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New Program Will Benefit Soldiers, Veterans and Shelter Pets

A Pennsylvania shelter has started a new program for US Military veterans. Service members and veterans will have their adoption fees waived and can benefit from several other perks. Read more

Sparky Makes a Miraculous Recovery After Being Rescued From a Toilet

Poor Sparky was stuck down a toilet for days before an animal welfare group and a fire brigade teamed up to rescue her. She surprised everyone by showing signs of life and then making a recovery. Read more

Jessi-Cat: Therapy Cat Helps Boy to Communicate and to Show Love

A family pet is her boy’s best friend and loving companion. Jessi-Cat helps the child, who has trouble speaking in social situations and has difficulty in showing love. Read more

Reunited Fire Kittens and Their Mama Princess: Playtime and Exploration

The litter of kittens miraculously reunited with their Mama Princess a few weeks ago continue to play and grow and thrive. Read more

Nevada Teens Sentenced After Plea Deal In June Kitten Killings

Two Las Vegas 16 year olds charged under a new felony animal abuse law were sentenced today for the thrill killing drowning deaths of two newborn kittens last month. Read more

Bobcat Breaks Into Prison

A bobcat was apprehended while trying to break in to a prison in Washington state. Read more

Cat Walks 6 Miles Home From Shelter

Wollie ran from the shelter parking lot when a family member came to reclaim him. The place he ran to was home. Read more

Africa's Wheels

A loving family and a cool set of wheels help make life good for Africa, a tabby cat who lost the use of his hind legs when he was injured as a kitten. Read more

Indy's Story: Cat Adopted By Soldiers Will Not Be Left Behind

Indy was befriended by soldiers stationed in Qatar. They couldn’t bear to leave him behind, so, with help, they are taking him back home with them. Read more

A Visit With Stubbs the Cat, Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska

A video visit with some residents of the charming and quirky town of Talkeetna, Alaska, along with their celebrity mayor, Stubbs the cat. Read more

West Side Cats Helps Trailer Park Kittens With Broken Legs

West Side Cats rescued the young calico and tortie on Wednesday and have already set them on the path toward healing. Read more

Profiles: Hero Cats Charley and Alfie

Charley saved her petmom’s life when she had a diabetic episode, and Alfie has been the constant companion to a girl with a health condition, who needed his friendship. Both are among the finalists for a Cat of the Year award. Read more

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