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Nicky Westbrook

Nicky's life with cats takes place in rural North Texas where she lives with three cats, two rats, one dog, two boys and a very patient husband. When Nicky is not driving her children from one activity to another, she enjoys photography, playing piano and guitar (beginner) and creating videos for the family and for competition. Nicky holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Performance which as it turns out only means she is an experienced waitress (a skill set that comes in handy when one has animals and children).

Irritable Cat Syndrome ... Know the signs

Cranky puss Hector inspires a PSA. Read more

Max Enjoys an App

A cute sphynx kitten named Max enjoys the iPad Read more

Nimbus the Piano School Cat

Contributor Nicky Westbrook writes with another profile on life with cats in her area of Texas.
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Cat Painting (sped up)

A beautiful example of painting on the computer (done with the FREE program GIMP).

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Boomerang Cat

Cute Dexter catches a Roomerrang.

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Cat Intro Final Round Trailer

In this promotional trailer, drama and excitement build in anticipation of the deciding round as we wait to see how new kitten Kodi fares with established video star Shorty. Round 1 went to the newcomer and round 2 went to the veteran. Both are included here with the trailer for the upcoming bout.

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40 seconds of a cute 3 week old kitten.

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Gymnast Cat

Watch this beautiful Calico entertain herself on her cat tree.

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Laid Back Incognito Cat

The Sloth Cat (a moment of Zen). Kitty was hoping no one would notice him while wearing his disguise.

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Now and Now (Here Somehow)

Singer/song-writer Johnny Maudlin wrote this song about his cat Oswald upon the one year anniversary of his passing.

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Irritable Squirrel Taunts Sweet Kitty

This squirrel doesn’t want to be bothered by sweet Mikey.

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Cat vs. DVD Player

Kitty finally musters up the courage to touch it.

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