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Shelter Helps Paralyzed Kitten to Walk Again

Bruce Lee was semi-paralyzed when he was rescued from a drain pipe by a Good Samaritan. Caring staff at the shelter are helping him to regain his mobility with a custom wheeled cart and physical therapy. Read more

Paws and Relax

One airline is getting ready to use videos and other programs with cats and dogs to help sooth travelers. Read more

ShoKo at the Vet!

Shorty and Kodi’s petdad takes us along on a trip to the vet for his two cats. Read more

Cat Gets Second Ever Kidney Transplant with Stem Cells

A 4 year old flame point Siamese named Arthur was dying and had been refused by two university vet hospitals when UGA agreed to do a kidney transplant aided by stem cells that would help his body to accept the new organ. Read more

Chronic Vomiting in Cats

A recent study proves chronic vomiting in cats to be more serious than previously thought, and some vets are taking special precautions testing and treating chronic vomiting in cats in light of the new findings. Read more

Ashley: Queen of the cats

Working with the shelter cats she loves has helped Ashley, a student at an autism research and education center, learn important lessons about life. Read more

Cat's Poisoning Sparks Campaign for Alternative Flea Product

To many families trying to battle fleas, finding the cheapest and strongest product on the market makes sense, especially on a limited income Read more

Ralphee and Max: Disabled CH Kitten is Befriended by Dog

Ralphee the kitten and Max the Australian cattle dog are an odd couple who seem besotted with each other’s company after they were introduced following Ralphee’s rescue from a barn at a horse stable. Read more

Tiger the Cat is Brought Back to Life

Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick took dramatic action to restart Tiger’s heart after the cat crashed on the operating table from cardiac arrest following a surgical procedure. Read more

How to Put Your Cat in the Carrier

Veterinary Assistants Eva Quinn and Ellen Vancelette of Angell Animal Medical Center provide helpful tips for loading your cat into his carrier, using cat friendly carrier techniques. Read more

Ask the behaviorist: When I pick my cat up he cries/meows, is this normal?

Alana Stevenson, cat behaviorist, answers questions from Life with Cats readers. Read more

Understanding and Help for House Soiling Behavior in Cats

Dr. Rachel Casey meets with two cat owners and helps with their problems. One household’s cats are urine spraying small spots on surfaces as marking behavior. In the second home, kitty is urinating in large puddles in certain spots on the carpet and floor. Read more

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