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Cat Jumps to Safety from Burning Building

Josue Alicea’s cat Charlie Jasper escaped uninjured except for burned paws when he jumped from the pair’s 3rd floor apartment in Celebration, FL after the building went up in flames when it was struck by lightning on Tuesday. Read more

Newborn Kittens Accidentally Shipped in Box Get TLC at Shelter

Two newborn kittens who traveled from the Los Angeles, CA area to San Diego County packed up in a box are doing well in the care of a shelter’s kitten nursery. Read more

Amputee Kitten and Camp Counselor Adopter Share Special Bond

A man who is himself an amputee, and who works with children who have lost limbs, was the perfect adopter for a playful little cat named Itty bitty, who recently had an injured front leg amputated. Read more

Justin the Fire Survivor Marks 1 Year Anniversary with Special Appearance

On the one-year anniversary of the tiny kitten being set on fire, famed cat Justin the Fire Survivor will visit Animal Alliance to thank fans and those who helped save his life while raising funds for new pet adoption center. Read more

Unique's Happy Reunion: Lost Cat is Found and Goes Home

A fluffy little calico cat named Unique was saved from becoming a shelter resident and a lost cat statistic when she was reunited with her overjoyed petmom last weekend. Read more

Ode to Spotty Cat

A foster caregiver tells the story of a very special cat who was helped after he was hit by a car when he fled a fire at his home, and was then reunited with his loving petmom. Read more

Mother Cat and Kittens Abandoned at Roadside Now Rescued

A passing motorist saw a tiny paw sticking out of a box and rescued an abandoned mama cat and her kittens. The little family is safe and well-cared for now. Read more

Frosty, Kitten Found Frozen to the Ground, Heals and Finds a Home

The kitten found frozen to the ground in Ohio last February was cleared for adoption last week, but it seemed everyone who clamored for him had forgotten him or lost interest until a couple came forward and Frosty found his home. Read more

18 Year Old Cat is Home after 70 Mile Solo Trip

Amy is back home safe and sound after a 70 mile trip that brought her to a shelter where she was scanned for a microchip and reunited with her family. Read more

Baby Squirrel Joins Litter of Kittens

A rescued baby squirrel named Peanut has been welcomed into a little cat family of a mama and her kittens. Read more

A Visit With Arrow

Video shows Arrow’s first visit with the woman who adopted the sweet, blind boy last month, and we see photos of him settled into his new home. Arrow is the cat found riddled with pellets in Arlington, VA in January. Read more

Colorado Town with Cat Mayor Votes in Dog

Walter the cat is out and Pa Kettle the dog is in as mayor of the rural town of Divide, CO. The 11 mayoral candidates were all animals, including cats, dogs, a horse, a donkey, a wolf and a hedgehog. Read more

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