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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Cat

Do you really need a reason to get a cat? Well, here are five of them in case you do! Read more

Boo is back! Missing Savannah cat is found

A 35 pound semi-exotic domestic cat missing and on the loose for two weeks is safely back home with his grateful family. Read more

Man has remarkable reunion with his cat after 5 years

Luck and a matter of circumstance led to the reunion between a man and the cat he had not seen in 5 years. Chop Chop’s homecoming “was meant to be,” his petdad says. Read more

Liza: Rescued kitten was born without her hind feet

Liza was found with her littermates at a gas station, and only later did her rescuer realize that she had been born without her hind feet. Read more

Mog-nificient Seven kittens beat the odds

A litter of 7 abandoned kittens weathered the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo in a cardboard box before they were found and rescued. Read more

Budd Doesn't Know He is Different

Budd is a CH kitty who could not walk or stand at 8 weeks old when he was found, but he has made great progress with the help of his loving caregivers. Read more

Police Rescue Kitten From Sewer

Logansport, Indiana police officers rescued a kitten trapped below ground in a sewer Monday evening. Read more

Special cat is reunited with his family after 3 years

A 4 year old cat who’d been missing for 3 years was reunited with his family this week thanks to a prominent physical characteristic and the diligence of shelter staff. Read more

Paralyzed kitten Muffin survives risky surgery!

Muffin, the tiny rescue kitten paralyzed after a botched microchip insertion, survived the risky surgery to remove the chip from his spine today. Read more

Black Cat Ninja Kitty's Climbing Skills

Mei the Cat uses her ninja skills to climb a wall so she can reach her favorite spot. Read more

Maximus the Great!

A very large Russian cat named Maximus is making news. Read more

Cat who went missing in Oregon is reunited with her Ohio family

Three months after she panicked on a visit to Oregon and went missing, Taillight has been found and reunited with her family, and has returned to her Ohio home. Read more

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