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The love of a cat

To earn the love and affection of a cat you have to understand, relate and empathise with them. So begins the caption to a photo that inspired a discussion about cats and their affections. Read more

Saving Lives At San Diego Humane Society’s 24-Hour Kitten Nursery

We get an inside look at the first round-the-clock kitten nursery in the US, started in 2009 and its mission to save lives. Read more

My Black Cat Is - Black Cat Appreciation

A heartwarming new video celebrates black cats in honor of Black cat Appreciation Day, held each year on August 17. Read more

Paws and Relax

One airline is getting ready to use videos and other programs with cats and dogs to help sooth travelers. Read more

‘Cat Lady’ helps cats in overlooked Chicago neighborhoods

A volunteer who visits run down neighborhoods several days a week helping cats has TNRed over 500 cats just since Jan. 2013. Read more

California rescue cat Sophie sets new record for longest fur

A cat with nearly 11 inch long fur has been named by Guinness Records as the current record holder for the cat with the longest fur.’Sophie takes the title following the passing of the previous holder, Colonel Meow. Read more

Nelson, One-Eyed Cat With Incredible Story, is Cat of the Year

A one-eyed cat who survived being drowned in a sack as a kitten and lived for years on the docks before finding his forever home has been named Cat of the Year. Read more

Inspurration From Pantoufe

Zach Green shares some inspurration from his cat Pantoufe’s story. Read more

"Selfies" Bad Luck for Black Cats?

Cole the Black Cat and his petdad Chris prove that black cats can take selfies equal to or better than cats of any other color or pattern. Read more

Anakin and the lizard

Anakin the two legged miracle cat takes an intense interest in a lizard on the other side of the window glass in this video. Read more

Paul the Cat Climbs a Mountain

Paul the Cat goes on adventures with his outdoorsy petparents and is in the news this week after climbing Gray’s Peak, one of Colorado’s 14er mountains with them last month Read more

Tobias Tuxington for Mayor!

A handsome tuxedo cat named Tobias is running for mayor of Winnipeg. Read more

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