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Good Samaritan Rescues Kitten Trapped in Lacrosse Netting

A kitten trapped in netting on a playing field is on the mend and looking for a home. Read more

Complaints Being Filed Against Judge Who Routinely Dismisses Animal Cruelty Cases

After witnessing case after case of animal abuse charges being either dismissed or resolved with a small fine, activists are ready to file complaints and they want the judge hearing the cases to be removed from the bench. Read more

Cat Man Died Trying to Save From Tree Needs Rescue from NYC ACC

The cat who Marcial Rios-Aguilar was trying to save when he fell to his death Sunday night needs to be rescued from the NYC ACC. We link to his info. Please share. Read more

Anonymous Donor Pays Abused Kitten's $1,200 Vet Bill

A longtime client of the vet where Hemingway is being treated for a broken jaw paid his bill in full when an appeal for donations accompanied an article on the kitten in the local paper. Read more

Sayreville Pets All Find Homes After Announcement of Shelter Closing

A no kill shelter in New Jersey announced on Saturday they they were closing and wanted to find homes for more than 80 cats and dogs by December 31. The community responded, and all of the animals have been adopted. Read more

Aussie Cat Has Sex Change Surgery

Domino went from being a he to a she in a life saving surgery to deal with recurrent blockages of the bladder. Read more

Jacksonville Shelter Achieves No-Kill Month for the First Time Ever

Staff and volunteers were ecstatic as Jacksonville, FL’s ACPS announced that for the first time ever, over 90% of animals who entered the public shelter found homes or were reunited with their families in November. Read more

Complaining Neighbor Forces Man to Remove Cat Condos for Community Cats

Frank Edmondson bought a piece of land and spent $14k on 4 cat condos for the cats he feeds. The city has given him 30 days to remove the condos, which he says he will give away to someone who can use them. Read more

Las Vegas Boys Sentenced in Stoning of Newborn Kittens

Two boys seen throwing rocks at a cat giving birth were charged in the deaths of her kittens. A plea deal downgraded charges from 7 felony counts to one misdemeanor for each boy. Read more

PA Woman Needs Help: Town Says Over 30 Well Cared For Cats Have to Go

Rhonda Goss has taken exemplary care of the cats that came into her home. With little warning, the town has given her until December 21 to get rid of most of them after someone complained. Read more

Kittens Recovering After Rescue From Freezer: Man Arrested

Three 6 week old kittens are recovered and doing well at the Tampa Bay SPCA, in Largo, after bring rescued from a St. Petersburg, Florida man’s freezer on Sunday. A forth kitten did not survive. Read more

803 Cats and Dogs Find Homes at Jacksonville Home for the Holidays Adoption Event

800 cats and dogs found new homes in an event meant to reduce euthanasia rates and encourage people to adopt not shop when adding new pets to their families. Read more

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