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Neighbors and Good Samaritan Rescue Cat Stranded Atop Pole

A good Samaritan with the right equipment and expertise helped a group of concerned neighbors to rescue a cat when no one else would. Read more

Cat Who Survived Abuse Joins Anti-Bullying Campaign

PBJ is a sweet girl who will go to schools to teach children compassion for others and to help those who have been abused. Read more

Abandoned Kitten and Puppy are Loving Friends at Shelter

At just weeks old, Buttons the dog and Kitty the cat were both abandoned from a very young age and are now being hand-reared together. So close is their bond that they sleep together, play together and even feed together. Read more

Phoenix Update: Sweet, Loving Kitten Walks on His Bandaged Paws

New video shows sweet, loving and handsome Phoenix running about on his bandaged paws. Phoenix is recovering at the Helen Woodward Animal Center from chemical burns of unknown origin. Read more

Cleyed the Cyclops, One Eyed Bengal Kitten's Short Life

A woman with a small Bengal cattery posted video of the rare cyclops kitten born via c-section to one of her cats last week. The kitten had a giant centered eye and no nose; it did not live. Read more

Arrow Kitty Becomes Aria and Gets a Home

A cat found with an arrow going through her mouth and out her side last Monday has already gotten a beautiful new name and left the hospital for her new, loving home. Read more

Kasper, Cat Burned in House Fire, Recovers

A month after being severely burned saving himself from a fire, Kasper is almost ready to leave the animal hospital and continue his recovery at home. Read more

Dutchess Burned Kitten Gets Help and Recovers

Dutchess was badly burned in the fire that destroyed her family’s home and all of their possessions. Thanks to donations from well wishers, she is getting excellent care and is expected to make a good recovery. Read more

Lawmakers, Vets and Advocates Speak Up to Save Alabama's Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinics

A proposed rule change by an Alabama state board that could contribute to pet overpopulation and suffering has raised concern both within the state and nationwide. Read more

Flu and Our Pets

A news broadcast discusses the recent report that says we are passing the flu along to our cats and dogs. We should take precautions around our pets when we’re sick and have them see the vet if they get sick along with us. Read more

Missing 16 Year Old Cat Found After 6 Years

After 6 years on his own, Charlie is back with the family who cared for him from the time he was a 7 week old kitten. Read more

Charlie Bucket Survivor Kitten Ready for Adoption

Charlie was the only survivor from his litter when he was found taped into a bucket in July. Now healthy and happy after his time in foster care, Charlie is ready to be adopted. Read more

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