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Teach STAY to your cat - TUTORIAL

Want kitty to sit still for photos? Didga the cat’s petdad and trainer Robert Dollwet shows how to train a cat to STAY. Read more

8 Clever Ideas to Keep Cats Active

Check out these ideas for 8 clever ideas for keeping cats active, happy and healthy. Read more

How To Make Popsicles For Cats!

Chris Poole makes some cool cat treats for his boys, Cole and Marmalade, and shows us how to do it ourselves in this cute and helpful DIY video. Read more

Mama Cat Kami Learns To Love & Trust Again

Kami and her kittens were rescued from an industrial site and are now in foster care. In this vlog episode, Kami is losing her fear and learning to trust again. Read more

Rosie: Rescued kitten and Husky are best friends

A cute rescued kitten named Rosie bonded with her family’s dog and even considers herself one of the pack. Read more

Cat in a Dress

A Devon Rex cat from NC gets dressed up to go on outings in the stroller with her petmom. Read more

Kami The Kitten-napping Mama Cat

The story of Kami and her kittens, rescued from an industrial site and now in foster care, continues. Read more

STOP Cats Scratching / Jumping on Furniture

Cat and dog trainer Robert Dollwet presents a helpful tutorial on keeping cats from scratching the furniture and jumping up where they should not be. Read more

Kami & Her Kittens

Kami and her newborn kittens were rescued from a work site last week and are now in foster care. Here is their story. Read more

Kitten and Owl Are Friends

A kitten and an owl at a Japanese cafe have become friends. Read more

Kitten Growing up with Dog Best Friend

A video showing the bond between a pair of best friends – a rescued kitten and the family’s dog – has gone viral, and has touched hearts everywhere. Read more

A chance encounter with the Cat Man and his cats on the street in Tokyo

During a recent visit to Tokyo, Conner Sullivan was excited to encounter the famed Cat Man from Kyushu, who pushes his cats around parts of the city in a pram. Read more

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