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Kitten frozen to ground finds a home with his rescuers

A kitten rescued by passersby who discovered him frozen to a drain now has a good home. Read more

Clinton Gets Help

Clinton was rescued from a neglectful situation, having a deformity caused by an untreated broken paw. Read more

Sullivan's Rescue

A kitten was rescued after hitching a ride to the shelter as a stowaway in a car’s engine compartment. Read more

Cat shot with 40 pellets is recovered and looking for good home

A cat who was traumatized by events that left him riddled with pellet shot and with two fractured legs is now looking for a good home. Read more

Callie helps others and is helped in return

Callie the calico cat is greeter and a soothing presence at a therapy horse farm. When she needed dental surgery, Callie’s friends pitched in to pay for her care. Read more

Kitten with neurological issues gets help

A shelter is helping a wobbly kitten with neurological issues to improve his mobility, while helping to make things easier for him. Read more

Constrction workers rescue kitten suffering from frostbite

Popsicle is recovering at the shelter after being brought in with frostbite damage to her hind feet. Read more

Adorable Kittens Rescued Outside of a Warehouse

Three cute little kittens found behind the offices of the Razor scooter company were rescued by employees. Read more

Missing Albuquerque Kitten is Found in Maine

A kitten missing from Albuquerque, New Mexico turned up 5 days later and 2,300 miles away in Portland, Maine. Read more

Firefighters rescue 6 newborn kittens

Firefighters rescued a newborn litter of kittens whose mother hid them in the insulation beneath a trailer home. Read more

Dennis the "menace" rescued from a rain gutter

Dennis somehow fell or wandered into a very tight predicament. He ended up in a sealed rain gutter 25 feet up! Read more

Rare male tortie Harry turns up at shelter

Staff at a Scottish shelter were surprised when a tortie kitten handed in to them turned out to be a rarity – a boy! Read more

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