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A chance encounter with the Cat Man and his cats on the street in Tokyo

During a recent visit to Tokyo, Conner Sullivan was excited to encounter the famed Cat Man from Kyushu, who pushes his cats around parts of the city in a pram. Read more

Firefighters rescue cat from Paterson NJ house fire

Raw footage captured the action as a cat was treated with oxygen at the scene of a residential fire. Two other cats were also rescued from the fire. Read more

Missing cat reunited with family after being seen on TV

A cat was reunited with his family following a TV News story on a feline overload at the local animal shelter, and the TV station had a big part in the happy occurrence. Read more

NYPD officer poses with kitten he rescued

A grease covered NYPD officer posed for a pic with the kitten he rescued from a tow truck chassis in an effort that took more than an hour. Read more

Volunteers help stranded cats and dogs after Russian floods

Volunteers came to the aid of animals abandoned and stranded after flooding in Nizhnevartovsk, Western Siberia earlier this month. Read more

Missing cross-eyed kitty is reunited with his family

A cross-eyed cat with limited vision is back home again after going missing and being rescued when he was found cowering under a car. Read more

Former Texas vet who killed cat with arrow will not be charged

Former Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey will not face charges for shooting a cat in the head with an arrow and then bragging, it was announced today. Read more

Shelter cat nurses abandoned newborn puppies

A mama kitty who ended up at the shelter with her kittens is caring for two tiny, abandoned newborn puppies. Read more

Black and white kitten is rescued from danger on a busy highway

An adorably cute kitten is looking for a new home after being rescued from danger on a busy Texas highway. Read more


See paw-some Sapphie the station cat in A Tail From Tonbridge! Read more

Cat scares bear off of her porch

A kitty known more as a fraidy-cat found her courage when a black bear came to the glass door of her home Sunday. Read more

Paralyzed Kitten Given Second Chance With Wheelchair Gets Adopted

Tumbelina the CH kitten was paralyzed when she was rescued and given a second chance. Now she finally has her forever home. Read more

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