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Joey the Garden Cat - RIP

THV11 TV announced on Friday that its beloved mascot Joey the Garden Cat has passed away. Joey was well known and beloved by viewers in the Little Rock viewing area and by many across the US and beyond. Read more

A BIG Little Dude Makes Some Friends

Little Dude is a very big boy, at 36 pounds. He has made a lot of friends today after a photo at Reddit led readers to the Facebook page following his weight loss journey with his foster family. Read more

Akron Cat Kicker Skips Out on Sentencing Hearing: Warrant Issued

Notorious Akron, Ohio cat kicker Tre’vonte Mitchell failed to show for sentencing on animal cruelty today and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Read more

Cat escapes carrier and travels 16 miles back home

A cat who had never been off the farm before taking her first car ride to the vet escaped her carrier and walked the 16 miles back home. Read more

Kitten Born to Abandoned Cat Highlights Need for Legislation to Pass

A kitten whose mama was left behind when her owner was evicted highlights the need for a bill requiring banks and landlords to check for abandoned pets to become law. Read more

Catio Cat Enclosures on Display in Portland

We get an inside look at a Portland, OR catio cat enclosure at a private residence. The catio will be open to the public for one day during a special catio tour. Read more

Man Abandons Kitten on Train

CCTV footage captured images of the man who left a kitten in a carrier on a train earlier this month. Thomas, as the kitten has been named,was rescued and is doing well. Read more

Cat Refuge Endangered After Shooting Range Opens Next Door

This past May, a shooting range opened only 80 feet from the property line of Goathouse Refuge, a no-kill, cage-free cat sanctuary located in North Carolina. Read more

Maine Teen Girls Sentenced for Putting Kitten in Microwave

Teen girls who put a kitten in a microwave for a Vine video they posted online last year pleaded guilty and were sentenced after charges were lessened to misdemeanor animal cruelty. Read more

Kitten is rescued from hole under old iron and concrete trough in field.

A kitten who fell down a hole in a hard to reach spot under a massive concrete trough after being abandoned in a field was the subject of an hours long rescue effort. Kitty is doing well and has found a home. Read more

Stray Kitten is Rescued and Loses Leg After Mousetrap Mishap

A stray kitten who got caught in a mousetrap was rescued, got lifesaving medical care, and is now on track to be ready for a loving home. Read more

Obese Cat Snooks Is Spared from Euthanization and Goes on Diet

An obese cat in Dallas was only 4 pounds away from Guinness World Record weight, and was almost put down. Now Snooks is on a diet and getting trim and fit. Read more

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