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Misty is Reunited With Her Family After Spending 6 Months Lost and Far From Home

Misty is back with her family again after surviving for 6 months in a strange place and setting off a rabies scare that ended up helping to find her family. Read more

Burned Kitty Lucky Gets Help

Thanks to a caring rescue group, Lucky is alive and recovering from the chemical burn injuries he suffered at the hands of an abuser. Read more

Cat Found Duct Taped and Dumped at Shelter Is Recovering

Amigo is recovering well after being found dumped at a shelter with his face and paws bound by red duct tape. Read more

Cat Saves Dog From Bigger Dog

Sammy the cat is credited with saving the family dog’s life by fluffing himself up and confronting the bully when an aggressive bigger dog had little Izzy in its mouth. Read more

Chinese Crested Dog Adopts Foster Kittens

Zelda is a little dog who immediately adopted two 5 day old kittens when they entered her home as fosters. Zelda does her part to make the babies feel loved. Read more

Woman Credits Her Cat With Saving Her Life When Their House Burns

Opal meowed persistently in a different way than usual, waking her guardian in time for the pair to get out of their burning house just minutes before the bedroom ceiling collapsed. Read more

Kitten Rescued From Busy Roadway Tunnel

Dodge was trapped in a very dangerous situation until his rescuers stopped traffic and brought him to safety. Read more

Firefighter Reunites Woman With Her Kitten After House Fire

A Hamilton, Ontario woman was overjoyed when a firefighter handed her kitten to her after a fire at the family’s residence was extinguished today. Read more

Frankie the McDonald's Stray is Rescued and Gets a Junk Food Intervention

A stray who’d been on a constant diet of fast food since kittenhood refused cat food at first after his rescue, but has finally given in to a healthier diet. Frankie is no longer a parking lot scrounge, and is waiting in foster care for his forever home. Read more

Cat Buried Alive by Mistake is Heard Meowing and Lives

Sarah McCallum thought Mufin had died, and buried her before the children got home from school. Son Bradley wanted to plant a flower on the cat’s grave and heard meowing. Muffin was alive, and survived her 3 1/2 hours buried below ground in a taped up box. Read more

Kitten Rescued by 5 Year Old Girl is Adopted

5 year old Myra was thanked by the Boston ARL when she was invited for a tour and a surprise reunion with Paisley, the kitten whose life she saved. On Friday Paisley was adopted and went to her new home. Read more

Woman is Reunited With Her Cat Two Weeks After Fire

A doctoral student from London studying in Boston brought her cat over to stay with her last fall. She spent the past two weeks looking for Rosie, who was rescued and resuscitated after a terrible house fire. Read more

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