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Teenage boy helps rescue kittens under a shed

A schoolboy had a dramatic start to his summer holidays after he helped to rescue three new-born kittens who were stuck under a shed in his garden. Read more

Sight impaired kitten and sister share special bond

A a pair of closely bonded kittens – one of them at least partially blind – will remain together say shelter staff. Read more

Scout and Lucy: Sister kitties both need rescuing the same day

Two cats from the same family both had to be rescued last Thursday. Lucy had to be rescued from a tree and her sister Scout needed help getting off of a roof. Read more

Firefighters rescue kitten and try to find her a loving home

A cute little black kitten is staying with her rescuers at an Orlando, Florida fire station while they find her a good home. Read more

Ozzy's Story

Ozzy’s quirky crosseyed look endeared him to his family and helped return him home after he got lost and was brought to the shelter. Read more

Lucky tortie cat is rescued from sunken boat

A very lucky tortie cat survived an hour in a sunken boat and was not discovered until the following day when a mechanic got the surprise of his life. Read more

Honda repair techs rescue kitten from inside car

Repair techs at a Honda dealership rescued a kitten stuck in a car’s engine compartment, and the kitten was safely returned to its mother and littermates. Read more

Elderly pet owner receives help and care for her injured cat

When an elderly woman was unable to provide medical care for her beloved cat, animal control got her help rather than treating the case as one of neglect. Read more

Cat paw print is discovered in 2,000 year old roof tile

A Roman tile dug up in Gloucester, UK revealed a little surprise when an archaeologist discovered little cat paw prints impressed into it. Read more

Texas kitten thrown in abuse video is miraculously unharmed

A sweet 9 week old kitten who was the victim of abuse when he was forcefully thrown into the air for a video captured on a phone is doing well and, amazingly, came out of his ordeal unharmed. Read more

10 kittens abandoned near dumpster find homes

Animal lovers from as far as 50 miles away stepped up to adopt after a police department asked for help when 10 kittens were found abandoned in a cage near a dumpster. Read more

Obese Texas rescue cat wins the battle of the bulge

A formerly obese Texas cat has finally won the battle of the bulge and has lost more than 20 pounds. Read more

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