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25 Year Old Phoebe is Poised to Take Guinness Oldest Living Cat Title

An Irish cat named Phoebe, who is set to take the official title as oldest living cat later this year, was failing to thrive and only expected to live for a matter of weeks when she was adopted as a kitten in 1989. Read more

DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher with Pudge the Cat

Make your own up-cycled cardboard cat scratcher using cardboard from old shipping boxes. Read more

The Healing Power of Cat Purrs

A cat’s purring can be soothing and emotionally beneficial for humans. There is some new evidence that the vibration of a cats purrs is also medically therapeutic for many diseases. Read more

How to Create A Cat Garden

Happy Spring! Chase Holiday shares her tips for creating a safe, secure, comfortable and inviting catio garden that will appeal to both people and pets. Read more

Massachusetts to Include Pets in Emergency and Disaster Plans

A Massachusetts bill to include pets in emergency and disaster plans has passed through the state legislature and will put into place after it is signed by Governor Deval Patrick. Read more

Bideawee's Cat Whisperer

Cat behavior consultant Jon Delillo, one of Bideawee’s “Manhattan matchmakers” at its NYC shelter location, is profiled in a CNN video report in which he talks about his work and how he helps cats. CNN says: “This cat trainer deals with the cats you can’t handle.” Read more

Kitten who likes to travel in a backpack

Five-month-old kitten Higgs loves hitching a ride when his owners go for a walk — by jumping into a backpack. Read more

Architect Designed Shelters Help Washington DC Community Cats

Shelters ranging from the basic plastic tub with straw to beautiful little architect designed houses are keeping Washington, DC’s community cats fed and out of the elements this winter, and they’re helping a TNR program to locate and trap the cats to provide them with care. Read more

Mr. Kal the Cat & Monarch Butterfly

Karen Leon’s beautiful and poignant video showcases her rescue cat Mr. Kal and his love for the endangered Monarch butterfly. Read more

Cat Comforts Patients at Children's Hospital

Huck Finn brings comfort and smiles to young patients at a Portland, OR children’s hospital. Read more

Sing It Kitty

A little girl on a bike and a kitty riding in the basket star in one of the cutest music videos ever. It’s a new ad for a British mobile phone carrier. Read more

How to teach your CAT to lay "Down" on cue

Didga the amazing skateboard riding cat is back, but this time he’s helping his petdad, dog and cat trainer Robert Dollwet,of Malibu Dog Training, to show us how to train our cats to lay down on cue. Read more

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