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Profile of a Young Cat Rescuer

20 year old Macy Schneeberger has been recognized for her ongoing efforts as one of the volunteers helping animals displaced by the Moore, OK tornado of May 20, 2013. Read more

Saltwater Taffy, the Lobster-Claw Kitty

Saltwater Taffy is a young kitten whose front legs are bent due to a congenital condition. She was found in a back yard in Philadelphia, along with her siblings, who are also special needs, and is being fostered for ACCT. Read more

Kitten with Eye Problems Rescued by Children Gets Help

Lucky was rescued by children, then was helped by a local humane society and animal hospital. Lucky’s eyes were so damaged by an untreated infection his vet had to remove them. He is adapting quickly and is poised for a good new life. Read more

Brutus: From Broken to Whole

When volunteers at ASAP (Animal Shelter Assistance Program) found Brutus, he was in one of the worst conditions they had ever seen. Read more

Archaeology Project Volunteers Rescue Kitten from Creek

A crew working on an archaeology project were in the right place at the right time to make the rescue when a tiny kitten fell from a bridge into a creek. Read more

Justice for Mistoffelees

Robert Brooks is heartbroken that the local humane society killed his beloved cat, and he is fighting for changes so that Mistoffelees gets some small measure of justice after the fact and so that other pets are spared her fate. Read more

“Twisty” Cat Survives Against All Odds and Now Awaits His Forever Home

Duncan is a cat who has an incredible knack at surviving even with all the odds being against him. Read more

Spina Bifida Kitty Dot Gets her Forever Home!

Readers may remember Dot and her remarkable story, which got more remarkable still last month when she was adopted. Read more

Dash: Kitten Shot by Pellet Gun and Dumped from Car is Rescued by Good Samaritan

A kitten named Dash was rescued by Good Samaritans last Friday. Dash had already experienced at least two traumatic events but he is now on track for a better life. Read more

SLC Firefighters Revive Cat at Scene of House Fire

Salt Lake City, UT firefighters rescued and revived a cat at the scene of a house fire Tuesday morning, using a pet oxygen mask and CPR. Read more

Lucky Thrives as Man Who Beat Him With Golf Club Pleads Guilty

Lucky’s broken legs are healed and he found a good home. The man who beat him with a golf club in August of last year pleaded guilty today and was made to pay it forward in the amount of Lucky’s medical care. Read more

Jackie: From the Streets to Living Out Her Final Days With Love

Jackie’s story is one of many ups and downs. No one knows exactly where Jackie’s tale begins. However, she was first reported to Annex Cat Rescue (ACR) in Toronto, Canada Read more

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