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Editor, Karen Harrison Binette

Do you know of a story we should cover? Have you written an article you'd like to see reprinted at Life With Cats? Does your shelter or rescue organization want to share a story with our readers? Do you have info for an update on one of our stories? To reach the editor for these or other matters related to site content, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

Cat Survives 118 Mile Trip Clinging to Underside of Train

“Thomas” as he is being called was found by surprised railway workers, clinging to the underside of a freight train that had traveled from Southampton to Cardiff, Wales. He is unhurt and is in the care of the RSPCA. Read more

Cat's Resume

You’re hired! Read more

The Tomato Thief

Miami-Dade County Passes Resolution to Work On Plan To Move Toward No-Kill Shelter Policy

Miami Dade Animal Services may see more lives saved if a plan set into motion this week comes to pass. The County Commission took the first big step by expressing its willingness to work toward a low or no kill goal, and is considering several ways to approach that goal as it waits for the Mayor’s office to weigh in on the plan’s affordability. Read more

Swan Song: Miss B. Retires From The Limelight

Nearly a year after she first grabbed hearts everywhere, Miss Bernice will retire from the spotlight. Animal Hospital of Oshkosh made the announcement today. Read more

Chassis,Staten Island Kitten, is Rescued From Car Engine in Two Hour Team Effort

Public safety and parking services officers, auto mechanics, and the woman driving all worked to free a frightened kitten that had taken a harrowing ride in a car’s engine compartment. The kitten now has a home with the woman whose car he was trapped in. Read more

Wordless Wednesday 64

Tuffy Bounces Back

Good news. True to his name, Tuffy, the kitten found a week ago in a dumpster with paint poured in his eyes, is doing well and is up for adoption.
Read more

Bella In The Make Believe Garden

Little Baby Bella, the adorable black kitten from recent videos, plays in a pretend garden. No real butterflies were harmed. Read more

Scrappy And The Hat

Little Miss Scrappy Kitten playing hide-and-seek with her favorite hat. Read more

Tony, Abused Kitty, Flourishes in Foster Care

Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control pulled Tony from the pound to help him recover both physically and emotionally from a difficult life on the street. Read more

Where is BeeBop? A Year Later The Question Remains

BeeBop has been missing for a year and his petmom’s dedication has not waned. A $2,000 reward for information is ready to be handed over, and people are ready to accept BeeBop, with no questions asked. Read more

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