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Animal Advocacy Org. Claims Role In Setting Up Luka Magnotta For Capture

Los Angeles animal advocacy organization Last Chance for Animals issued a press release yesterday taking credit for YouTube videos posted to lure murder suspect and kitten killer Luka Magnotta online and help track his whereabouts and activity. Read more

Where is Slinky? Her Searchers Plea For Help

Slinky was pulled from death row at the NYC ACC and went missing during transport to her new home. While efforts are concentrated in KY, she could be anywhere between there and NYC. Those searching for Slinky are asking for help as they try to locate and recover her. Read more

Good Samaritan Rescues Kitten From Gas Station Trash

A Good Samaritan rescued a newborn kitten when he heard her cries during a stop at a gas station last weekend. He took her home is is devoting himself to her care. Photos document the rescue.
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Bandit: Sweet Boy Rescued From The Streets and Looking For A Home

Bandit almost slipped through the cracks when he was picked up by police in rough shape. He was almost released to a feral cat colony, then was almost taken to a no-kill shelter, but he showed that he is a socialized and affectionate boy who deserves a good home. Bekah Wilcox is Bandit’s champion and is seeking the right adopter for him.

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YouTube Kitten Killer Luka Magnotta Arrested in Berlin For Montreal Murder

Animal lovers have called for the arrest of the maker of degenerate kitten snuff videos for many months now with no result. Authorities finally sought him after his recent headline grabbing murder, dismemberment and snuff video of a human victim. He was arrested in a Berlin internet cafe earlier today.
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Sponge Bob: Behind The Scenes When A Cat Goes on National TV

30 pound NYC shelter cat Sponge Bob appeared on the Today show Sunday for a segment about his special circumstances, as part of  the shelter’s efforts to find him a home. Bob’s friend Suzi made a behind the scenes video of his trip to the studio.
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Pip Gets a New Chance at the Good Life at Tenth Life

Pip is a sweet special needs kitten with deformed front legs who began his journey in Kearney, NE. Facebook networking among well known special needs cat pages brought Pip to Tenth Life Cat Rescue, in St. Louis, MO, where he is today.
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Pet Obesity: When Your Cat Needs to Cut Down on Kibble

Garfield is 40 Lbs of Love, But… . Garfield is the latest and largest overweight cat to end up at a shelter when their owner died or became too infirm to care for them. Garfield’s caregivers at North Shore Animal League have taken the opportunity to write about the problem of and solutions to feline obesity.
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Jack The Traveling Cat

Jack is a two year old grey tabbly who enjoys a cat-about-town lifestyle with his petdad and constant companion Peter Pasquale. Peter travels for his work but, thanks to Jack, always feels at home.
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Smokey the CH Fire Fur Baby!

A tiny kitten found immobile on a table in a burning house and revived with oxygen at the scene, has blossomed, has found a kitty pal and has a home with one of the firefighters who saved him. Smokey and his pal both are CH kitties but that does not get in the way of their leading good and happy lives.
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Sponge Bob Gains Fame

Life With Cats readers were introduced to Sponge Bob on May 23.  Since then the ginormous cat and his caregivers have been besieged with media requests, and the news coverage is breaking in a big way. Bob will appear on national TV on Sunday morning.
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Trash Bag Kittens: Happily Ever After

The five “Trash Bag Kittens” rescued from a dumpster in March have grown into happy healthy kittens. They have all been adopted, two into one home and three into another.
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