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Minnesota Man Builds Feline Fun House

Greg Kruegar has built an amazing habitat for his four cats inside their Minnesota home. Read more

Missing cat is found 4 years later and 150 miles away

A cat that went missing from Hastings, New Zealand four years ago turned up in Gisborne, his former hometown, nearly 150 miles away. Read more

Savannah Cat Survives 17 Story Fall Unscathed

A man was horrified to see his 8 month old Savannah cat jump from their 17th floor balcony and was distraught when he couldn’t find her. Kitty was discovered to have completely escaped injury when she was finally found. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Trapped Kitten Heard Meowing for Help

Firefighters were happy to rescue a little kitten heard meowing for help and say that such calls are their favorites. Read more

High School Student Wants Senior Portrait with his Cat in Yearbook

A high school senior had an awesome portrait taken where he holds his cat as laser beams criss-cross overhead. He wants the school to accept it as his yearbook portrait. Read more

Precious Photos Show the Unparalleled Bond Between a Girl With Autism and Her Cat

A very special cat is helping a little girl with autism to connect with the world. Read more

Kitten is Rescued from Car and Finds a Home

A stowaway kitten who caused quite a stir was rescued from under the hood of a teacher’s car at a New Jersey school on Monday. Read more

Alley the Cat Sets Guinness Record for Longest Cat Jump

A Chicago cat who can jump 6 feet is officially the cat with the longest jump. Alley Cat holds the title in the Guinness World Records for 2015. Read more

Fat Cat King Leo Slims Down

Rescued in July and adopted by a vet tech, King Leo has slimmed down from 30 pounds to a trim 21. Read more

Firefighters rescue cat trapped between walls

A handsome black and gray tabby cat was freed from a dark and airless space thanks to firefighters who rescued him yesterday. Read more

Smokey's Recovery

Kitten hit by car recovers from his injuries Read more

Missing cat Taboo is back home after two years

A missing cat named Taboo is back with his petmom again after two years, thanks to several people who pitched in to help him find his way home. Read more

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