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Felix, cat lost in transit at JFK airport, is found!

Felix was safely found Wednesday after he’d been missing for two weeks at JFK airport in Queens, NYC. Read more

Demolition crew finds cat in Illinois tornado rubble

Demolition crews found a cat in the rubble of a house destroyed by the Fairdale, IL tornado and rescued her before the house was demolished. Read more

Missing cat reunited with owner after fire

Neighbors found a cat who was missing after a fire destroyed his home and reunited him with his family. Read more

Rademenesa the nurse cat

An amazing set of photos show a Polish cat who survived his own medical ordeal and now comforts pets at the veterinary surgery that helped him. Read more

Adorable rescued kitten is featured in sheriff's department tweets

The Hillsborough County FL Sheriff’s Department tweeted a series of cute pics after a deputy rescued a kitten from a storm drain. Read more

Pounds for Peanut: Kitten with deformed legs gets help

Peanut was born with a deformity and was abandoned by his mother. A kindhearted woman heard his cries and a rescue is getting him help. Read more

Good Samaritan rescues scared cat from busy freeway

Good Samaritan Richard Christianson rescued an injured and desperately upset cat from a Tucson, AZ freeway last week and told the story when posting a video of the rescue online. Read more

Refugee woman saves more than 40 cats from Ukrainian conflict zone

A Ukrainian woman paid a large sum of money to transport more than 40 cats to safety from the war torn conflict zone. Read more

Kitten rescued by firefighters is reunited with family

Volunteer firefighters from a small community just north of Waco, Texas rescued a newborn kitten following a residential fire, then reunited the baby with the family the following day. Read more

Sick kids and shelter kitties benefit from new hospital program

Wolfson Children’s Hospital and Jacksonville Humane Society’s Play with Cats program brings joy to both kitties and kids. Read more

Missing cat is reunited with his petdad after 7 years

Lutèce went missing 7 years ago during a move and was reunited with his petdad on Friday after coming to the shelter as a stray. Read more

Florida sheriff's officers rescue abandoned kittens

Caring law enforcement officers in South Florida found 4 abandoned kittens in a box and rescued the babies from the day’s extreme heat. Read more

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