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Caring for Sam

Sam’s petmom shares what it is like caring for a beloved cat with CRF (Chronic Renal Failure), in a touching yet informative video. Read more

Update on Biggie as sweet obese cat continues to recover from surgery

Biggie’s fever spiked following surgery for serious intestinal blockages, but his temp went back to normal and he was doing well at last report. Read more

37 Pound Cat Biggie is Recovering After Surgery

Biggie, the 37 pound cat who made headlines in recent days, is recovering from surgery and is doing well. Read more

CDC Says US Cats and Dogs Not at Risk from Ebola

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no reason to fear that our cats and dogs can contract or transmit the deadly Ebola virus. Read more

"Speedo's Alley" - Swimmer Syndrome Kitten Speedo's Road through Rehabilitation

Speedo, the Swimmer Syndrome kitten born with splayed legs, continues to improve with physical therapy. Read more

Cat Hospital Adopts 37 Pound Cat

A hugely overweight cat named Biggie has been adopted by a cat hospital, where he can get help to lose weight and improve his health. Read more

Special Needs Cat Psi Gets Loving Care

Tabby’s Place sanctuary in Ringoes, new Jersey is caring for a special needs kitty named Psi, who has ongoing challenges due to her spina bifida. Psi is getting the best of care to help her to have the best possible quality of life. Read more


Nationally recognized nonprofit organizations team up to save cats’ lives Read more

Shelter Helps Paralyzed Kitten to Walk Again

Bruce Lee was semi-paralyzed when he was rescued from a drain pipe by a Good Samaritan. Caring staff at the shelter are helping him to regain his mobility with a custom wheeled cart and physical therapy. Read more

Paws and Relax

One airline is getting ready to use videos and other programs with cats and dogs to help sooth travelers. Read more

ShoKo at the Vet!

Shorty and Kodi’s petdad takes us along on a trip to the vet for his two cats. Read more

Cat Gets Second Ever Kidney Transplant with Stem Cells

A 4 year old flame point Siamese named Arthur was dying and had been refused by two university vet hospitals when UGA agreed to do a kidney transplant aided by stem cells that would help his body to accept the new organ. Read more

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