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Long lost cat recently saved from death row to be reunited with owner

A cat lost six years ago in Ontario, Canada will be reunited with her owner in Alberta thanks to the efforts of dedicated animal rescuers. Read more

Police seek couple who drove with cat leashed to car's hood

Fellow motorist Polly Vandall got photos on her phone when she spotted an SUV driving with a very unhappy looking cat leashed to the hood. Read more

Cat turns himself in to NYPD

Frankie the cat caused quite a stir when he walked into an upper Manhattan police station late Monday night. Read more

Winne's rescue: Cat thrown into cold river waters is saved

A pair of good Samaritans were in the right place at the right time to rescue a cat who’d been zipped into a duffel bag and tossed into a river. Read more

Bittersweet reunion as cat returns home for final days after 7 years

Brave was found after 7 years, skinny and with a cancerous tumor. His family have taken him home to live out his remaining days. Read more

Mother and daughter cats dumped in box find happy new home

A mother and daughter pair of cats who were dumped in a cardboard box with nothing but a note have found a new home. Read more

Bruce Almighty: Cat found with his legs bound gets help

There has been an outpouring of both support and donations for Bruce, who was found last week with his legs tightly bound by electrical tape. Read more

Firefighters rescue grateful woman's cat from house fire

The moment was captured on camera as a firefighter handed a woman her cat, who was rescued from an incredibly fierce fire at the woman’s home. Read more

Welcoming Wallace: 10 yr. old feline finds home as shop cat

An Ann Arbor, MI home and garden store has welcomed a new shop cat named Wallace. Wallace follows in the paw prints of long-time resident cat Lewis, who passed away in December. Read more

Emerson's Story: Abused special needs cat gets wheelchair and new life

A special needs cat who became paralyzed when he was abused is getting around on his own set of wheels now, is a shelter mascot, and has found a loving home. Read more

Missing 18 year old cat is found under snow-covered deck after 2 months

Bubba disappeared when she went out for a pee break one night in January, and was found alive and trapped under the snow 40 days later. Read more

Missing Calgary cat is finally back home

Sheri Hanson was reunited with her beloved cat Titan this week, after nearly 2 years. Read more

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