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"Speedo's Alley" - Swimmer Syndrome Kitten Speedo's Road through Rehabilitation

Speedo, the Swimmer Syndrome kitten born with splayed legs, continues to improve with physical therapy. Read more

Kitten gets purrfect rescue by Austin firefighters

A kitten in Austin, Texas was rescued over the weekend in a difficult, hours long operation and found a loving home. Read more

Cat Hospital Adopts 37 Pound Cat

A hugely overweight cat named Biggie has been adopted by a cat hospital, where he can get help to lose weight and improve his health. Read more

Cat man from Kyushu walks nine cats in a stroller, draws crowds in Tokyo

A man known as the Cat Man from Kyushu is drawing crowds in Tokyo as he wheels his 9 cats around the city in a stroller. Read more

Napoleon the Cat

Napoleon the Cat is the internet’s newest feline star, thanks to a series of imaginative photos shot by his petdad, Jesús Segura. Read more

Firefighters rescue cat with head stuck in cup from tree

A poor cat in Madison, Wisconsin was having a bad day on Thursday that could have gotten much worse had he not been rescued in time. Read more

Pickle's Story

Pickle ended up – well, in a pickle – but was rescued after someone heard the kitten’s soft meows. Read more

Man Adopts 'Most Beautiful Cat' for His Birthday

They met by happenstance, but it was instant love. Read more

Missing Cat is Found After 1 1/2 Years

Detective work by shelter staff helped reunite Buzz with his petmom when he was brought in as a stray, a year and a half after he’d gone missing. Read more

Marmalade's Surgery

Marmalade has grown up from kitten to cat before our eyes in a series of popular cat videos. He recently had surgery for an intestinal mass, and his family hopes he will get a clean bill of health. Read more

Baby Deer and Cat are Friends

A tame motherless fawn adopted by a family at one week old has a loving friendship with a young cat. Read more

Friendly Cat Dumped in Field Gets Help and a Second Chance

Felix saved himself by fighting his way out of a taped carrier. Now the sweet, friendly cat is safe and has gotten help for a medical condition. Read more

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