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Sunday Funny Cat-Toonz: The New Plaything

Well, it goes without saying which one Winnie would choose, right? Read more

Sunday Funny Cat-Toonz: The New Sweater

Winnie Girl makes sure that Momma Meow’s new sweater goes with everything else in her wardrobe … Read more

Sunday Funny: To Mouse Or Not To Mouse

They’re not all mousers, are they? In the Coolcat home, little Winnie Girl is the huntress, while Eddie could not be bothered. Read more

Sunday Funny: A PSA Plea from Winnie Girl Coolcat

Winnie says, until girl kitties get opposable thumbs with which to defend their honor using aerosol repellents, please neuter your toms. Read more

Sunday Funny: Will Sing For Fish

Ah, there’s nothing like the sound of those insistent meows when kitty smells something fishy. Read more

Sunday Funny: The Reluctant Host

Keep the noise down in there, will ‘ya? They’re heeeere … . Flea season returns. Read more

Sunday Funny: That Extra Something In Your Food

It’s everywhere, isn’t it? Read more

Sunday Funny: Happy 4th of July Holiday Weekend!

Eddie and Winnie get kitted out in their patriotic gear for the holiday weekend’s festivities. Sunday Cat-Toonz drawing by Cat-K. You can see more at Cat’s Cat-Toonz blog and her Facebook page, Momma Meow’s Cat-Toonz. Read more

Sunday Funny: Kit in the box

Kitty had fun climbing into the box but now feels a bit overlooked, as though her cuteness is going to waste without an audience. Read more

Sunday Funny: The Fathers Day Gift

Well, it’s better than a tie. Read more

Sunday Funny: Trip to the Vet

Look familiar? Read more

Sunday Funny: Furball

The clueless family dog comes in handy as Eddie and Winnie ponder how to dispose of an unsightly hairball. Read more

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