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Noella, Special Needs Kitten Finds a Special Home

In this happiest of stories, a family with other special needs pets at home has adopted a special kitten named Noella. Read more

Shelter Keeps Bonded Cat and Dog Together

A surrendered cat and dog pair are so closely bonded that the shelter allows them to room together and hopes someone will give them both a good home. Read more

Edmonton Firefighters Rescue Kittens From House Fire

Two kittens were doing well enough to be vocal about it when paramedics gave them oxygen and cleaned soot off of them at the scene of a residential fire last Monday. Read more

Cat Caught in Leghold Trap is Rescued and Gets Care

Animal Control, a rescue organization and an animal hospital all pitched in to help a stray cat who walked into an illegal leg trap. Philbert is recovering from amputation and neuter surgery at the shelter. Read more

Garfield Saves the Day

A rescued cat named Garfield returned the favor when he saved his family from a potentially deadly gas leak in their home. Read more

Justice for Oreo

An animal lover is collecting signatures on a petition seeking the maximum penalty for a man accused of strangling his own cat, if he is convicted. Read more

Kitten is Rescued by Sacramento Firefighters

Thanks to three high school boys who called for help, a kitten was rescued by firefighters from a Sacramento, CA storm drain after four days spent trapped underground. Read more

Reunited! Two Moore Tornado Cats Find Their Families

Thanks to tireless ongoing efforts, two more cats displaced in the May 20 Moore, OK tornado were reunited with their grateful families this week. Read more

Texas Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Killing Girlfriend's Kitten

A Dallas, TX man convicted of animal cruelty on June 7 for killing his girlfriend’s kitten in a fit of rage last summer was sentenced to 10 years in prison in a Dallas County courtroom today. Read more

Sleuthing and Facebook Help Reunite Kairi With Her Grateful Owner

Kairi was mistaken for a feral cat but her friendliness showed otherwise. The discovery of a Swedish microchip in a cat found in Portland, OR set off a search for her family. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Cats and Dog From Boulder Condo Fire

Photos captured the scene as Boulder firefighters brought residents’ pets out of harms way as their condo building burned on Monday. Read more

Mama Kitty and Her Ducklings

A Mama kitty who counts some fuzzy yellow duckling chicks among her babies keeps trying to pull the little birds over to snuggle with her and the kittens. Read more

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