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Kindness Club Kids Help Rescue Kitten Abandoned At Shelter

Children at the CT Humane Society’s summer program learned about animal rescue first hand when they helped rescue a young cat abandoned at the shelter on Thursday. Read more

"Lucky" Kitten is Saved By Construction Crew Before Being Crushed

Willie Harris spotted the tiny ginger furball among the heavy equipment and large concrete blocks at a worksite and acted in time to save his life. Lucky the kitten is now at the Toledo Area Humane Society where he will be cared for until he is ready for adoption. Read more

Petmom Shares Joyous Reunion With Cat Brought From Remains Of Burned Out Building

Elizabeth Schmidt and Satin were reunited today, three days after a terrible fire destroyed their apartment building. Elizabeth adopted the formerly abused one eyed cat from a NYC shelter, and was overjoyed to have him back. Read more

Firefighter and the Kitten

Russell Vansteel, a firefighter and EMT for the Midland, TX FD rescued a baby kitten after a May 2012 house fire. The kitten had smoke inhalation, and was brought back from near death. Read more

Sonny Finds Friends and Gets the Help He Needs

A stray Florida cat suffering neglect and medical issues found a rescuer nearby, then found friends all over the world who are working together to get him the help he needs. Read more

Cat Lost in Florida's Alligator Alley is Found!

Sammy went missing when his family had a car crash along Alligator Alley in Florida. Posts at Craigslist and Facebook alerted people to his plight in the dangerous area and he was found near the scene of the crash. Read more

Prozac for Cats?

A Gilbert, AZ woman turned to veterinarian prescribed Prozac as a last resort for her antisocial and destructive kitty. The vet says it is an effective treatment in such extreme cases. Read more

Dinah: Missing Cat Reunited With her family after 11 years

Dinah was 4 when she went missing 11 years ago, a few weeks after he family moved to a new community. Her family were stunned to get a call this week saying she’d been found a block from their home. Read more

Sasha Injured Stray Cat Returns Home After News Feature Finds His Family

An injured stray was brought to a vets practice that cared for him, amputated a leg that could not be saved, and offered him for adoption. A newspaper story helped reunite Sasha aka Monty with his family. Read more

Life On The Streets: The Feral Cat Crisis and Its Humane Solutions

The HSUS made this 16 minute video to educate those who are not informed on the feral cat issue, and to highlight a selection of TNR and colony management success stories. Read more

New Program Will Benefit Soldiers, Veterans and Shelter Pets

A Pennsylvania shelter has started a new program for US Military veterans. Service members and veterans will have their adoption fees waived and can benefit from several other perks. Read more

Sparky Makes a Miraculous Recovery After Being Rescued From a Toilet

Poor Sparky was stuck down a toilet for days before an animal welfare group and a fire brigade teamed up to rescue her. She surprised everyone by showing signs of life and then making a recovery. Read more

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