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Bobbin Gets Help

An Elkhart IN kitten is safe now after being found in a parking lot with a thread tied around his neck and taken for care. Bobbin’s story is bittersweet, but will have a happy outcome for him. Read more

William, Cat Who Dragged Himself Home After Injury, Wins Award

William was recognized for his exceptional story at an awards ceremony last week. He dragged himself the half mile to his home using his front legs after an animal attack earlier this year. Read more

3 Months and 134 Miles Later, Kitz Comes Home

A microchip scan brought Kitz the cat back home to Jason Williams in Leeds, UK after the woman feeding her, 134 miles away in Mildenhall, took her to the vet for a checkup and the scan revealed her identity. Read more

NYC Subway Motorman Saves Kitten With Head In Chips Bag From Tracks

A driver stopped his train to save the life of a kitten lying on the tracks with a small bag stuck on its head. Read more

Stripy and Petmom Reunited After 3 Months, a Fire and a Demolition

Stripy’s family never gave up on her after she became trapped in her condemned, fire damaged building. She turned up after the demolition, and is back with her loving petmom. Read more

Formerly 30 Pound Cat Tiny Hits Weight Loss Milestone

Tiny was sluggish and weighed 30 pounds when he arrived at the Fredericton SPCA last December. At this week’s weigh in Tiny achieved an important weight loss milestone. Read more

Boy's Best Friend Jessi-Cat Named National Cat of the Year 2012

Therapy pet Jessi Cat helps her best friend Lorcan, a little boy with Selective Mutism. Thanks to Jessi Cat, Lorcan is less socially isolated and more able to express love. Read more

Max Steps Into a Trap: Gets Help

A Boston area cat stepped into a rusty abandoned trap but thankfully did not lose his paw. The MSPCA and Angell Animal Medical canter are using Max’s case to point out the dangers of abandoned and illegally set traps. Read more

Abuser Charged In June Kitten Cruelty Case

Sparkles is recovering well from burns she received in June. Investigators pursued the case and arrested her abuser yesterday. Read more

Baby is Back: Woman Reunited With Her Missing Joplin Tornado Cat After 15 Months

Baby was reunited with his grateful petmom yesterday after being separated from her since the May 22, 2011 tornado that destroyed part of their city and displaced thousands of pets. Read more

Loki the Blind Kitten

A family took responsibility for a kitten they found with infected eyes. They paid for surgery when his eyes had to be removed and want everyone to know that sightless kitties can lead happy lives. Read more

Dot: Learning to Love Her Cart

Special needs kitty Dot, born with spina bifida, is learning to use her brand new wheeled cart. Read more

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