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Abuser Charged In June Kitten Cruelty Case

Sparkles is recovering well from burns she received in June. Investigators pursued the case and arrested her abuser yesterday. Read more

Baby is Back: Woman Reunited With Her Missing Joplin Tornado Cat After 15 Months

Baby was reunited with his grateful petmom yesterday after being separated from her since the May 22, 2011 tornado that destroyed part of their city and displaced thousands of pets. Read more

Loki the Blind Kitten

A family took responsibility for a kitten they found with infected eyes. They paid for surgery when his eyes had to be removed and want everyone to know that sightless kitties can lead happy lives. Read more

Dot: Learning to Love Her Cart

Special needs kitty Dot, born with spina bifida, is learning to use her brand new wheeled cart. Read more

Whiskerville Cats: Last Chance

The Whiskerville cats were rescued from horrific conditions in January of this year, and now many of them need to be rescued again, as they sit on Death Row with their August 21 kill date rapidly approaching. Read more

Kitten Rescue!

A writer and her family rescued a tiny kitten trapped within the walls of their home and fell in love with him before turning him over to a wonderful cat group for care. Paula Tiberius shares her story and the video of the rescue. Read more

The Temperature was 104: Crated Mama and Kittens Found in Time to be Saved

A litter of kittens in a Rubbermaid container, with Mama in a carrier on top, were found by chance behind a shelter outbuilding on a hot day. Read more

Firefighters Make Kitten Withdrawal From ATM

Someone making a cash withdrawal from an Australian ATM on Monday heard meowing and called firefighters, who rescued a litter of newborn kittens. Read more

Fragile, Be Kind to Me Please

Fragile, Be Kind to me Please! was written on the box used to drop off a kitten at a full shelter last week, at a time when there are many more homeless cats and kittens than people willing and able to care for them. Read more

Pip the Wonder Kitty: Updates From a Busy Life

Pip, the sweet special needs kitty from Tenth Life has found a home, gotten a Facebook page and begun a quest to appear on the Ellen Degeneres show, to represent kitties like himself and to showcase the great work of Tenth Life. Read more

Scenes From Day 1: Caboodle Cats Adoption Event

Images from day one of the two day event meant to find homes for hundreds of cats held since a February raid at Caboodle Ranch cat sanctuary. Read more

NYC Cats Rescued After Decade in WTC Area Office Building's Boiler Room

Bob Marley and Ziggy were rescued last month after living for many years below ground. Now they are ready for the good home they so greatly deserve. Read more

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