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Editor, Karen Harrison Binette

Do you know of a story we should cover? Have you written an article you'd like to see reprinted at Life With Cats? Does your shelter or rescue organization want to share a story with our readers? Do you have info for an update on one of our stories? To reach the editor for these or other matters related to site content, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

Big Dogs Playing with Little Kittens Compilation

Big dogs are loving and gentle as they play with kittens in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Photos: Firefighters treat cat with pet oxygen mask

Firefighters in Longview, Texas rescued a cat named Mazing from a fire at his home and treated him with oxygen at the scene. Read more

Cat receives Feline Hero award for saving owner from medical emergency

Simba is usually calm and gentle, but he jumped on his petmom and scratched her face when she was losing consciousness in a medical emergency. Read more

Kitten is rescued from brush fire on live TV

A reporter doing a live segment was on hand as Miami, FL firefighters found a kitten in a box while fighting a brush fire. Read more

BALLS - Get Rid of 'Em!

Chris Poole advises people to spay and neuter their pets in one of the cutest PSAs on the subject. Read more

Lulu makes Biscuits

Lulu is busy kneading on her petdad, making kitty biscuits! Read more

5 Tips for Controlling Pet Pain...Without Drugs!

Did you know that when it comes to managing your pet’s pain, there are some simple things you can do at home? Read more

Up close and personal with the big cat under a house

Here’s the rest of the story on the mountain lion discovered under a house in Los Angeles earlier this week. Read more

FDA Warns Topical Painkiller is Toxic to Cats

Pet owners and health professionals are being alerted to the dangers of topical pain meds containing the NSAID Flurbiprofen. Read more

Crazy Swing Cat Fetch & Catch

Dig that crazy swing cat! Yogi gets into the grove playing with some colorful cable ties. Read more

Mixing bowl and Maru

Maru gets into the mixing bowl, as the embodiment of “If I fits, I sits.” Read more

Texas veterinarian is fired after killing cat and boasting at Facebook

A Texas veterinarian has lost her job and is the subject of widespread outrage after killing a cat, then bragging and joking about it at Facebook. Read more

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