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Mittens from Kittens

Cat fur can be a terrible nuisance. But, in the proper hands, it can be spun, knit and woven into useful items. It can even spark romance! Read more

Pickles aka Catasaurus Rex Finds a Home

Pickles caused quite a stir because of his great size when the MSPCA put him up for adoption after he was found wandering the streets of Boston. His new family recently hosted a video crew who came to visit them and their big boy. Read more

Love changes everything

Love has the power to transform a scared feral cat into a relaxed, healthy, happy and even friendly kitty. Thanks to the love of Project Bay Cat’s friends and volunteers, the Bay Cats have been transformed, as this beautiful new video shows. Read more

How to Cut Your Cat's Claws: A Sho Ko How-To Video Featuring Shorty and Kodi

Shorty and Kodi help their petdad demonstrate how to trim a cat’s claws in this entertaining and informative tutorial video. Read more


“In memory of our dear friend, Colonel Meow. You are so missed by us all,” says the introduction to this touching farewell video posted in memory of the famed and much beloved cat. Read more

We Like Kitty Art: Cat Art Show LA

Cat video creator Chase Holiday and her friend Miss Kitty Glitter had a great time at the opening of Cat Art Show LA and they are sharing the fun with us in a special review and video report. Read more

Mira's Happy Tail

Andrew Nease never thought he would be a cat owner. Pets were simply not a part of his life. And while his wife, Lauren, is a big cat-lover, she suffers from severe allergies—a fact that limited their ability to introduce a feline friend into their home. But then they met a cat named Mira, who changed everything. Read more

Exclusive: Inside London's first cat cafe

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is mere weeks away from opening. Time Out London dropped by to meet the people behind London’s first cat café and (of course) their furry colleagues. Read more

Ten Things Every Rescuer Wants You to Know

Guest post by Sherry Pfau, who says: I leveraged the wisdom and experience of some of my fellow rescue friends, and we came up with the top ten things we want the general public to know about rescue. Read more

Skinny Moves It

Skinny demonstrates the exercise routines that have helped him go from fat cat to fit cat in a remarkable transformation that includes a 17 pound weight loss and dramatically improved quality of life. Read more

All Cats Are Created Equal

The Furball kitties can teach humans a thing or two: They say the color of your fur doesn’t matter, as they share their message of inclusiveness and acceptance on the MLK Day holiday. Read more

Cat and Lamb

Rikki’s Refuge Animal Sanctuary in Rapidan, Virginia shared a very sweet video showing interspecies friendship on Saturday, with one of their resident cats cuddled up to and grooming a new lamb. Read more

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