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Firefighters Rescue Kitten Trapped in Car Engine

South Pasadena firefighters freed a kitten who’d taken a 15 mile ride to a toy store yesterday when it was heard meowing from its spot trapped under the hood. Read more

Bravo, Rescued Kitten

A good Samaritan rescued Bravo and paid for a leg amputation for the injured kitten. A rescue group is now caring for Bravo as he recovers. Read more

Petunia's Kittens

Langley Animal Protection Society took in a pregnant kitty named Petunia, who had her kittens in March. The babies have become stars with millions of views of the Ustream kitty cam channel where they are featured. Read more

Rescuing the Two Jacks

Theodore Jack and River Jack went out the window at a cat rescue, setting off a six day effort to find them and bring them back to the safety of their home. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Tiny Kittens Then Save Them From Euthanasia

West Covina, CA firefighters saved the lives of a pair of two week old kittens twice in one day. First they rescued them from being trapped within a home’s walls. Then they saved them from being put down at the shelter. Read more

Love, Help and Prayers for Bindy

The online community of cat lovers is sending donations, loving support and prayers for a young cat named Bindy who is fighting for her life at the vet after being beaten by a male member of her household because she was “a bad kitty” for getting pregnant. Read more

Cable Workers Rescue Tiny Kitten From Underground Pipe

Time Warner Cable workers saved the day when firefighters were unable to help a kitten that had fallen into an underground pipe over the weekend. Read more

Huge Effort Including Earthquake Rescue Team Saves Trapped Cat

Animal rescuers,a fire brigade’s earthquake rescue team, a building company and a vet all worked together to save a cat who escaped from his carrier on the way to the vet and became wedged between a flint wall and a garage. Read more

Litter of Four Kittens Rescued From Dumpster

Four beautiful kittens are safe in foster care after being found in a box left in a dumpster on Friday. Read more

Cat Lost After Superstorm Sandy Returns Home

Porsche was staying 8 miles from home with his family following the storm when he went missing last November. On Wednesday he returned home. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Cat Wedged Between Brick Walls

Bruno needed help when he became stuck in a 3 inch space between two brick walls. Read more

Ninja the Cat is Found Two Days After Accidental 11 Story Fall

A cat from Vancouver, CA is said to live up to his name after taking an accidental tumble and going missing, then being found in good shape and acting his normal self once back at home. Read more

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