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Kitten library allows office workers to check out adoptable kittens

Employees at an office building in Las Cruces, NM can sign out furry little companions from a kitten library for visits in their offices during the workday. Read more

Kitten Town

The creator of the cute and calming TV show Kitten Town is looking for wider distribution at a media conference this week. Watch Episode 1 in full! Read more

10 Things to know about 3 Legged Cats

A cute and educational video shows 10 things to know about 3 legged cats, and gives tips on making their lives easier and helping them to adapt. Read more

Sauerkraut goes on tour

Special needs celebrity kitty Sauerkraut is hitting the road to raise awareness for animal welfare and special needs pets. Read more

Cafe Purrfection: Sydney's different sort of cat cafe

Café Purrfection provides a home for seven rescued cats while giving visitors the chance to enjoy their company. Read more

Why Cat Moms are Pawsome!

Cole and Marmalade help show some of the ways that petmoms are pawsome in this Mother’s Day special video. Read more

Entrepreneur takes cats on 300 mile bike ride

On April 26 cat crazy entrepreneur Thomas Vles arrived in London after cycling over 300 miles with his two cats, Mushi and Cheesy. Read more


Didga is back & dreaming BIG! The BEST of the BEST stunts/tricks to amaze you with what cats can do! or at least DIDGA can do! Read more

Zero taking care of his brother after the big snip

A caring cat named Zero showed concern for his bro, who had just returned home from his neuter surgery. Read more

BALLS - Get Rid of 'Em!

Chris Poole advises people to spay and neuter their pets in one of the cutest PSAs on the subject. Read more

5 Tips for Controlling Pet Pain...Without Drugs!

Did you know that when it comes to managing your pet’s pain, there are some simple things you can do at home? Read more

Rademenesa the nurse cat

An amazing set of photos show a Polish cat who survived his own medical ordeal and now comforts pets at the veterinary surgery that helped him. Read more

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