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Maine Teen Girls Sentenced for Putting Kitten in Microwave

Teen girls who put a kitten in a microwave for a Vine video they posted online last year pleaded guilty and were sentenced after charges were lessened to misdemeanor animal cruelty. Read more

Kitten is rescued from hole under old iron and concrete trough in field.

A kitten who fell down a hole in a hard to reach spot under a massive concrete trough after being abandoned in a field was the subject of an hours long rescue effort. Kitty is doing well and has found a home. Read more

Stray Kitten is Rescued and Loses Leg After Mousetrap Mishap

A stray kitten who got caught in a mousetrap was rescued, got lifesaving medical care, and is now on track to be ready for a loving home. Read more

Obese Cat Snooks Is Spared from Euthanization and Goes on Diet

An obese cat in Dallas was only 4 pounds away from Guinness World Record weight, and was almost put down. Now Snooks is on a diet and getting trim and fit. Read more

News Photographer Rescues Kitten Dumped onto Road

A TV news photographer saved a frightened kitten that had been dumped in the middle of a road in Richmond, Virginia on Monday. Read more

Petmom is Reunited with her Stolen Cat After 10 Years

There were lots of tears at the shelter on Saturday – happy ones! – when a cat stolen 10 years ago was reunited with his petmom. Read more

Missing Cat Tigger Back Home After 17 Months

Tigger was reunited with his family after he’d been missing and living as a stray for 17 months. Read more

Lazarus, Cat Trapped Behind Wall Cheats Death and Lives!

Lazarus did not literally come back from the dead, but he was nearly a goner when a woman discovered him trapped behind a wall in a vacant home. Now recovered, Lazarus is ready to live life to the fullest. Read more

Update: Hope, Kitten Saved from Heroin Overdose is Doing Great and is Happy in Foster Care

Hope, the abused kitten saved by a vet from a heroin overdose earlier this month, is happy, loved and doing great in foster care. Read more

Firefighters rescue cats that ran back inside during fire

Can you imagine trying to save your cats from a fire only to have the panicked pets keep running back inside? That happened to a Texas woman on Thursday. Read more

Man goes to court to keep assistance therapy cats

Gary Coleman, disabled since birth, relies on his two cats for emotional support. After being told by his Assisted Living facility that the cats have to go, he is going to court in hopes of keeping them and his home. Read more

Saving Lives At San Diego Humane Society’s 24-Hour Kitten Nursery

We get an inside look at the first round-the-clock kitten nursery in the US, started in 2009 and its mission to save lives. Read more

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