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Prozac for Cats?

A Gilbert, AZ woman turned to veterinarian prescribed Prozac as a last resort for her antisocial and destructive kitty. The vet says it is an effective treatment in such extreme cases. Read more

Dinah: Missing Cat Reunited With her family after 11 years

Dinah was 4 when she went missing 11 years ago, a few weeks after he family moved to a new community. Her family were stunned to get a call this week saying she’d been found a block from their home. Read more

Sasha Injured Stray Cat Returns Home After News Feature Finds His Family

An injured stray was brought to a vets practice that cared for him, amputated a leg that could not be saved, and offered him for adoption. A newspaper story helped reunite Sasha aka Monty with his family. Read more

Life On The Streets: The Feral Cat Crisis and Its Humane Solutions

The HSUS made this 16 minute video to educate those who are not informed on the feral cat issue, and to highlight a selection of TNR and colony management success stories. Read more

New Program Will Benefit Soldiers, Veterans and Shelter Pets

A Pennsylvania shelter has started a new program for US Military veterans. Service members and veterans will have their adoption fees waived and can benefit from several other perks. Read more

Sparky Makes a Miraculous Recovery After Being Rescued From a Toilet

Poor Sparky was stuck down a toilet for days before an animal welfare group and a fire brigade teamed up to rescue her. She surprised everyone by showing signs of life and then making a recovery. Read more

Jessi-Cat: Therapy Cat Helps Boy to Communicate and to Show Love

A family pet is her boy’s best friend and loving companion. Jessi-Cat helps the child, who has trouble speaking in social situations and has difficulty in showing love. Read more

Reunited Fire Kittens and Their Mama Princess: Playtime and Exploration

The litter of kittens miraculously reunited with their Mama Princess a few weeks ago continue to play and grow and thrive. Read more

Nevada Teens Sentenced After Plea Deal In June Kitten Killings

Two Las Vegas 16 year olds charged under a new felony animal abuse law were sentenced today for the thrill killing drowning deaths of two newborn kittens last month. Read more

Bobcat Breaks Into Prison

A bobcat was apprehended while trying to break in to a prison in Washington state. Read more

Cat Walks 6 Miles Home From Shelter

Wollie ran from the shelter parking lot when a family member came to reclaim him. The place he ran to was home. Read more

Africa's Wheels

A loving family and a cool set of wheels help make life good for Africa, a tabby cat who lost the use of his hind legs when he was injured as a kitten. Read more

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