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Sponge Bob, Rest In Peace, August 3rd, 2012

Sponge Bob’s family has made the sad announcement that their beloved boy has passed away. The cat gained fame for his notable size and for Animal Haven NYC’s efforts restore him to a healthy weight and energy level, and to find him a good home. Read more

Einstein Medical Center Agrees to End Use of Kittens in Controversial Training Exercise

Kittens will no longer be used in tracheal intubation exercises at the training hospital according to a medical trade publication report issued this evening. Read more

Concern for Stripy the Cat Draws Crowd to Building Demolition

A cat thought to have remained in her condemned, fire damaged apartment building since May is still on neighborhood residents’ minds, as the building undergoes demolition today. Read more

Young Shelter Volunteer is Reunited With Her Own Missing Cat

Maddie Eustis never expected to see her missing cat again, and got the surprise of her life when a stray at the shelter where she volunteers turned out to be her own beloved pet. Read more

Update on Operation Save Mila

Mila was rescued and adopted by a US Airman and his wife in June after she got caught in a vehicle’s fan belt.. She has recovered well and appears in a video report with her new family. Read more

Firefighter Offers to Adopt Tiny Kitten Rescued From Wheel Well

Firefighters rescued a very young, crying kitten today from the wheel well of a car. after the driver pulled over and called for help. Read more

Firefighters Save Kittens From Drowning in Storm Drain

40 Prince George County, MD firefighters responded to a call about a litter of kittens stuck in a storm drain. With heavy rains on the way, the rescuers knew that had to act fast to save the little lives. Read more

Maga's Cat Immersion Project

A young cancer patient is immersed in a multimedia project that envelops her in a warm and wonderful world of cats. Read more

Massachusetts Enacts Landmark Animal Welfare Law With Protections For the State's Pets

The new law, An Act Further Regulating Animal Control, provides important enhancements and protections for the state’s stray and owned companion animals and their people. Read more

Shanghai to Los Angeles Stowaway Kitten Ni Hao Recovers

3 month old Ni Hao was nearly unconscious when he was found at the LA County end of the long sea journey across the Pacific on July 11. Shelter staff say he is making a remarkable recovery, and is beginning to regain the use of his legs. Read more

Breaking News: Jailed! Dexter Kitten Killer Wilana Frazier Sentenced Today

The Brooksville, FL woman found guilty last month of killing Dexter and Drake was sentenced today and taken off to jail. Read more

Massive Effort Rescues Kitten Trapped in Sewer

A couple were determined to save a trapped kitten’s life. Public works departments, animal control, firefighters, construction workers, private companies and neighbors all pitched in to try to rescue a kitten trapped in a sewer in Kingsville, Ontario. After many hours, the kitten was brought to freedom. Read more

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