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Black Friday Cat Adoption Event Empties Shelter's Cages

Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society’s cat adoption event on Friday was a huge success where every cat found a home, including 40 extra cats brought in from another shelter to meet demand. Read more

S.O.S.- Save the Strays of Sandy

Guardians of Rescue continue helping animals whose lives were upended by Hurricane Sandy. They write about their efforts and a video slideshow tells much of the story in pictures. Read more

Search for BeeBop Missing Cat Narrows

Team BeeBop has been searching for Cathy Sheehan’s missing cat since his disappearance nearly a year and a half ago. Now the search has narrowed to a neighborhood resident widely believed to be a cat collector. Read more

News Crew Gets Help For Scared Cat on Utility Pole

Poor Cliff and his sibling got out and were chased by a pack of dogs. Cliff survived by climbing the pole. No one would help the traumatized cat until a news crew came out and made things happen with a phone call. Read more

Santito: Injured Kitten Gets Physical Therapy to Walk Again

Santito’s sweet spirit touched those who saw him, and he had the good fortune to come into the care of rescuers willing to give him a chance to recover. Read more

Cat Haven: A Little Paradise is Under Assault by Neighbors

Kathy Perkett has created a little paradise enclosure for 34 cats, who are spay/neutered, vaccinated, clean and healthy. One neighbor in particular is relentless in her efforts to get the enclosure torn down and have the cats removed. Read more

22 Abandoned "Tub Cats" Ready for New Homes

“Nice kitties need homes” was written atop 4 tubs that held 22 young healthy cats who were abandoned on the doorstep of a vet office. The cats are all looking for new homes. Read more

Animal Lovers Seek Help For Cat Trapped in Vacant Kroger Store

Locals concerned for a cat seen in a vacant grocery store got a TV news crew to do a report when no one else would help. The property’s landlord said he had better things to do than to worry about a cat. Read more

Angus Kitten is Rescued and Gets Help

A homeless kitten’s life changed for the better after someone called a rescue when he was found outside with his little family. Angus has gotten much needed medical care and now he is recuperating in the safety and comfort of a foster home. Read more

Cats and Dogs Get First Class Treatment on Cross Country Flight

An inside view of the flight that brought 60 cats and dogs to safety in San Diego shows the very best in air transport for animals. Read more

South Florida Rescue Closing, 80 Cats Need Homes by December 31

Undercats4Life made a video showcasing some of the beautiful cats who were rescued once and now need to be saved again. Read more

Survivors of Cat Colony Shootings Get Help as Investigation Seeks Justice

A community cat group and two vet practices are helping the survivors of the Ethel Cat Massacre to heal and find safe and loving homes. Read more

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