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Playing with a Declawed Cat

Alana Stevenson, Cat Behaviorist, provides tips for Life with Cats readers on how to play with a declawed cat. Read more

Lua the Brave and Beautiful Kitten

Lua lost the use of her hind legs in an unfortunate crushing accident but the brave kitten is making amazing progress regaining use of her limbs, thanks to a variety of therapies and her VOKRA foster caregiver. Read more

Dentist Helps Cat with Broken Jaw

A Scottish cat got help from a dentist who treats humans when her jaw needed to be reset following an accident. Read more

Rare Two-Faced Janus Cat Born in Brazil

A white two-faced kitten was born to a house cat in Brazil on Monday. Read more

Kiki and Rita

When Rita Thorp had a stroke, a long and tough road to recovery lay ahead, but thanks to her beloved cat Kiki, she always had someone by her side. Read more

Lucille & Ricky - Kittens That Will Wobble Their Way Into Your Heart!

Kittens don’t come much cuter or sweeter than Lucille & Ricky and they don’t let having Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) get in the way of their having fun either. Read more

Skinny: Fat Cat's Weight Loss Success A Year Later

Skinny was barely able to walk when he was found a year ago. Now he has been adopted by his vet, is healthy, works out on an underwater treadmill, and has nearly reached his weight loss goal. Read more

Water Treadmill Sessions Help Buddha Lose Weight and Get Fit

Fat cat Buddha has lost over 4 pounds in a month, thanks to sessions working out on an underwater treadmill. He has made many friends who are following his progress with interest. Read more

Cape Cod Cat Willow is Rescued by Good Samaritan and Gets Help

A rescued stray or lost cat named Willow was given specialized orthopedic surgery to repair an injured foot by an organization that will do whatever it takes to see him healed and find him a home. Read more

Two Paws

Two Paws is a happy, vibrant girl who gets around by pulling herself with her front legs. She was living with a feral colony when rescued, and has shown herself to be well adapted and well socialized while staying in foster care. Read more

Get Your Cat to the Vet

A bit of gentle humor and a light touch help this tutorial on making the cat carrier and trips to the vet less stressful for everyone involved. Read more

Iranian Street Cat with Missing Nose Gets Life Changing Surgery in Boston

Thanks to caring hearts, Nafas was rescued from the streets of Tehran and flown to Boston, where he got surgery to change his quality of life, along with his appearance, and he’s living a good life in foster care. Read more

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