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Editor, Karen Harrison Binette

Do you know of a story we should cover? Have you written an article you'd like to see reprinted at Life With Cats? Does your shelter or rescue organization want to share a story with our readers? Do you have info for an update on one of our stories? To reach the editor for these or other matters related to site content, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

Cats With Paralysis: A group shows how their own beloved cats lead good lives

A group called Cats With Paralysis made this video to show that kitties with special needs deserve to have the best possible lives.  It is obviously made with love.
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Izzy the Cat Makes Her Superbowl Pick

Baby and Kitten Battle for the Bag

Setsubun: Traditional End of Winter, Featuring Shiro

Shiro and the gang assume traditional roles in the Feb. 3 celebration that marks the beginning of Spring. Shiro should be throwing soybeans.
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City the Kitty and his groundhog impersonation

Operation Catnip Sues Over Wake County Cat Roundup

A TNR group is at odds with the notorious Wake County Animal Services over the roundup and killing of cats deemed a nuisance that the group says the county had agreed to let be.

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Oskar the Blind Cat & His Best Friend Klaus Take a Walk

Wolfmother and Kitten

A beautiful kitten has an unusual protector.
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Cat and Flute

Harvery Dent: Two Faced Janus Kitten Born in Florida

Mama kitty and the cats’ guardians all welcome the unusual kitten, born just days ago. Respondents to a Craigslist post looking for input and advice gave opinions straight out of the dark ages, though.

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Wordless Wednesday #47

Shiro, in Bowl and Sunglasses

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