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Hero Pig Leads Family to Injured Cat After Fire

A horse farm’s beloved mascot pig led family members to an injured cat thought to have perished days earlier in a deadly fire. Read more

Cat Saves Couple From Carbon Monoxide Leak

Tiger saved himself and his family last week when he made a fuss that prevented them from losing consciousness as their home filled with deadly gas. Read more

Petmom Talks About Mittens the Pekingese and Her Kitten Bootsie

Pat Weber of Jordan, MN talks on video about the newborn kitten her grandson found in her barn, and how her dog Mittens took on the role of Mama to the motherless baby. Read more

Outspoken Witness to Kitten Drownings Undergoes Intimidation From Neighbors

The woman who took a photo of the teens who drowned a pair of newborn kittens is undergoing a campaign of harassment from her neighbors, despite the court’s directive to the teens to leave the witness alone. Read more

Life Gets Better: Tuxedo Stan Selects a Campaign Song

Life Gets Better is a hopeful slogan of promise for the underserved, voiceless cats of Halifax. It’s also the title of Tuxedo Stan’s campaign song. Read more

Cat and Man Save One Another From Burning Building

Artemis woke Curtis Smallwood and alerted him to a fire. Curtis carried the cat out of the burning building to safety. Read more

Cat Rescued From Roof After 7 Days, Thanks to Group Effort

A feral cat group made things happen in a tricky rescue made in the face of threats from the property owner. Read more

Update on 41 Pound Cat Skinny: Vet Says He is a She

After a trip to the vet on Friday, Skinny is now known to be a she and is no longer available for adoption. She will placed instead with a shelter who has expertise in weight and health management for obese cats. Read more

Charges Against Mesa Catnapper and Alleged Cat Killer Are Dropped

Charges were dropped today for the man who admitted to stealing 30-40 cats, and who was caught on camera stealing one who turned up dead the next day. Read more

Pekingese Adopts Motherless Kitten

A little dog adopted a newborn kitten who came into her home after being found out in the barn all alone. Read more

BC SPCA Launches Investigation After Kittens Found Abandoned In a Bag

Rose and another kitten survived a dumping and a brush with death, and are getting a fresh start at the good lives they deserve. Their littermates were not so fortunate and the SPCA is looking for the responsible party. Read more

How the Cat Got His Blotches: Findings on Tabby Patterns Released

Research into the genetics of color patterns in cats may help scientists understand resistance to infectious diseases. Interesting questions and answers about cats and their markings came up during the research. Read more

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