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Students Help Paralyzed Cat

Doug lost the use of his hind legs when he was shot with a BB pellet last summer. Now he is scooting around on a cart built by local students. Read more

Bendy Legged Kitten Harvey Gets Help

A cat rescue is smitten with the special needs kitten in their care, and supporters quickly raised funds for an operation to help him. Read more

Dutchess's Big News

Dutchess was severely burned in a house fire four months ago, and has gained many friends and supporters in the course of her recovery. Her guardians discussed some big news in a video made at the hospital on Saturday. Read more

High School Robotics Club Builds Cart For Disabled Kitten

Flipper’s wheeled cart allows her to walk and run, and is helping her to regain the use of her hind legs. Read more

The Little Kitty That Could Update: Kitten Gets a Brace in Preparation For Surgery

Pretzel will have surgeries on her hind legs, but must wear a brace on her twisted right leg before the surgery can be done. The brace is not slowing her down, as she shows in a video with her at play. Read more

Woman's Dying Wish For Her Cat is Fulfilled

When Nancy Cocker died at age 97, she wanted to make sure her 3 legged FIV positive cat would not end up in the shelter. Thanks to helping hands, Oscar was rehomed just before the deadline that would have sent him to the shelter despite his guardian’s wishes. Read more

Truck Driver Reunited with Cat Lost When Rig Was Stolen

Trucker Jay Jones and Maggie the cat practically lived on the road until their truck, with Maggie inside, was stolen when Jay stopped at a store. Jay was devastated at losing Maggie, and was overjoyed to get her back again. Read more

Freezer Kitten Tuffy Gets a Special Home

Tuffy has gone from being stuffed into a freezer in a zip lock bag to being the treasured kitty of a family who are grateful they were chosen to give him a good home. Read more

Petitions Seek Rigorous Prosection of Persian Cat Breeder Accused of Attempted Drownings

Two petitions seek to have Betty Gould answer for allegedly trying to kill two of her cats by tossing them into a river in a trash bag. Organizers also want the court to take the 50-60 cats she is refusing to relinquish. Read more

Coast Guard Rescues Man and Cat From Sinking Sailboat

Tommy Girl was rescued from the cold ocean waters this morning. Then she and her guardian were brought up to safety in a basket, in a dramatic rescue. Read more

Houston's Beloved Fat Cat Tiny Gets Cancer Diagnosis

Two and a half weeks ago Tiny Tim was doing great on the 1 year anniversary of his weight loss plan. This week he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. A CT scan will tell more. Read more

Cat Survives 1,700 Mile Ride Under Train

Polly criss-crossed parts of England during a days long ordeal trapped beneath a train. She’s lost a leg but is doing well, and will soon return home. Read more

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