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Tuxedo Stan Runs for Mayor of Halifax to Raise Awareness on Cat Issues

Tuxedo Stan’s slogan: Because Neglect Isn’t Working. The mayoral campaign has engaged the community and has drawn attention to a serious issue in a lighthearted way. Read more

Waco Residents Hope Petition Can Save Shelter Pets' Lives as City Considers Ending Shelter Adoptions

The Humane Society of Central Texas is trying to get all their shelter animals adopted before the city of Waco takes over, halts adoptions and keeps animals for a 72 hour stray hold before killing them. We link to the petition asking the city to take a more humane approach. Read more

Real Estate Agent Rescues Abandoned Cats and Finds Them Homes

Two women visiting a house on a real estate showing found 2 cats and 4 kittens who had been abandoned and had run out of food. They fed the cats and changed their boxes; then the real estate agent found them homes. Read more

Cat Saves Owner's Life

Buddy the cat is being credited with saving his petdad’s life earlier this year. Buddy got help when Rick Chap was immobilized in his kitchen due to sudden cardiac arrest. Read more

Councilman Proposes NYC Animal Abuser Registry Bill

NYC may become the fourth and largest place in the US to implement an animal abuser registry if a proposed bill is enacted. Convicted abusers would be banned from owning pets, and would appear on a do-not-adopt-to list. Read more

Sparky the Cat is Rescued After4 Days Up a Utility Pole

A cat being dropped off at the PSPCA was chased up a pole with live wires by a dog visiting the SPCA vet clinic. Finally, after four days, the power company and fire department came to the scene for the rescue. Read more

Ohio Cat Sneaks into Luggage for Disney World Trip

Bob-bob is getting an unplanned vacation at The Happiest Place on Earth after hiding in his petmom’s luggage and making the flight from Ohio to Orlando. Read more

Cat Gives Possum Piggyback Ride

An Aussie cat carried a baby possum on her back as she gave it a ride around her yard Tuesday morning. Read more

Chapin, SC Woman Works to Save A Colony's Cats

Pat Peters is doing everything in her power to responsibly rescue and relocate a small colony of TNR’d cats who are no longer welcome on a store’s property. Read more

Team Effort Frees Kitten From Storm Drain

“It’s nice to know that people care.” So said Lynn Hess about everyone who helped a little feral kitten trapped in a storm drain. Read more

Reward Offered After Two Missouri Cats Are Shot With Arrows

The Humane Society of Missouri is taking the crimes seriously and asks that word of the investigation and reward be widely shared throughout the state. The cats are recovering from their wounds. Read more

Facebook Ad Reunites Man With His Missing Cat

Zion went missing on August 28. Two days later his owner opened a Facebook page for the search and purchased Facebook ads promoting it. Zion was back home that same day. Read more

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