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Abandoned Kittens Escape Graveyard Dangers

Bubble & Squeak are a friendly pair of kittens rescued from a church graveyard where animal predators are known to roam. Now they can be adopted into the good homes they deserve. Read more

Firefighters Rescue "Pool Table Kittens" at Scene of Fire

Firefighters responding to a fire at a bar today rescued three beautiful kittens from an abandoned pool table on the property. Read more

FL Firefighters and Deputies Rescue Kitten Trapped in Wall

Ten Lauderhill, FL firefighters teamed up with deputies from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday to rescue a tiny orange and white kitten that had been trapped behind a wall for at least 3 days. Read more

Burned Kitten is Recovering as PSPCA Seeks Help Finding the Abuser

A tiny kitten found with burn injuries on Thursday is expected to recover. The PSPCA is asking for the public’s help in finding the abuser. Read more

Lucky, Kitty With Chemical Burns, Begins to Heal

Lucky was rescued by HART after he was cruelly injured on his head and neck with chemical burns. Several days in, he has gotten medical care, is purring and is on the mend. Read more

Woman Chases Coyote to Save Her Cat

A young woman living in a San Diego suburb showed no fear or concern for her own safety when she chased down a coyote that had run off with her cat. Read more

Cat Alerts His Owner to Venomous Snake

Sam made a fuss that allowed his owner to find a venomous snake lurking in the house before the creature had the chance to attack. Read more

Luigi, Cat Gone Missing During Transport, is Found!

Luigi was pulled from Death Row and was on his way to a new and better life when he escaped his carrier during transport, panicked and got lost. After more than two months, Luigi has been safely found! Read more

Lego Town promo video does not go as planned

Sam was creating a video presentation about the Lego Town project he does for his son’s school when he got some unexpected help from his cat. Read more

Rescuers Want to Find Maddie's Family and Send her Home

A cat who got lost on a trip a few years ago, and whose family came back repeatedly to search for her, was trapped by a group working with ferals. Her rescuers are trying to find the cat’s family and are asking cat lovers for help spreading the word. Read more

The Mystery of Macavity

His rescuers are stumped over how a six week old kitten got trapped behind a residential wall all by himself, and how he managed to survive for at days there without food and water. Read more

D'Art Gets Adopted: Special Needs Kitty Finds a Home

D’Art was given a chance to live and thrive when he was rescued and taken in by a sanctuary. Though sad to see him go, the sanctuary celebrated the joyous occasion when he went to the perfect home recently. Read more

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