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Maga's Cat Immersion Project

A young cancer patient is immersed in a multimedia project that envelops her in a warm and wonderful world of cats. Read more

Massachusetts Enacts Landmark Animal Welfare Law With Protections For the State's Pets

The new law, An Act Further Regulating Animal Control, provides important enhancements and protections for the state’s stray and owned companion animals and their people. Read more

Shanghai to Los Angeles Stowaway Kitten Ni Hao Recovers

3 month old Ni Hao was nearly unconscious when he was found at the LA County end of the long sea journey across the Pacific on July 11. Shelter staff say he is making a remarkable recovery, and is beginning to regain the use of his legs. Read more

Breaking News: Jailed! Dexter Kitten Killer Wilana Frazier Sentenced Today

The Brooksville, FL woman found guilty last month of killing Dexter and Drake was sentenced today and taken off to jail. Read more

Massive Effort Rescues Kitten Trapped in Sewer

A couple were determined to save a trapped kitten’s life. Public works departments, animal control, firefighters, construction workers, private companies and neighbors all pitched in to try to rescue a kitten trapped in a sewer in Kingsville, Ontario. After many hours, the kitten was brought to freedom. Read more

And They're Off! Fifty Animal Shelters Begin 2012 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge

The final round of the $100k Challenge began today, with a field of 50 shelters competing for the big prize, which will be awarded to the shelter with the greatest increase in adoptions over a 3 month period over last year. Groups both big and small are competing in the contest. Read more

Lone Survivor From Kittens Taped Into Bucket Recovers In Preparation For Foster Care

A kitten who survived a terrible ordeal and escaped the sad fate of his littermates is doing extremely well at the vet and will soon go to foster care. Read more

Amputee Kitten Gets a Home and a Mission as a Therapy Pet

Cricket was found screaming in a field, hurt and abandoned. In a remarkably short time, she was healthy, happy and adopted into a good home where she joins two other tripod therapy pets. Read more

Stowaway Kitten Travels 2,000 mi. From Turkey to England

Yonda crept into a transport trailer in Ankara and was not discovered until journey’s end, nine days later, at Dartford, Kent. Read more

Bonded Cat and Dog Find a Home Together

Shiloh the cat and Shiner the dog were surrendered to a shelter together by their owner in June. After initially being separated they were helped by an rescue group and were adopted into a wonderful home with their foster caregiver.

Read more

Terminator the Two Legged Cat that Can

Terminator showed up on Courtney Pilgrom’s porch severely injured and in need of help and a home. She found both. Courtney tells her cat’s story here. Read more

Anakin the Wonder Cat: Two Legged Kitten Continues to Amaze!

Anakin, the homeless kitten born without a pelvis or hind legs, then adopted by Carrie Hawks, thrives in a manner that is nothing less than a triumph of nature and spirit. A new video of him showing the cat condo who’s boss proves the point. Read more

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