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Editor, Karen Harrison Binette

Do you know of a story we should cover? Have you written an article you'd like to see reprinted at Life With Cats? Does your shelter or rescue organization want to share a story with our readers? Do you have info for an update on one of our stories? To reach the editor for these or other matters related to site content, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

Puppet and Puff: Cat Loves Bearded Dragon

Puppet hugs and cuddles his special friend, Puff the bearded Dragon, in one of the most aww inspiring videos of its kind. Read more

Sadie and Lyla Prove Love Knows No Bounds

Here’s some cute and sweet dog and cat love between Sadie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Lyla, the kitten whose life she saved when she adopted her. Read more

♪ Reunited and It Feels So Good ♪: Another Alabama Tornado Cat Comes Home

Amazingly, a second lost cat has come home in recent days; first it was Rascal and now OJ. OJ went missing on April 27 as a tornado came through Guntersville AL. Everyone who had sought his return wants to know where he’s been but the errant tuxedo cat is not talking. Read more

Bernice Burned Kitty Improves

Bernice, the kitty found severely burned in Oshkosh WI is making good progress and showing signs of stabilization and improvement, while still in critical condition. Meanwhile, everyone at the hospital and the humane society is excited tonight about a little milestone in her progress. Read more

Cat-Sniffing Dog Aids Search For American Cat Lost and Found at Islamabad Airport

Can you imagine? Birdy’s pet parents work for the US Govt. and were leaving Pakistan to come home when she escaped her carrier. Amy Hamelin returned to Islamabad and managed to find and capture the disoriented cat with the help of a special cat sniffing dog. Read more

Unapproved Longevity Supplement May be Tested in Cat and Dog Food

We may see pet foods marketed in the near future as having a longer-life formula, and those cat and dog foods could be testing and profiting from a genetic engineering agent intended to extend cell life. Read more

Phew! Kitten Safely Rescued From Ireland's Busiest Roadway

In a concerted effort, police and the media helped the DSPCA today when a frightened kitten was reported to be cowering by a road barrier on the M50, Dublin’s busiest motorway. “Freeway” is now safe and getting some calming rest with his rescuer Lisa, seen with him in the photo. Read more

Missing Cat Returns 75 Days After Alabama Tornado

Rascal’s family was stunned to find their cat, missing since the April 27 tornado that destroyed their home, sitting under their truck and looking much the worse for wear on July 11, 75 days later. Read more

Fluffy Kitten And A Box

This awesome little video of a wee Scottish Fold kitten and a tiny box has been burning up the internet in the last couple of days. It’s easy to understand why. Read more

Dexter Takes A Vacation

Little Dexter kitten is seen here playing with some new friends he met while vacationing in Largo FL while receiving laser treatments. He is his usual spunky self at play with two dogs, and he looks better and better every time we see him. At this point he can give any famed video star cat a run for his money! Read more

Bernice Burned Kitty Fights Back and Holds her Own

Bernice was in pretty rough shape after being found last week with burns over 40% of her body, but she’s a determined little fighter with a strong spirit. The community of Oshkosh WI, and the greater community of animal lovers at large are pulling for her and sending love and prayers, and donations for her care. Read more

Kitty Workout Session: Ear Calisthenics

Kitty gets help with a little workout session to keep those ears in shape. Read more

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