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Turner is Reunited With his Family After Two Years

The Haffner family is overjoyed to have their missing cat back home with them after two years. Read more

Lacey and Cocopuff: Orphaned Puppy and Kitten Are Loving Companions

Two tiny, orphaned babies, a kitten and a puppy, love one another as though they were actual littermates. Their videos and photos will melt your heart. Read more

Justice for Bella, Young Cat Deliberately Killed at Shelter Despite Rescuers' Pleas

One year old Bella was killed on the orders of a shelter sergeant, despite the pleas of rescuers trying to get to the shelter in time to save her. Read more

Courthouse Welcomes Resident Cats

Boone and Panda earn their keep by scaring pigeons away from the courthouse’s glass dome. Read more

Jacksonville Shelter Receives Award for Success in Saving Lives

Jacksonville is being recognized for its commitment to saving lives. Read more

Police, Fire and Veterinary Crew Rescue Cat From Car Engine

A town’s public employees worked with staff from a nearby animal medical center to rescue a cat trapped in a car’s engine compartment yesterday. Read more

Man Who Stabbed Cat Acquitted on Self Defense Claim

Police said Peter Freshour lured a cat with food and then stabbed it to death. Freshour claimed he acted in self defense after an animal he feared had rabies attacked him. The jury sided with the defendant. Read more

Please Help Angel's Cause Reach the Walker Internet Cat Video Festival

A campaign to get Angel’s story nominated as a festival entry needs our help. Angel was abused then rescued and given a second chance. Her rescuers want to find Angel’s abuser. Read more

A Hoarder's Cat Finds a New Home

Betsy, now Clementine, has a new life with a new family after a recent adoption event to rehome a group of cats taken from a hoarder in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Read more

Elmo the Water Cat: Hydrotherapy Helps Overweight Cat With Hip Problem

Elmo suffered a hip injury as a kitten and, at 7 years old, was fat, barely mobile, and asthmatic. Hydrotherapy and a diet plan have him back on track. Read more

Prison for Man Who Botched Home Declawing of Kittens

A man who caused great suffering and the eventual deaths of a pair of kittens with a brutish home declawing gets jail time. Read more

Meatball: Lost Cat's Mystery is Solved and He's Back Home

A shelter reached out with a lost cat’s perplexing story, and social networking found his family. Now Meatball is back home. Read more

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