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Editor, Karen Harrison Binette

Do you know of a story we should cover? Have you written an article you'd like to see reprinted at Life With Cats? Does your shelter or rescue organization want to share a story with our readers? Do you have info for an update on one of our stories? To reach the editor for these or other matters related to site content, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

Chuck and APEril: Patient Cat and Young Gibbon Ape

Chuck tolerates a young resident of the animal sanctuary where she lives. Read more

Opie the Cat Celebrates Kidney Transplant a Year Later

The cat who got a new lease on life in September 2011,and a new sibling in the death row donor whose life was spared,was the guest of honor at a celebration this month. Read more

Protest Held Over Dropped Charges in Mesa Cat Killer Case

Mesa police have explained why animal abuse charges against Scott Andrew Graham were dropped. A protest held Tuesday will be followed by another on Saturday. Read more

Lazarus: Cleft Palate Miracle Kitten Gets Help and May Help Others

A kitten found with a severe facial deformity is getting help and has begun to gather a community of friends online. He may help children to understand and accept those with physical differences when he grows up. Read more

Texas Woman Shoots Husband to Protect Cat

Don’t mess with a Texan lady’s cat. Read more

Cat Won't Let Dogs Inside

Pudge likes the dogs, but when they go outside, she tries her best to keep them there. Read more

Hero Pig Leads Family to Injured Cat After Fire

A horse farm’s beloved mascot pig led family members to an injured cat thought to have perished days earlier in a deadly fire. Read more

Cat Saves Couple From Carbon Monoxide Leak

Tiger saved himself and his family last week when he made a fuss that prevented them from losing consciousness as their home filled with deadly gas. Read more

Cat and the Skinny Box

She’s no Maru. Read more

Petmom Talks About Mittens the Pekingese and Her Kitten Bootsie

Pat Weber of Jordan, MN talks on video about the newborn kitten her grandson found in her barn, and how her dog Mittens took on the role of Mama to the motherless baby. Read more

Pancake and the Turtle

Pancake plays with a knitted turtle until the dog comes along. Read more

Outspoken Witness to Kitten Drownings Undergoes Intimidation From Neighbors

The woman who took a photo of the teens who drowned a pair of newborn kittens is undergoing a campaign of harassment from her neighbors, despite the court’s directive to the teens to leave the witness alone. Read more

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