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Good Samaritan Rescues Cat From House Fire

A man at the scene of a house fire risked his own safety to rescue the family’s cat from the smoke and flames. Read more

Prisoners Caring for Cats Program Has Continued Success

A program at Larch Corrections Center in Yacolt, WA shows continuing success helping the cats to become socialized so they can be adopted. Read more

Texas Siamese Rescue: It's a Cat's Life at Meezers Ranch

A news crew visited Texas Siamese Rescue for a profile in honor of Siamese Rescue’s recent milestone of rescuing their 20,000th cat. The Corinth Texas branch has saved 7,422 cats Read more

Hearts Break at Kodak's Needless Death and Controversy Flares

A blind cat known to thousands through an unforgettable photo was killed at the shelter on Monday, the day he was scheduled for release to rescuers. Read more

Cats to Stay Wants You to Dance With Your Cat

A group set up in response to Gareth Morgan and his Cats to Go invites cat lovers to submit short clips of themselves and their cats for a video project. We include their amusing invitation video here, along with a link to their Facebook page. Read more

Photos: Firefighters Rescue Kitten Stuck in Tree For Two Days

Firefighters made the rescue when called in by the RSPCA to save a cat stuck far up a tree for two days. Read more

Family Spots Their Missing Cat's Photo at Shelter's Facebook Page the Day He Was Adopted by Someone Else

The shelter says Astro’s family can only get him back if the new adopter gives him over willingly. Read more

Ginger is Back With the Young Man Who Loves Her, After 5 Years

Ginger is back home after 5 years. She immediately bonded with the young man who had not seen her since she was a kitten. Read more

Simhasana's Miraculous Recovery

Simhasana is a survivor, a stray disabled cat who made a miraculous recovery after she was rescued and given the chance to rest and heal. Read more

Heaven: Rescued Kitten is Safe

Heaven is a sweet, loving kitten who is safe in foster care with a rescue group, thanks to people who helped her after she was abused and discarded. Read more

THE HUNT: Join the Online Scavenger Hunt, Sunday Feb. 17!

Join the fun in an online game featuring your favorite cat and dog internet celebrities. There are several prizes and hourly drawings. The fun begins 2pm PST / 5pm EST. Read more

Pretzel, The Little Kitty That Could, Explores New Cosy Digs After Surgery

The special needs kitten had surgery on Thursday to realign her twisted right hind leg. Two days later, with her leg wrapped, she is able to use it better than before. A new video shows Pretzel today. Read more

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