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Munchkin's road to recovery and happy Christmas

A one-eyed kitten named Munchkin who has had a hard year has now found his forever home where he can spend Christmas. Read more

Kitten is children's best Christmas surprise

Three boys were overjoyed when their parents surprised them with an early Christmas gift in the form of a stray kitten they had been told they could not keep. Read more

Kitten found in garbage truck finds forever home

A kitten rescued from the back of a garbage truck in Pueblo, CO last month has found her forever home. Read more

Mama cat and her kittens are rescued from danger and reunited

A farm sanctuary rescued a litter of kittens and then rescued their mama and reunited the loving little family. Read more

Homeless Kitten Born without Eyelids Gets Sight-Saving Surgery

Little Phil was born without upper eyelids – a condition that would have led to blindness without intervention. Read more

Kitten is rescued from tight spot after hitching a ride from Utah to Nevada

A kitten is resting up at the shelter after hitching a ride from Utah to Nevada and then being trapped behind a water heater in a garage for two and a half days. Read more

Family finds missing cat online after 6 years

A family who lost their cat six years ago found her again on the day they decided to look for another cat. She was listed for adoption at a local shelter. Read more

Missing cat is back home after her rescue makes the news

A Spokane area family has their missing cat back home with them again after seeing her rescue from a deep window well on the news. Read more

Kitten who lost paws to frostbite finds a home

A kitten who lost his front paws to frostbite has found the perfect home, with a little girl who shares a special bond with him. Read more

Man Donates Lottery Ticket Winnings to Animal Shelter

An animal lover followed through on a promise he’d made to himself and donated his $500 in winnings from a scratch ticket to his local animal shelter. Read more

Seemingly lifeless cat is revived following house fire

Four pets were rescued from a burning Prineville, Oregon home last week, including a cat who appeared lifeless until being revived with CPR. Read more

Elsa the frozen kitten finds the perfect forever home

Elsa the kitten became world famous a month ago when she was found in Denver, Colorado, nearly frozen to death. Now she has been adopted into the perfect home Read more

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