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Terminator the Two Legged Cat that Can

Terminator showed up on Courtney Pilgrom’s porch severely injured and in need of help and a home. She found both. Courtney tells her cat’s story here. Read more

Anakin the Wonder Cat: Two Legged Kitten Continues to Amaze!

Anakin, the homeless kitten born without a pelvis or hind legs, then adopted by Carrie Hawks, thrives in a manner that is nothing less than a triumph of nature and spirit. A new video of him showing the cat condo who’s boss proves the point. Read more

Phoenix: Burn Victim Cat Rises From the Ashes

Phoenix’s spirit and will to live helped her to overcome injuries suffered when she was burned. The veterinary staffer who adopted her tells the story. Read more

SureWest Headquarters Employees Rescue Trapped Kitten

SureWest employees were gripped by rescue efforts trying to save a kitten stuck down a storm drain on Thursday. Employees first heard cries at 6:30 am and finally rescued the kitten just before 2am on Friday. Read more

Mystery Cats Become Known When One is Treed and Rescued: Owner is Sought

In a story full of dramatic twists, a Spokane woman trying to help a treed cat got help when an arborist rode in like the calvary. Then a nearly identical cat turned up at the scene and the woman is looking for the pair’s owner. We hope they are being missed by someone. Read more

Woman Expresses Thanks to Fire Department That Rescued Kitten

A grateful woman sent a note of thanks to the firefighters who saved a kitten trapped for two days in a pipe. The FD came when no one else would, Read more

Trooper Meets Trooper

Trooper the cat gained international fame when he was found frozen to the ground in Newfoundland last winter. The cat and his friends recently met Canadian rock band Trooper, with whom they share a special relationship, at a concert venue. Read more

Trash Men Save Boxed Kittens Just in The Nick of Time

Holly Hedge Animal Shelter is caring for two young cats whose lives were saved when two bin men heard meowing from a taped up box about to be crushed in their trash truck. The beautiful kittens, thankfully, appear to be fine. Read more

Monterey County SPCA Deals With Cats From Tragic Hoarding Case Seizure

The Monterey CA SPCA is caring for 51 live cats removed from a hoarder’s two properties. The discovery of 113 dead newborn kittens in the seizure has turned the case from one of a hoarder nabbing and then neglecting cats, to one with an overwhelming air of tragedy.

Read more

Ace the Kitten Gets Out of a Sticky Situation and Finds a Home

Ace was found in an Oregon parking garage, stuck in floor epoxy.  The fire department, Salem Friends of Felines, Willamette Valley Animal Hospital and an Ace Hardware manager all came to his aid. Most of the adhesive has been removed and one of his rescuers will adopt him.

Read more

Family Offers $5k Reward for Missing Cat

A Chicago family whose Savannah cat went missing 2,000 miles from home in La Jolla, CA has plastered the area with missing posters, hired a pet detective and offered a $5,000 reward. News coverage in the San Diego area has made this a high profile case. Read more

Schnookums: Psychiatric and Behavioral Therapy Cat Shows Value of Animal Companionship

Schnookums had an immediate effect on patients when she went to work with her psychiatrist petmom, Laxmi Kathuria, who says “Where words fall short, a purr soothes away the pain.” Read more

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