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Mama Chaos and the Orphaned Kittens

New Mama Chaos showed an orphaned litter of kittens some mother love when they were rescued by Tenth Life. Their touching story is told here. Read more

James Dean, Beloved Cat, Dies While Entrusted to Jet Airways

Tara Chowdhry’s touching Obituary for James Dean and Open Letter to Jet Airways pays tribute to a friend’s beloved cat and revisits the heartbreaking issue of pets who die while entrusted to the care of airline carriers. Read more

PetSmart Employee Rescues Cats in Sealed Tub From Dumpster

Grace and Hazel are safe and well cared for now thanks to a PetSmart employee whose mother told him to always check sealed containers. The cats were in a sealed tub in a dumpster outside the store. Read more

Kittens Found Dumped in Plastic Bag Doing Well After Rescue

A litter of 4 kittens rescued by good Samaritans who followed their cries are doing well and will stay in foster care until they are ready for adoption in about 8 weeks. Read more

Timmy is Reunited With His Family After 3 Years

The cat who was turned over to a shelter 3 years after he’d gone missing and 550 miles away from home was reunited with his family this weekend, and a news crew was on hand. Read more

Lexi and Her Babies

Lexi came to the shelter after months spent as a stray, and an emergency c-section saved her kittens when she had a difficult labor. Mama and her kittens are all doing well. Read more

Photos: Seattle Firefighters Resuscitate Cat at Scene of Fire

Firefighters searched a condo unit and found a cat hiding under a bed, barely breathing. They were able to revive the cat with the use of a pet oxygen mask. Read more

Cat Emerges From House Struck by Plane Ahead of Wrecking Ball

A cat missing since a small jet crashed into his South Bend home last Sunday was found between two walls today as the wrecking ball was demolishing the building. Read more

Long Lost Cat Timmy Gets Ride 550 Miles Back Home

A man picked Timmy up in Oregon, thinking he was abandoned, and took him home to Montana 3 years ago. When the man turned Timmy in to the shelter last week, a microchip located his family and he found a ride back home. Read more

Animal Lovers Help 225 Cats and Dogs After Shelter Fire

Animal lovers from near and far have shown support for the cats and dogs displaced last week by a fire at the Christian County Animal Shelter, in Kentucky. Most have found fosters or other placement, and the shelter is accepting donations for their care. Read more

Bus Driver Rescues Two Cats Susbisting on Scraps in the Freezing Cold

Greg and Wayne are safe, warm and well fed at the shelter now thanks to the good Samaritan who found them subsisting on scraps and huddling for warmth behind a grocery store. Read more

Josephine the Tuxedo Kitten

A seriously injured 8 month old kitten has gotten help after being found by a good Samaritan. Now she is healing in the care of a rescue group and has a Facebook page where her story and progress can be followed and shared. Read more

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