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Neighbors Wouldn't Give Up: Mittens Rescued After Days in a Tree

Neighbors called everyone and spoke out online in their efforts to get help for Mittens. A news crew came out the day a caring arborist worked for hours and finally got Mittens down. Read more

Dutchess Burned Kitty: Better and Better

Update on the kitty burned in an accidental house fire in September. Disproving those who thought it unfair to keep her alive, Dutchess is healing brilliantly. She may even be home for Christmas. Read more

Best of Craigslist: Help Wanted, Feline Lap Surrogate

How’s this for a part time dream job for some extra money? $15 per hour to cuddle a cat. Meals included. This comes from an actual Craigslist ad placed in November. Read more

Lost Cat Didsbury is Found at Botanic Garden

A striking six year old British Blue Cat is back with his relieved family after a nine day search. He turned up in a most interesting place. Read more

Sable the Crossing Guard Cat

Sable has become a beloved honorary member of an elementary school’s safety patrol team. He greets students going to and from school twice a day, from a safe spot on the sidewalk. Read more

Embattled Persian Breeder Agrees to Surrender Cats

The woman accused to trying to drown two of her Persian cats agreed to voluntarily give up the rest of her cats. The cats are expected to go to shelters and rescues for care before they are made available for adoption. Read more

The Best Christmas Present Ever: Missing Cat Returns Home after 4 Months

Meep’s guardian said “This is the best Christmas present anyone has ever given me,” when she received the call today telling her that Meep was coming home. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Kitten From 6in. Pipe

Firefighters saved a tiny kitten trapped in a narrow drainpipe, and one of the men will give her a home. Read more

Biloxi Cat Colony Caretaker Found Guilty of Hoarding Due to Local Ordinance

A responsible caretaker who has participated in a sanctioned TNR program was found guilty of hoarding after refusing to allow animal control to trap and remove cats from her property. Read more

Babette Lewyt, Animal Rescue and No-Kill Pioneer, Remembered

North Shore Animal League paid tribute yesterday to a woman who helped transform shelter goals and practices through her devotion to the lives and welfare of animals. Read more

36 Tuxedo Cats Dropped Off At Marin Humane Society With Note Saying Family Lost Home

MHS is holding a black and white adoption special for about 50 cats, including the 36 tuxies dropped off anonymously last month. Read more

Persian Breeder Charged for Trying to Drown Cats: Advocates Mount Campaign

We recap the case that began with the rescue of two Persian Cats from the Wilamette River on 11/30. A breeder is charged and investigators are looking at past cases, as protesters try to have the woman’s cats removed and her business discredited. Read more

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