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#CuriousCat Is Hungry

A survey about cat health and nutrition, including an infographic about the curious lives of cats from Royal Canin. Read more

Pet Hospice Helps Owners Say Goodbye

When the time comes, more pet owners are choosing animal hospice services to help them say goodbye to their beloved pets. Read more

Feral Cats Make Themselves at Home in Nativity Scene

A colony of feral cats in Red Hook, Brooklyn delight passersby as they share the stage with creche figures in a nativity scene. Read more

I'm Climbing Up The Christmas Tree NEOW 2013!

It’s a Shorty and Kodi Christmas spectacular! Their own Christmas song sung by Tricia Cole accompanies a great holiday video! Read more

Stuart Little's Tale

Stuart Little was so tiny when he and his family were rescued that his caregivers thought he looked like a wee baby white mouse. Now he is growing and healthy, and has found his forever home. Read more

Buddha, RIP: Inspirational Cat on Water Treadmill and Diet Regimen Dies

Cat Shoppe and Dog Store in Nashville, TN announced today that their sweet 6 year old big boy and international celebrity cat Buddha passed away last night from a congenital heart condition. Read more

Luna's Story

Luna was saved by the rescue volunteer who found her lying injured in the road. After emergency medical care and a leg amputation, Luna is healthy, healed and happy. She also found a home. Read more

Cat at Home Sings Along with Miley and Her Giant Cat During AMA Awards Show

“My cat is performing with Miley tonight,” according to Twitter user Dillen George. Read more

For Amigo

A touching video tells Amigo’s story and chronicles his healing journey. Amigo made the news earlier this year when he was left in a shelter parking lot, bound and gagged with red duct tape. Now he is learning to trust again. Read more

No Mum Left Behind

A very special cat adoption initiative called No Mum Left Behind is being launched to keep the special bond intact between mama cats and their babies. Read more

Q&A: My cat is not cuddly, what can I do?

Alana Stevenson, Cat Behaviorist, answers questions from Life with Cats readers. Read more


Jethro was only a couple of days old when he was rescued. A caring shelter helped the sick abandoned baby, and he has blossomed into a sweet and feisty boy. Read more

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