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Spring marks the beginning of kitten season, when babies are born to community cats. Alley Cat Allies offers springtime kitten-protection tips. Read more

Cats Listen to Cat Music at a Cat Cafe

David Teie composes music for cats. Meow Parlour, a cat cafe in New York City, played the music for its cats to see how they would react. Read more

Baby Kittens - 6 Days Old! Born in foster care

See Winter, who was rescued as a pregnant stray, and her 5 beautiful kittens, who were born in foster care. Read more

DIY How To Make Cat Toys for Easter

Want to get your cats in on the fun with some simple and fun Easter egg cat toys with catnip and treats? Here’s how! Read more

A visit to Montreal's Café Chat l'heureux - The Happy Cat Cafe

Clement Marty talks about North America’s first cat cafe and how he’s making it a community center for cat lovers. Read more

Chip & Adele: Fostered puppy and kitten are best friends

An adorable formerly abandoned puppy and kitten are the best of friends! Read more

Hearing impaired woman teaches her cats sign language

A hearing impaired woman has taught her cats sign language and has trained them using it. Read more

Welcoming Wallace: 10 yr. old feline finds home as shop cat

An Ann Arbor, MI home and garden store has welcomed a new shop cat named Wallace. Wallace follows in the paw prints of long-time resident cat Lewis, who passed away in December. Read more

Goodbye, crazy cat lady. Hello, cool cat parent.

It’s time for a “cattitude” adjustment: New survey reveals changing feelings about cats and cat people. Read more

Cats find love with Tinder

Vancouver’s cats are going digital as they search for true love on Tinder. Watch as they catfish unsuspecting users. Read more

Chinese Cats And Their Purr-fect Life in a Beijing Cat Cafe

Here’s how to live the purr-fect life in Beijing, at a charming cat cafe where the owner says the cats are like her children. Read more

Scientists Create Cat Music!

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have created music especially for cats! Cole and Marmalade give it a listen and their petdad tells us more about the project. Read more

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