alarm as she slipped in and out of a semi-comatose state. Read more

The Touching Story of 10 Kitties Rescued from an Abandoned House

We share a touching and poignant guest post on the second anniversary of a very special cat rescue that left a permanent imprint on the author’s heart. Read more

Cat locked in storage unit for a month is rescued and reunited with her family

Sweet Tea’s family thought they would never see her again after she ran off during a move. They were reunited with her last week after she was found in a storage unit with the family’s belongings. Read more

Texas Dog Adopts Litter of Orphaned Kittens

A little dog in Chapel Hill, Texas has adopted a litter of kittens that were taken in by her family. Read more

Unweaned Kitten Trapped Under Floor is Rescued After 3 Days

An unweaned kitten trapped and meowing from beneath the floor of Los Angeles apartment was saved by a rescue team and is being fostered as a bottle baby by the apartment’s resident. Read more


As summer sets in, Alley Cat Allies is providing anyone who cares for cats outdoors with simple steps that can make the cats more comfortable in the coming heat. Read more

Dog Finds Cats and Kittens Sealed into Plastic Tub

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina is caring for two young mama cats and their ten kittens that were rescued after a dog found a container with all of them sealed inside. Read more

Colony in Boca Raton need HELP

The Florida cat group Undercats4Life is making an appeal for help to save the cats from a colony in Boca Raton who only have a week to be relocated with a new caretaker or otherwise rescued. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Kitten and Find him a Good Home

Tampa, Florida firefighters rescued a kitten trapped in a car engine for three days and found him a good home. Read more

Cat Shot by Arrow is Reunited with her Family

A pretty calico helped by a shelter and a vet after she was found shot by an arrow is back with her family again and on the mend. Read more

Photographer Captures Cat's Dramatic Rescue from Burning Home

A photographer on site at a house fire captured the drama as a cat was discovered sitting in an upstairs window of the burning home, then was rescued by a firefighter and returned to a grateful owner. Read more

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