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Young boys rescue 3 wet kittens and give them care

Three Cape Coral, Florida boys rescued three little kittens from a drainage pipe filled with rain water and are caring for the kitties now. Read more

Litter of kittens rescued from between walls

Four very vocal little kittens were happy to be rescued from a spot between walls and behind some wires and mechanical components. Read more

Special needs male cat adopts abandoned kittens

A young male cat named Henry has adopted six abandoned kittens rescued after being found on the side of a road. Read more

Odin and Lady J: Kittens in need get help and a second chance

Two kittens in need were rescued and are getting help to go on to better lives. Read more

Rooftop Rescue

A beautiful mama cat and her kittens were rescued from a Colorado rooftop by firefighters and animal officers Thursday. Read more

Cafe Purrfection: Sydney's different sort of cat cafe

Café Purrfection provides a home for seven rescued cats while giving visitors the chance to enjoy their company. Read more

Kitten thrown from car finds forever home

A kitten who touched hearts when she was rescued after being thrown from a car was adopted this week by a family who wanted give her a loving home. Read more

Reuniting soldiers and the pets they bonded with overseas

Nowzad’s founder spoke this week about his organization’s mission to reunite dogs and cats adopted at bases overseas with soldiers who have returned home. Read more

Kitten Rescued From Ohio Drain

In a very wet rescue operation, firefighters flushed a crying kitten out from an Ohio drain pipe. Read more

Search Cat finds lost kitten: Austin Lost Cat Found

Search & Rescue Cat Henry sniffed out a lost kitten who escaped his family’s car at a gas station during a move. Read more

Andre the Giant - Big cat spurs adoptions

A gigantic cat named Andre has found a place in the community, has made many new friends, and is helping other cats to get adopted. Read more

Merlin is new world record holder for loudest purr

A handsome tuxie cat named Merlin is the new official Guinness record holder for the domestic cat with the loudest purr. Read more

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