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Firefighters and AC officer rescue kitten from storm drain

A member of the public captured the moment in photos when a Florida animal officer rescued a kitten from a storm drain with the help of firefighters Thursday. Read more

Cat tossing couple are sentenced

The couple who played catch with two cats while babysitting and posted video to Facebook were sentenced Thursday over the incident. Read more

Meet the loving new family on the Kitten Rescue Cam

Kitten Rescue LA saved a sweet mama kitty and her tiny babies from a high-kill shelter, and we can all watch them on a kitten cam broadcast! Read more

Workers rescue kittens trapped in meth house walls

Electrical workers on the job at a house used to make meth rescued some kittens trapped within the walls. Read more

Two Siamese Kittens Rescued In Cardboard Box

Meet Paris and Mocha, Siamese kitten bottle babies rescued from a high kill shelter where they faced euthanization. Read more

Entrepreneur takes cats on 300 mile bike ride

On April 26 cat crazy entrepreneur Thomas Vles arrived in London after cycling over 300 miles with his two cats, Mushi and Cheesy. Read more

Kittens dumped in garbage bag are rescued

Four tiny kittens were rescued and are getting round the clock care after being dumped in a garbage bag. Read more

Microchip brings missing cat Maxine home after four months

Maxine is back home with her petmom again after going missing for four months, thanks to some kindhearted people, an animal officer and her microchip. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Kittens From Drainpipe

LA firefighters rescued 3 kittens from a drainpipe and reunited them with their mother and 2 siblings, who were found on the building’s roof. Read more

Vet who adopted abused cat is displeased with outcome of case

The veterinarian who nursed a brutally abused cat back to health, helped heal kitty’s spirit and gave her a loving home is not happy with the outcome of the abuser’s court case. Read more

Rescue mama cat and kittens are reunited with lost babies and siblings

A foster petmom was overjoyed to reunite a mama cat and two of her babies with the rest of mama’s litter. Read more

Cat alerts woman to apartment building fire

Georgina Harris’ cat Steve alerted her to a fire at their seven story apartment building one night earlier this month. Read more

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