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Lego Town promo video does not go as planned

Sam was creating a video presentation about the Lego Town project he does for his son’s school when he got some unexpected help from his cat. Read more

Rescuers Want to Find Maddie's Family and Send her Home

A cat who got lost on a trip a few years ago, and whose family came back repeatedly to search for her, was trapped by a group working with ferals. Her rescuers are trying to find the cat’s family and are asking cat lovers for help spreading the word. Read more

The Mystery of Macavity

His rescuers are stumped over how a six week old kitten got trapped behind a residential wall all by himself, and how he managed to survive for at days there without food and water. Read more

D'Art Gets Adopted: Special Needs Kitty Finds a Home

D’Art was given a chance to live and thrive when he was rescued and taken in by a sanctuary. Though sad to see him go, the sanctuary celebrated the joyous occasion when he went to the perfect home recently. Read more

Provo Police and Utah Humane Society Seek Serial Cat Killer

UHS has added a $3,000 reward to the Provo police’s appeal to the public to help find the person who has committed several gruesome cat killings. The police feel the killer is someone who could harm people as well as animals. Read more

Kitten Rescued From Busy Roadway Tunnel Finds the Perfect Home

Phil Johnson was selected to adopt the kitten rescued from a busy roadway tunnel last week. Phil’s touching story of why he wanted to adopt the kitten put him ahead of more than 300 other applicants. Read more

Missing Arizona Cat Turns Up 10 Months Later at Wisconsin Shelter

When Ace disappeared from his Tucson home last June, his guardian feared the worst. Yesterday, Ace turned up in a carrier at a shelter in Wisconsin. He will be headed home soon. Read more

Police Captain Rescues and Fosters Litter of Kittens From Construction Site

A cat loving police Captain is devoting herself to the welfare of a litter of kittens she rescued when she learned they had been found without their mother at a construction site. Read more

Cat Accepts Puppy Into her Litter of Kittens

Marilyn mothered her own kittens and others during her time at a clinic. She also adopted a tiny puppy struggling for warmth, whose life she may have saved. Happily, everyone has been adopted. Read more

Cat Gets Heatproof Boots After Jumping on Hot Stove

Mischief has lived up to his name by jumping repeatedly on the stove and burning his paws. Now he has a set of rather silly looking custom made boots that will keep him from being burned. Read more

Woman Says Her Cat Saved Her From Cancer

Esther Kacev credits her cat Buddy with letting her know she had cancer and prompting her to get the mammogram that saved her life. Read more

Firefighter Finds His Missing Cat at the Scene of a Fire

Firefighter Dave Thompson was thrilled to find his missing cat, Salem, standing in the road at the scene of a fire. Read more

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