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Heath's Rescue

A rescuer was in the right place at the right time to save an injured kitten who’d been thrown from a moving car. After he ran up under her car, a delicate rescue operation was required. Heath’s rescuer is now his foster mom.

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Gizmo the Beauty Queen

Gizmo is an older, blind shelter resident who made her beauty pageant debut at a cat show last weekend and placed with the winners. Read more

Operation Catnip Sues Over Wake County Cat Roundup

A TNR group is at odds with the notorious Wake County Animal Services over the roundup and killing of cats deemed a nuisance that the group says the county had agreed to let be.

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Harvery Dent: Two Faced Janus Kitten Born in Florida

Mama kitty and the cats’ guardians all welcome the unusual kitten, born just days ago. Respondents to a Craigslist post looking for input and advice gave opinions straight out of the dark ages, though.

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Shelter Fire Sends Cats Running Into The Night: Search Continues For the Missing

Numerous cats ran out the door of the Animal Aid humane Society last night as firefighters entered the building to put out a fire. Some cats remain missing this evening, as most recuperate from smoke inhalation at the county shelter.
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Cyrano Gets a New Knee in a Groundbreaking Surgery

Cyrano beat bone cancer in 2010, but bone deterioration caused him pain and limited his movement. Last week he got a new knee that signaled an advance in such replacements for both pets and people.

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Trinity Park Cats: Update

More on the community cat colonies missing in Fort Worth, Texas.

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FL Case Highlights Need for Passage of Domestic Violence Against Family Pets Protection Bill

A FL man terrorized his wife as he beat her three month old kitten to death earlier this month.  Sen. Mike Fasano, sponsor of the Little Horatio’s Law and Dexter’s Law animal protection bills says the case shows the need for the bills to pass into law.

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Jacob Heals After Police and Firefighters Rush Him From a House Fire For Care

Police and fire responders rushed a kitten to a clinic for immediate care after he was found singed from a house fire. That response ensures a good recovery for Jacob, who is seen here looking adorably sweet as he is already up and playing
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Shelter Director Stands Firm and Fires Employee for Mistreating Cat

Erik Tanner fired an employee for taking pleasure in poking a cat with a pen during an adoptability test, acting to show that inhumane practices would not be tolerated. An animal control officer employed by the town still has his job, though.
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Security to Blame For Ripples the Cat's Escape to Air Canada Cockpit

Some tried to blame petmom Debbie Harris for an hours long flight delay yesterday when Ripples escaped his carrier and hid in the cockpit’s electronics compartment. It was, in fact, the fault of security staff.
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13 Year Old Little Heart Kitten Killer Sentenced

The boy who brutalized tiny Little Heart on May 28, 2011 was sentenced this week. Though a 9 year old hero stepped in, the kitten later died. A felony charge was dropped to a misdemeanor because Little Heart did not have a home; and the prosecutor who worked to find him guilty is of the mind that thugs and bullies need help, not punishment.

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