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Sunday Funny: Snowfall

Ugh, snow.

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Sunday Funny: The Resolution

How quickly those New Year’s resolutions crumble.
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Sunday Funny: Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all from Eddie and Winnie!

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Sunday Funny: A Cat's Wish For Christmas

Merry Christmas from Eddie, Winnie and Momma Meow. Read more

Sunday Funny: The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

From Eddie’s perspective … that would be the time of year when your peeps put a tree in the house with lots of shiny playthings on it for you. Read more

Sunday Funny: The Dog Did It

Remember, kitties … whatever you’ve done, make sure the dog takes the fall. Read more

Cat-Toonz Special: The One Eddie Tried To Hide From Us

Look what Cat Kimball found hidden under Eddie’s cat bed … the drawing that ought to have been our Thanksgiving Day special. It seems a certain guilty cat had hoped to suppress the evidence of his misdeed, but we bring it to you now. Read more

Sunday Funny: The Birthday

Tradeoff: Eddie wears a silly birthday hat, and in exchange gets a generous serving of a special tuna birthday “cake”. Yeah, it’s worth it! Read more

Sunday Funny: Hang in There

“Hang in there” is fine for motivational posters but, in life, sometimes you’re just left hanging. Read more

Sunday Funny: Who, Me?

Winnie plays the innocent victim of circumstance. Read more

Sunday Funny: Happy Halloween

Eddie and Winnie say have a safe and happy Halloween. May you get lots of fish (or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups) in your basket. Read more

Sunday Funny: The Power of Association

Thanks to a chance juxtaposition, a family member begins to look like dinner. Read more

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