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Top 10 Most Unusual Dog and Cat Names of 2012 Revealed

Dingleberry? Really? Some pet owners opt for quirkiness over conventional when selecting monikers. Read more

A Year Spent Helping Pets Displaced By Fires

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team celebrates a busy first year helping cats and dogs displaced by fires in Philadelphia. The Team saves lives and keeps pets out of shelters by caring for them until their families can reclaim them. Read more

Bindi: Cat Detects Breast Cancer and Saves Her Petmom's Life

Valerie Lubbock was told “I think you can thank your cat for saving your life,” as she left the hospital after her mastectomy. Read more

Gumby, Kitten With Leg Glued To Back Is Rescued and Helped

A kitten found with his hind leg glued to his spine was rescued and helped in time for the leg to be saved. Read more

Mama and Kittens Dumped in Shrinkwrapped Box Thrive Under Shelter's care

Pandora and her three babies were dumped outside a shelter, covered in filth and shrinkwrapped into a box. They were found in time. Now, three weeks later the kittens are weaned and have gone to good homes. Read more

Happy Again: Cat Saved From Fire Sees Petmom

Missy was revived at the scene of her burning home on Saturday, but missed her mom until the two were reunited on Monday. Missy purred and ate on her own for the first time as soon as she felt a familiar loving touch. Read more

Cardiff Research Experiments Raise Kittens in Darkness, Sew Eyelids Shut

An anti-animal testing group and a governmental figure decry the testing at Cardiff University in Wales. News of the kitten experiments follows a government report that animal testing is on the rise in the UK.
Read more

Jailer Is Charged and Jobless After Dropkicking Dockette, Beloved 18 Year Old Restaurant Mascot Cat

Jailer Kevin Powers is jobless after patrons at The Dock saw him brutally drop-kick Dockette last week when she hissed at his dog. Dockette is being cared for by a restaurant employee. Read more

Kindness Club Kids Help Rescue Kitten Abandoned At Shelter

Children at the CT Humane Society’s summer program learned about animal rescue first hand when they helped rescue a young cat abandoned at the shelter on Thursday. Read more

"Lucky" Kitten is Saved By Construction Crew Before Being Crushed

Willie Harris spotted the tiny ginger furball among the heavy equipment and large concrete blocks at a worksite and acted in time to save his life. Lucky the kitten is now at the Toledo Area Humane Society where he will be cared for until he is ready for adoption. Read more

Petmom Shares Joyous Reunion With Cat Brought From Remains Of Burned Out Building

Elizabeth Schmidt and Satin were reunited today, three days after a terrible fire destroyed their apartment building. Elizabeth adopted the formerly abused one eyed cat from a NYC shelter, and was overjoyed to have him back. Read more

Firefighter and the Kitten

Russell Vansteel, a firefighter and EMT for the Midland, TX FD rescued a baby kitten after a May 2012 house fire. The kitten had smoke inhalation, and was brought back from near death. Read more

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