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Nearly Blind Cat Rescued Alongside Dedicated Feline Partner

Satin and Sumiko, two Siamese mix strays, had been surviving for months thanks to the generosity of a caring neighbor who would put out food for them Read more

Elderly Manx Rescued From Traumatic Situation Finds Forever Home

When Kitty of Tailless Cat Rescue, a no-kill rescue organization focused on Manx cats in North Carolina, received a cryptic email about a cat in distress Read more

How We Rescued a Cat

Here’s the story of a traumatized and abandoned cat – left behind when her crackhead owners moved – and how she found a good and loving home with a neighbor couple who knew she needed them. Read more

Rescued Kitty Family Now Enjoying Holiday with Full Bellies

A few days ago, a mother cat and her four kittens were starving with little chance of surviving very long after being abandoned by their owners Read more

Prince Ray: The Blind Kitty with a Big Heart

On October 6, 2013, a family arrived at C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter with a kitty in their car. C & W does not normally take in just any kitty Read more

Continued Optimism Despite a Life of Tragedy

We all seem to know that one person who keeps smiling through the most difficult of challenges, who manages to maintain an optimistic outlook Read more

Shelter Dedicated to Saving FeLV Cats from Needless Euthanasia

For cats with FeLV positive (feline leukemia) diagnoses, the chances of being euthanized in a shelter setting are extremely high Read more

Fluffy's Story: A Stray's Rescue

Guest post by Al Chernoff, Alley Cat of Rescue Ink fame. Al shares the story of Fluffy, a homeless cat he fed for a long time before she let him know it was time for her to come inside. Fluffy has some health issues, but she is on the mend. Read more

What My Cat Dying Taught Me About Living

An animal lover and rescuer writes upon the passing of an old and beloved cat: I’m in rescue and we see death far more often than we should but losing a loyal companion affects us like nothing else. Read more

Rescued kitten thinks dog is mama, gives her kitty bath, then they spoon and sleep!

A cat rescued at 10 days old found comfort with her family’s two dogs and remains closely bonded and affectionate with them. Here she bathes one of the dogs, then cuddles up close. Read more

Jefferson's Story, My 3 Week Journey with a Paralyzed Kitten

A loving tribute to a little kitten who knew he was loved during his too short life Read more

Just call him Al

Elaine Miller tells the story of Al, the down on his luck stray tom who came looking for food and eventually lived out his days as a happy house cat who met Elaine at the door and was never far from her side. Read more

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