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Editor, Karen Harrison Binette

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He is Watching You!

Shelter Director Stands Firm and Fires Employee for Mistreating Cat

Erik Tanner fired an employee for taking pleasure in poking a cat with a pen during an adoptability test, acting to show that inhumane practices would not be tolerated. An animal control officer employed by the town still has his job, though.
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The Cat With The Fastest Hands

Security to Blame For Ripples the Cat's Escape to Air Canada Cockpit

Some tried to blame petmom Debbie Harris for an hours long flight delay yesterday when Ripples escaped his carrier and hid in the cockpit’s electronics compartment. It was, in fact, the fault of security staff.
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13 Year Old Little Heart Kitten Killer Sentenced

The boy who brutalized tiny Little Heart on May 28, 2011 was sentenced this week. Though a 9 year old hero stepped in, the kitten later died. A felony charge was dropped to a misdemeanor because Little Heart did not have a home; and the prosecutor who worked to find him guilty is of the mind that thugs and bullies need help, not punishment.

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Kittens at Play

More Fun With The Basket Sieve: Toy Mouse Hunt

Smoky Represents Cats in Today's Cutest Pets and Makes a Name For Himself

Hoda and Kathie Lee’s Today show hour hosted the 5 winners of its Cutest Pets Contest last week. Smoky, from Hickory, NC was the one cat alongside four dogs. Thanks, Smoky!
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Wordless Wednesday #46

Happy Australia Day!

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Shiro, in Fighting Spirit

Daring River Rescue Saves Injured Cat's Life

Toad was saved when a passerby heard meowing by a river at night and called the RSPCA. Officer Jane folly donned her drysuit and braved the cold, wet  darkness to rescue the cat, who was half in the water and clinging to a reed clump.

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Ohagi, in Grooming Cats

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