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Cat Jumps To Safety From Burning Building

KLAS TV showed a cat’s dramatic leap to safety during a fire that destroyed two Las Vegas apartment buildings on Thursday. The cat jumped from a second story balcony as onlookers cheered. Read more

Boy the Cat Is Reunited With His Family 16 Months After the Christchurch Earthquake

Boy went missing after the devastating earthquake hit NZ on Feb. 22, 2011. He turned up at a shelter this week and, thanks to his microchip, is now back home. Read more

Group of Girls Rescue Kitten When Animal Control Cannot

A group of young women in Hanover, VA rescued a kitten from a storm drain yesterday. Animal Control said the drain was too small, but the girls persisted, with the smallest of the them crawling in to save the kitty. Read more

How To Save a Cat Stuck Up a Tree

SMART Animal Rescue Team, LA shows how the pros do it, with videos from two recent treed cat rescues. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Kitten Stranded When His Mama and Siblings Were Saved

Late last month, Fontana, CA firefighters rescued a kitten left behind and trapped for days after his family was taken by animal control. Read more

Cat Steals the Show

A cat grabbed the spotlight when he joined TV reporter Nicole DiDonato on camera in a live shot that was broadcast to viewers. Read more

Blackie the Wheelchair Cat and His New Quest

Blacky the Wheelchair Cat has risen over his disabilities, and recently marked the two year anniversary of the accident injured his hind legs. Now he is on a campaign to help raise the profile of special needs pets.
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Waste Company Rescuers Care For The Tiny Kitten They Saved

Staff at a waste and recycling company are caring for the little kitten they found in the trash and saved from a tragic end when they heard her cries. Read more

Hero Kitty Saves Man From Fire

A stray cat with no name saved Leland Huff from a burning building. Now the two spend every day together at a roadside fruit stand. Read more

Boots, Cat Saved By Bank, Gets A Real Forever Home

Independence Day was rehoming day for Boots, the cat whose life was saved by trust officers at Fifth and Third Bank earlier this year.

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Soba, Missing For 4 Years, Is found In Feral Cat Sweep and Returns Home

Heather Grygier tried to find her missing cat, with no luck. Four years after she went missing, Soba was trapped this week and a microchip scan reunited her with her family. Read more

Kinako Goes Home

A missing cat is reunited with her petmom 15 months after the evacuation of the Fukushima, Japan radiation zone caused the two to become separated. Read more

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