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Lost Cat Walks 190 Miles Home

A Florida cat who bolted from her family’s motorhome when fireworks frightened her is back home with her grateful family after walking nearly 200 miles to get there. Read more

Serendipity Brings Family and Long Missing Cat Back Together at Shelter

An incredible reunion took place at the Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Center on Saturday, as a family whose cat was stolen six months ago was on hand purely by chance as another family walked in the door with the missing cat. Read more

Helping Hands Bring a Stranded Cat Home

Mr. Mister got stranded on a road trip when his driver was arrested. The local shelter located his guardian and found help to safely deliver him 350 miles back home. Read more

Cat Awakens Mom in Time to Save Toddler From Python

No wonder Duchess had acted strangely for days. There was a python hiding in her family’s home. Read more

Firefighter Rescues Cat From Third Story Window of Burning Building

A fireman climbed to a 3rd story window just feet from a fire’s spreading flames, and worked for several minutes to bring a cat out of the window and down the ladder to safety. Read more

Rescuers Hope to Find Family of Sweet Injured Cat

A good Samaritan rescued an injured cat she spotted in a field. A cat rescue group helping the cat and the woman who saved her are looking for kitty’s family. Read more

Potato Cat

My cat Missy when around potatoes. Forget catnip people-it’s the potato the cats really want! Read more

Ripley is Reunited With her Family After Two Years

Ripley was taken in by a man who thought she needed a home, as her family tried to find her. Two years later, a microchip scan helped her to return to her original family. Read more

Search Mounted for Relocated Cat's Family

Volunteers at a Scottish branch of Cats Protection hope to reunite a cat with his family. Kitty was trapped by people who took him away and left him at a wildlife park, and his original location is not known. Read more

"Freezer Kittens" Are Adopted

Three kittens rescued a month ago after a man put them into zip lock bags and placed them in his freezer went home with their adoptive families yesterday. Read more

Loyal Cat Visits Guardian's Grave

Toldo the cat has been visiting the grave of his beloved guardian, in an Italian mountain village, for over a year, bringing trinkets and standing guard. Read more

"Miracle Survivor" Cat Hades Heals From Chemical Burns

When Hades came home with chemical burns his family turned to veterinary charity PDSA. Now his fur is growing back in and he is expected to make a full recovery. Read more

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