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Purfect Cuppa' at Maison de Moggy - Scotland's first cat cafe opens

Scotland now has its first cat cafe, which has opened in Edinburgh Read more

Kitten gets TLC after being tossed from balcony in garbage bag

A kitten is getting tender loving care after being tossed off a balcony in a bag. Read more

Miami cat rescued from drain finds new home

The cat who made headlines when a large scale rescue operation freed him from below ground is out of the hospital and has found his forever home. Read more

Dear Kitten: Regarding the Big Game

One day a year things get weird, and Cat teaches Kitten the game-plan. A Super Bowl party is explained by a cat whose got things all figured out. Read more

Beat the Heat: Spay and Neuter Cats before Kitten Season!

Alley Cat Allies reminds us to spay/neuter cats and kittens now to prevent unwanted litters when kitten season arrives. Read more

Photos: Kitten rescued from wall of home

A lone kitten who became separated from his mother was rescued from within the wall cavity of a family’s home. Read more

Hermaphroditic cat Mittens to get gender assignment surgery

A cat in Newfoundland with both male and female parts will have gender assignment surgery to help with bowel and urinary problems. Read more

Brooklyn Cat Kicker turns down plea deal

The Brooklyn cat kicker turned down a plea deal and 30 days in jail yesterday, so his case will go forward with another hearing next month. Read more

Cat trapped below ground is saved in huge rescue operation

A massive two day effort succeeded in rescuing a cat who’d been heard crying for help from below ground. Read more

Kids read to shelter cats in new program

The Humane Society of Lebanon County, PA kicked off its new kids and cats “Story Tails” reading program yesterday. Read more

Kitten dumped out with the Christmas decorations

A kitten found in a trash pile along with discarded Christmas decorations is now safe and will get another chance to find a good home. Read more

Neptune's Story

Neptune is a one year old long-haired white beauty who was suffering the effects of severe frostbite when she came to the shelter. Read more

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