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Woman's Sign Raises Awareness of Cat and Dog Poisonings, Prompts Warnings

A woman upset at the poisoning of a Mama cat and her babies put up a sign that raised awareness, brought about a police investigation, and prompted a warning from the local humane society, with tips on pet safety. Read more

Tufts University Opens First US Obesity Clinic for Pets

Veterinarians and shelters are seeing many more fat cats and dogs than ever before. These pets suffer health problems, decreased quality of life, and early death. Now a clinic dedicated to helping obese pets has opened near Boston. Read more

Woman Fights Off Dogs Barehanded to Rescue Cat

A young woman rescued a cat from a pair of aggressive dogs, fighting one dog to save the injured cat from its jaws. Read more

Rivers Recovers

Sweet little Rivers was found last month with two of her legs injured by buckshot, and she is recovering in the care of Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter in Bozeman, MT. Read more

Lincoln: Qadrapelegic Kitten Learns to Walk

Lincoln was given a chance to live, and 10 days after being accepted by a rescue group, the formerly completely immobile kitten was walking and batting at toys. Read more

SF Bay Area Cat Hitches Ride to Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Reno NV

Ponyo was found 220 miles from home, before her family realized she was gone. Read more

Arrest Made in Mesa AZ Catnappings

Police have arrested the man wanted in connection with several disappearances and at least three cat killings in a usually peaceful Mesa neighborhood. Read more

Kitten Takes 6 Hour Ride on Car Gas Tank and Begins a New Life

A feral kitten took a ride from CT to Rochester, NY and ended up starting a new life. Read more

Mama and Newborn Kittens Brought Down From Nest in Tree

A Mama cat was found living in an alcove 25ft. up a tree, where she had given birth to kittens in recent weeks. Firefighters working with the RSPCA brought the little family down from the tree yesterday. Read more

Dog Rescues Newborn Kitten, Saves a Life

Sadie found a cold, abandoned newborn kitten in the woods and gently carried it home and placed it at her owner’s feet. Thanks to the efforts of several people, the kitten is now safely in foster care. Read more

Women Rescue Kittens From Burlap Sack on the Roadside

Luckily for Midnight and Salem, Amber Springer and Misti Blair happened to drive by at the right time, and happened to be looking along the roadside. Read more

Lovey's Water Rescue

Lovey the cat was stranded after Hurricane Isaac in her flooded Louisiana home until her owner flaunted the law and paddled a canoe through the floodwaters to rescue her. Read more

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