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Newspaper Delivery Carrier Finds Abandoned Kittens in Distribution Box

A woman doing her rounds as a newspaper delivery driver discovered a litter of abandoned kittens at the bottom of a box that dispenses papers on the street and took the babies home. Read more

Compromise made for student who wanted laser cat senior yearbook photo

Draven Rodriguez will appear in his school yearbook along with his cat Mr. Bigglesworth and laser beams, but the photo will not be in the senior portrait section and it includes a good natured surprise element. Read more

Abandoned Kittens Get a Lifeline

A litter of abandoned kittens have been helped by a good Samaritan, police, a vet practice, a rescue organization and a devoted foster caregiver. Read more

Firefighters rescue 6 cats and kittens from apartment fire

St. Louis firefighters rescued 6 cats and kittens from an apartment fire on Friday and treated some of them with oxygen at the scene. Read more

Ambulance Driver Feeds Stray Cats of War Torn Aleppo

As civil war rages around him, a Syrian ambulance driver spends his free time and his savings feeding orphaned cats in his largely deserted neighborhood. Read more

Introducing the world’s first ‘Pet Nup’ Pre-nuptial agreement

Petparents who set up ‘Pet Nup’ agreements can avoid heartache and see to it their beloved furkids are protected should their marriages or domestic partnerships be dissolved. An animal charity has provided forms for such agreements. Read more

Aussie Klepto Kitty Collects Stuffies

An Aussie cat is making headlines for his peculiar collecting habits. Mufasa sneaks out of the house at night, steals stuffed animals and brings them home! Read more

Firefighters Rescue Kitten Trapped in Car

Firefighters made the purrrfect rescue when they came to the aid of a young woman who heard little meows coming from under the hood of her car. Read more

Advocates Seek Help for Seized Florida Cats

Undercats4Life visited cats seized from a child pornography suspect who, in addition to 35 live cats, had 97 dead cats in freezers. The advocates say the living cats deserve a chance to find happiness and good new lives. Read more

Calgary Transit Driver Saves Kitten Trapped in Bus

An unexpected and hidden little passenger disrupted service on a Calgary bus on Wednesday. Read more

Speedo the Swimmer Kitten Gets Rehab Help

A ‘swimmer kitten’ named Speedo is getting physical therapy for his splayed out legs and is making great progress toward gaining control of his limbs. Read more

Public Appeal Brings Missing Cat Back Home

A family’s beloved tortie cat is back home after a public appeal. Read more

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