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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Cat

Do you really need a reason to get a cat? Well, here are five of them in case you do! Read more

Halloween Cat Make Up Tutorial for Kids

Natalie is turned into a kitty cat for Halloween in this tutorial video. Read more

Cat Town Cafe has sccessful opening

The first permanent cat cafe in the US opened over the weekend and got off to a very successful start. Read more

Would You Adopt a Black Cat?

Watch, as Chris Poole, petdad to Marmalade and Cole the Black Cat, approaches people on Oceanside Pier to find out what kind of cat they would adopt. Read more

Kittendales 2015 Hunks Calendar Benefits Shelter

The 2015 Kittendales Calendar to benefit Hull Seaside Animal Rescue is now on sale. Local men from all walks of life pose for beefcake shots with kittens and cats for the annual fundraiser. Read more

Caring for Sam

Sam’s petmom shares what it is like caring for a beloved cat with CRF (Chronic Renal Failure), in a touching yet informative video. Read more

Cat man from Kyushu walks nine cats in a stroller, draws crowds in Tokyo

A man known as the Cat Man from Kyushu is drawing crowds in Tokyo as he wheels his 9 cats around the city in a stroller. Read more

Man Adopts 'Most Beautiful Cat' for His Birthday

They met by happenstance, but it was instant love. Read more

Big kittens need love too!

A new mama cat welcomed a 10 month old kitten who wanted some love into her litter of newborns. Read more

Introducing the world’s first ‘Pet Nup’ Pre-nuptial agreement

Petparents who set up ‘Pet Nup’ agreements can avoid heartache and see to it their beloved furkids are protected should their marriages or domestic partnerships be dissolved. An animal charity has provided forms for such agreements. Read more

Cats Go Hollywood at 1st LA Feline Film Festival

LA Feline Film Festival director Erik DeLeo gives an exclusive interview to our friends the Furballs in the runup to this Sunday’s big event. Read more

Owl and Cat are Best Friends

Forbi the cat and Cleo the owl are best friends, and have been since they were very young. The unusually bonded pair of friends live with Brazilian biologist André Costa, whose video of the pair has gone viral. Read more

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