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Bootsie Is Reunited With His Owner 13 Months After Joplin Tornado

For the first time in his life, Milo Harris cried tears of joy when he was reunited with his missing cat Bootsie on Friday. Boostie had been missing since the Joplin, MO tornado of May 22, 2011.
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Plumber Uses High Tech Camera To Rescue Trapped Kitten

Neither the fire department nor the SPCA would send help, but Dave Radey of Milani Plumbing took an early morning call and saved a kitten with the use of his sewer snake video camera. Read more

SweetPea: Kitten Born Without Hind Feet Saved From High Kill Shelter

A staffer at a high kill shelter called Blind Cat Rescue about the 6 week old special needs kitten and SweetPea was saved. Read more

Colony Caregiver and Rescue Group Save Newborn Kitten

A tiny newborn dumped and left to die is in good hands thanks to good hearts and good luck. Read more

Kitten Makes Miraculous Recovery

Mouth to mouth resuscitation and acupuncture are credited with helping to save the life of a kitten who accidentally went through the wash cycle. The kitten’s will to live also played a part. Read more

Infographic: July 4th Fireworks - Keeping Your Pets Safe

Per Amber Alert reminds us that more pets get lost in the days surrounding the 4th of July than at any other time. The infographic includes simple tips for keeping our pets safe. Read more

Scooter: Special needs Kitten Like Corky Needs Help

Scooter is a young kitten born with twisted legs like the famous Corky. Unlike Corky, he does not have a shelter, fame and supporters to help him. We’d like to help raise his profile so he can get the help he needs.
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Fire and Rescue Crew Saves Kitten Trapped in Wall

Curiosity got a kitten into a jam earlier this week, but she was saved by the Animal Rescue Specialist from a Fire and Rescue Crew. Read more

Anonymous Donor Helps Injured Kitten

A woman has stepped forward to pay for Tuffy to see an eye specialist. The kitten was found in a dumpster earlier this month with paint poured in his eyes. He had been making a good recovery but is now facing a setback with his vision. Read more

Devoted Mama Cat Who Protected Her Kittens From Shooter Is Adopted From Shelter

Cindy did not want to leave her kittens after she was shot in the head by a BB pellet. She remained with them as she convalesced at a shelter, and now she has a new home.

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Mercedes the Kitten Is Feeling Fine

Mercedes’ story was all over the place a couple of weeks ago, after Brooklyn, NY based photographer Antonio M. Rosario saved her from danger and recounted the compelling rescue story. A video shows little Mercedes settling into her new home. Read more

Kittens Saved From Dumpster Are Safe At Rescue Center

Three Kittens rescued from a dumpster on a very hot day are safe and getting a fresh start in life thanks to Good Samaritans and the organization that took them in. Read more

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