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Meet Blue, the cougar kitten!

An orphaned cougar kitten was transported across the US and is being hand raised at a Boston area zoo. Read more

Tilly the Cat and her Dog Tricks

Tilly is a rescued cat who took to doing tricks for her petmom in a way that most people associate with dogs – not cats! Read more

Call to action to help the Bayside Prison Cats

Alley Cat Allies is asking animal lovers to speak up for the Bayside Prison cats, who are being slowly starved after a do-not-feed order was handed down. Read more

Speedo Finds a Home

Animal lovers came through when Speedo’s life was in danger, and now he is safe in his forever home. Read more

Samaritan saves nearly frozen kitten found near trash

A kitten was near death from frigid temps when a Good Samaritan found her near a trash can, warmed her up and rushed her to the vet. Read more

Piper's Purrfect Wink!

Piper’s permanent, “purrfect” wink tells the world that everything is A-OK because of the good Samaritans who showed up to save her life. Read more

Kitten Near Death Rescued From Freezing Cold & Hypothermia

With winter more than a month away, a kitten in Denver had nearly frozen to death by the time she was rescued after a cold night. this week. Read more

Neighbors rescue cat trapped under concrete for 10 days

Residents of a Russian apartment block took matters into their own hands after getting the runaround for days as a trapped cat cried for help. Read more

Kitten is Rescued from Busy Freeway

A fluffy little black kitten named Pumpkin is now safe at the shelter after highway workers rescued her from the median as cars rushed by. Read more

Kitten Rescue Volunteer Stories

Two dedicated foster caregivers – one who takes bottle-baby kittens and another who cares for FeLV cats – talk about their work helping the kitties. Read more

Kitten found in pickup truck engine is rescued and gets a home

A kitten found in a car’s engine when a driver pulled into a garage has found a home as a mascot to his rescuers’ shop. Read more

Muffin, paralyzed kitten improves

Muffin is doing well and trying to walk after getting surgery to reverse partial paralysis caused by a botched microchip implant. New video! Read more

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