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Raw Video:Cat Rescued From Moore Tornado Debris

Video shot by a friend shows the rescue of a cat seen in one of the iconic images from the Moore tornado pet recovery effort. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Cat Stuck Up Tree for 4 Days

Jasmine was stuck 6 stories high up a tree for 4 days as her owner tried desperately to get help. Finally, with a news crew on hand, police and firefighters went into action and saved the cat, in an elaborate rescue operation. Read more

Petal, Cute Squitten Kitten Finds a Home

A bendy leg radial hypoplasia kitten named Petal was given a chance by a rescue group and has found the perfect home. Read more

Kitten Rescued from Kids Last Week is Adopted

A kitten saved from abuse just days ago, before she could be hurt, went home from the shelter with her new family today. Read more

Boy Scout Finds Cat Buried in Tornado Rubble for 6 Days

Egor is back with his family after a Boy Scout doing tornado relief work in Moore, OK found him in the rubble on Sunday. Read more

Jax the Cat is Rescued from a Tight Spot

A special animal rescue team saved the day when indoor kitty Jax got out and found herself trapped between two concrete walls for three days. Read more

Family Finds Cat in Tornado Damaged Home

A family visiting their Moore, OK home three days after it was damaged by a tornado reclaimed their cat, when the skittish pet peered in at them through a hole in the building. Read more

Quinn Comes Home

After being completely heartbroken since she went missing nearly two months ago, I was walking home from the store yesterday and she was waiting for me outside my house. Welcome back, Quinn! Read more

Max the Cat is Reunited with Sally

Raystede Center for Animal Welfare recently reunited a cat named Max with the woman who’d missed him for over four years. Read more

Man Finds Brother's Cat in Debris of Home Destroyed by Moore Tornado

A couple who rushed into the tornado zone to check up on relatives in a destroyed neighborhood found the family’s two cats in their usual hiding place, under the bed. Read more

10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat!

Chris Poole and his adopted black cat Cole, using scenes from Cole’s adorable kitten days, make the case for black cats as perfectly wonderful pets. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Cat Missing for Weeks from 25ft. Hole

Mai Tai’s petmom calls it a miracle now that she has her cat back after the rescue effort that brought her home. Read more

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