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Woman's cats found 5 days after East Village building explosion

A woman whose home was destroyed when a building exploded in NYC last week has been reunited with her missing cats. Read more

Swedes rescue Syrian refugee's cat in Sicily

A Syrian refugee will have her wish fulfilled this Easter after staff at a Swedish animal shelter rescued her long lost cat from quarantine in Sicily. Read more

Bluey the cat may have the world's loudest purr

A sweet cat who recently lost her home may end up holding the record for the domestic cat with the loudest purr. Read more

NYC Councilman rescues pregnant, shot cat

Poor Loretta is pregnant, has been shot, and suffered previous abuse, but her life took a turn for the better when a New York City Councilman rescued her. Read more

Purple Cat Up for Adoption in Fort Worth

Fuchsia stood out when she came to the Humane Society of North Texas last week, having been dyed bright purple Read more

Kebab stick cat has lucky escape

Bella has eight of her ‘nine lives’ still intact after a routine spay procedure uncovered an amazing discovery. Read more

Oz the cat has map of Australia on her nose

Aussie cat OZ has a marking in the shape of Australia across her nose. Read more

Kitten found in mailbox is adopted by retired mailman

A kitten rescued after she was found trapped in a mailbox was later adopted by a retired mailman. Read more

Tiny kitten who meowed to save her family is rescued by firefighters

A tiny kitten alerted her family to a fire just two days after being adopted. Read more

Cat rescued from Intracoastal Waterway is reunited with her petmom

A Florida woman was reunited with her cat Friday after kitty fell from a boat and was rescued from the Intracoastal Waterway after 14 hours. Read more

A visit to Montreal's Café Chat l'heureux - The Happy Cat Cafe

Clement Marty talks about North America’s first cat cafe and how he’s making it a community center for cat lovers. Read more

Chip & Adele: Fostered puppy and kitten are best friends

An adorable formerly abandoned puppy and kitten are the best of friends! Read more

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