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Editor, Karen Harrison Binette

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Slow Mo Rambo

FL Animal Rescue Act Bill Advances: Will Save Lives If Passed

Florida SB 818, or F.A.R.A., the Animal Rescue Act bill, had a good day today as it got unanimous support from the Community Affairs Committee. Shelters will have to allow rescue groups to pulls animals in danger of being killed if it becomes law.

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Tanker Takes a Ride: Rescuer Finds Cat in Semi Truck at Gas Stop

An animal rescuer heard meowing when she stopped for gas and found a very upset and grease smeared cat trapped between the cab and tanker of the semi-truck delivering gas to the station. Tanker, as he is called, cleaned up as good as new and will be available for adoption.

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Cats Play in Slow Motion: Furball Fables

Turmoil Intensifies Between WVC and Volunteers Over Gas Chamber Issue

The West Valley City, Utah animal shelter dismissed a volunteer after she spoke out at a city council meeting, despite her success at helping to save animals lives by finding them homes.

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Kitty in Winter Wonderland: Jumbo Pillow's First Snow

Cupid Inspires Love as He is Rescued and Helped Toward a Good New Life

A cat found wandering with an arrow stuck through him is on the mend, showing a cute and loving personality, and on track for a good new life.
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The Wrong Place to Nest

Kangaroo Kitten

Missing Cat Search Hopes to Bring Mittens and Snowball Home

Jeanne Davis came home from the hospital to learn that a relative had taken her 2 beloved cats to the Wal-Mart and given them away. Mittens and Snowball mean the world to Jeanne, and now Meownty Hunters is ramping up the effort to find them and bring them home.

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Braveheart the Kitten is Rescued and Given a Prosthetic Leg

Braveheart was abandoned by his Mama, with his umbilical cord wrapped around his back paws. Almost Home Adoptions rescued him, along with his sister, and fitted him with a new leg.

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Mimi and the New Sieve

Mimi plays horseshoe crab.

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