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Oh, My Deer!

Kitty enjoys a nice bath, compliments of an friendly deer. Read more

American Legion Helps Fight Cat Overpopulation

Thanks to a $1,500 donation from the American Legion Rex Ish Post 88, Turlock Animal Services will be be able to offer vouchers for discounted spay/neuter services. Read more

Wordless Wednesday

Psst… Read more

Beloved Prison Cats Find Health and Hope

Local Rescue group helps beloved Durham County prison cats through TNR efforts, medical care, and adoption. Read more

Music Therapy Helps Soothe Animals and Humans Alike

Sound therapy has become one of the best drug-free ways to soothe the nerves of anxious pets. In particular, the tones of harp music have had remarkable results. Read more

Kitties of Autumn

Kitties of all kinds enjoy the crispness and colors of the season. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/All Paws on Deck!

Psychic cat performs magic trick. Read more

Kitten is Quite Fetching!

Kids always want our attention when we’re on the phone! Read more

Wordless Wednesday

Eye on the pie! Read more

Purina Helps Seniors Adopt

We can all agree that animal companionship enhances our lives in a multitude of ways. As we age, that companionship sometimes becomes even more important. Purina is working with shelters to make adoption possible and affordable for qualified seniors. Read more

Canadian Medical Community Disapproves of Pets in Airline Cabins

Should pets be allowed to travel with their human in the cabin of an airplane? The Canadian Medical Association recommends that all pets, with the exception of service animals, be relegated to the cargo hold. Read more

Farm Cats

Old McDonald had a cat… Read more

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