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Sparkle Formerly Abused Kitten Gets a Home

Sparkle got a Happy New Home farewell party today as she started her new life. Her new petmom is happy to give the formerly burned and abused girl a good home Read more

Skittles is Headed 2,000 Miles Back Home After Long Ordeal and Online Fame

Skittles survived for 6 weeks on her own in a state park, then gained fame on a live stream kitty cam while recuperating at a rescue. Now she is going home Read more

Injured Kitten Gets Help Thanks to Good Samaritan and a Caring Community

Posters, a Facebook appeal, and a feature on a local news broadcast raised money to pay for surgery to help an injured kitten found on the side of a road. Read more

Little Puss Returns to His Family After 10 Years

Little Puss was 7 months old when he disappeared. He was recently discovered living on a nearby farm, and was warmly welcomed back home. Read more

Girl Gets Help For Cat Stuck Up Utility Pole for 3 Days

A young girl and her friends got Idaho Power to relent and come out to save her family’s cat, who was stranded up a pole, walking on live wires. Read more

Pumpkinfest Black Cat Giveaway Draws Controversy

A Rhode Island animal control unit’s black cat booth at a fall fair on Saturday drew criticism from local advocates opposed to the adoption of black cats in the days before Halloween. Read more

Safe Haven: A Place For Pets Helps Domestic Abuse Victims Start New Lives

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the US.Safe Haven gives the pets of domestic abuse victims a place to stay while they are in transition. Read more

Cat Missing After Burglary Reunited With Her Family

Thanks to a chain of people and events that brought her home, Elsa was reunited with her family last week after going missing and spending three months on her own. Read more

Woman Mounts Costly Search, Missing Cat Comes Home

Tabby’s petmom hired an experienced missing pet search company within days of her disappearance, and said her pets are members of the family. Read more

Woman Arrested For Shooting At Neighbor Over Cat Dispute

Janie Grooms did not hurt her neighbor, but she was arrested for shooting at him because she believed he had trapped her cats. Read more

Savannah TNR Group Reluctantly Halts Their Work

The Milton Project has helped the feral and abandoned cats of Chatham County for 8 years, but is being forced to give up their good works because of regulatory difficulties. Read more

Rescue of Kitten From Car Caught on Video

A video shot at a Florida garage today got a good view of a rescue as it occurred. The kitten is fine and it has found a home. Read more

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