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Legz: 3 Legged Feline is Cat Ambassador

Legz is truly a Cat Ambassador, who has won people over to the love of cats and inspired many of them to adopt. Read more

Campbell, Kitten Missing Lower Jaw, Gets Help

Being a kitten, alone on the streets of Detroit, isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult if you’re missing most of your lower jaw. Read more

Kitten Found in Rubble at House Demolition Site

A man being interviewed on Tuesday at the site of a building torn down the day before heard meows and found a tiny newborn kitten in the rubble. Read more

Tobias Tuxington for Mayor!

A handsome tuxedo cat named Tobias is running for mayor of Winnipeg. Read more

Hero Cat Protects 5 Year Old Boy from Bullies

Smudge the cat took on the role of defender when bullies ganged up on his family’s 5 year old boy. Read more

World Cup Loving Kitten Finds a Home

A homeless, injured kitten who recovered in time to chase the ball around the TV screen during World Cup matches has found a home with the perfect family. Read more


Alley Cat Allies offers a cash reward of $5,000 in the case of the recent deaths and disappearances of up to 30 cats in Martinsville, Indiana. Read more

GoPro Video: Firefighters Rescue Two Kittens

A GoPro camera captured the drama as firefighters rescued two tiny kittens on Sunday. One of the babies had to be revived with CPR at the scene. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Stray Kitten at House Fire

A stray kitten in Newport News, Virginia is getting a fresh start in life thanks to firefighters who found him at the scene of a house fire. Read more

Kittens Rescued From Flood Waters

A woman in Utica, Mississippi rescued her two kittens when they were in danger of drowning or getting lost in the floodwaters that rose in Hinds County last week. Read more

Cat Taps on Neighbors' Window to Save Owner's Life

Slinky saved his petmom’s life by tapping on the neighbors’ window to raise the alarm as she slipped in and out of a semi-comatose state. Read more

The Touching Story of 10 Kitties Rescued from an Abandoned House

We share a touching and poignant guest post on the second anniversary of a very special cat rescue that left a permanent imprint on the author’s heart. Read more

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