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Rookie vet saves cat from fatal ‘blocked-tom’ stones

A rookie vet had a beloved pet’s life in her hands as she did a procedure for the first time to save him from the effects of a urinary blockage. Read more

10 Things to know about 3 Legged Cats

A cute and educational video shows 10 things to know about 3 legged cats, and gives tips on making their lives easier and helping them to adapt. Read more

Massively obese cat Elvis gets help

It is hardly a title to aspire to but a German cat named Elvis may be the world’s heaviest cat, weighing in earlier this year at 38.5 pounds. Read more

5 Tips for Controlling Pet Pain...Without Drugs!

Did you know that when it comes to managing your pet’s pain, there are some simple things you can do at home? Read more

FDA Warns Topical Painkiller is Toxic to Cats

Pet owners and health professionals are being alerted to the dangers of topical pain meds containing the NSAID Flurbiprofen. Read more

Bebe; Kitten born with Manx syndrome

Bebe is a beautiful rescue kitten born with Manx Syndrome. Read more

Tumbelina gets her wheels

Mobility-impaired kitten Tumbelina was rescued by Valley Cats, Inc. and she was given a chance to get around on her own! Read more

Taking Your Cat to the Vet

Here are some tips for making your feline’s visits to the vet as stress-free as possible. Read more

Vet and surgeon to humans team up to fix kitten's cleft palate for free

A veterinarian and a doctor to humans who is a Craniofacial Surgeon teamed up to help a little kitten with a cleft palate free of charge. Read more

Woman credits her cats with saving her from cancer

A woman is crediting her three cats with saving her life by finding her cancer and continually being drawn to its location. Read more

Beat the Heat: Spay and Neuter Cats before Kitten Season!

Alley Cat Allies reminds us to spay/neuter cats and kittens now to prevent unwanted litters when kitten season arrives. Read more

Hermaphroditic cat Mittens to get gender assignment surgery

A cat in Newfoundland with both male and female parts will have gender assignment surgery to help with bowel and urinary problems. Read more

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