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Baby Squirrel Joins Litter of Kittens

A rescued baby squirrel named Peanut has been welcomed into a little cat family of a mama and her kittens. Read more

A Visit With Arrow

Video shows Arrow’s first visit with the woman who adopted the sweet, blind boy last month, and we see photos of him settled into his new home. Arrow is the cat found riddled with pellets in Arlington, VA in January. Read more

Colorado Town with Cat Mayor Votes in Dog

Walter the cat is out and Pa Kettle the dog is in as mayor of the rural town of Divide, CO. The 11 mayoral candidates were all animals, including cats, dogs, a horse, a donkey, a wolf and a hedgehog. Read more

Rescue Hero Helps Pets Affected by Fires

Philadelphia firefighter and Red Paw Emergency Relief Team founder Jen Leary is profiled in a CNN Heroes segment. Read more

Reykjavik Man is Reunited with Missing Cat After 7 Years

A Reykjavik, Iceland cat named Örvar, who was missing for 7 years, was welcomed home with a joyous reunion after he turned up at a cat shelter in February. Read more

Three Siblings' Journey of Love and Loss

When Mary (name changed) was diagnosed with a brain tumor that would eventually kill her, she did not know what could be done with her three Read more

Smelly Cat Lenny Finds a Home

Lenny was adopted to someone who rejected him for supposedly having a problem with smelly gas. After an online appeal, he found a home with an adopter who will appreciate him as a friendly boy who wants to be loved. Read more

Facebook Appeal Gets Over 20k Shares to Find a Home for Lady the Cat

A simple yet bold Facebook appeal for help in finding a home for a diabetic cat languishing at the shelter was shared more than 20,000 times. A week later Lady was headed home. Read more

Gingy the Cat is Rescued from House Fire and Revived with Pet Oxygen Mask

A Scarborough, WA woman is grateful to firefighters who rescued and revived a cat whose survival holds a special meaning for her. Read more

Sweet Kitten Found in a Van Gets Loving Care

A London veterinary hospital is caring for a little kitten being lovingly hand-reared while bonding and being entertained by some special dogs. Read more

Cat Survives 60 Mile Ride Atop RV Trailer

Max is back home, safe and sound, after a harrowing journey spent clinging for dear life to the top of a travel trailer on a 60 mile ride. Read more

Beloved Cat Psycho is Rescued and Revived at Apartment Fire

Psycho’s petparents consider her their child and are grateful to firefighters who found her seemingly lifeless body and saved her life when their apartment burned while they were at work early one morning recently. Read more

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