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Russell: Cat Burned in House Fire Gets Help




Russell was severely burned when his family’s home was damaged by a fire on January 12, and he was missing for a few days afterward. A local vet is committed to helping him heal so he can rejoin his family and move on with his life, and the community of animal lovers is helping to pay for his medical care.

Russell is in the care of Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care in Raleigh, NC, where he is making good progress toward his recovery from burns and the dehydration he suffered while injured and on his own without food or water.  His family has had Russell since they found him as a tiny kitten. They lost some of their other pets as a result of the fire, and are grateful for the support for Russell from his medical caregivers and the people who have sent their love and donated to help pay for his care.

Toni Rose Day, the firefighter who rescued and then adopted burned kitty Dutchess, and who shares worthy cases at her Dutchess Burn Fund Facebook page, has helped to bring Russell’s story to animal lovers online.

Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care has announced that they have raised enough money to pay for the care Russell has received so far.  Toni Rose Day says that Russell’s recovery will take some time, and his medical expenses will be ongoing until he is healed.

Russell’s recovery is being shared online at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care’s Facebook page. Below are some of their updates:

“Russell was in a house fire on January 12th and was originally presumed deceased. Four days after the fire, Russell was found by his family at the site of the fire. Russell was rushed to Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care. He had second and third degree burns over his face, ears, paws, rectum, and body. He also had major injuries to his mouth and tongue. The fur on his entire body had been singed off. He was very dehydrated and painful. Russell also had developed a fatty liver syndrome (hepatic lipidosis) as a result of not being able to eat for 4 days.

“Russell was started on life-saving treatments and pain management. Once Russell was more stable, he was sedated. The tips of his ears had to be amputated, his burns were cleaned and dressed, and a feeding tube was placed. Russell was kept heavily sedated for a few days to keep the pain under control.

“Russell is continuing to improve daily, but he has a long road of recovery ahead of him. Russell’s family has lost their home, a great deal of their possessions, their other pets, and suffered some injuries of their own. The cost of Russell’s intensive treatment in the hospital is continuing to climb. Animal Emergency Hospital would like to take this opportunity to reach out to the community on Russell’s behalf. We are working together with his family to raise the funds they need for Russell’s care.”

Russell’s family says: “There are some good people out there. We are so thankful and have been blown away by the out-pouring of help. Words can’t express how thankful we are. This situation has been a very terrible, beautiful thing. Even though we have lost everything-all our possessions-in the fire, it is beautiful the way people have been reaching out to help Russell and our family rebuild.”

The family tells about Russell’s big personality: “He has always been a big talker. Russell has an answer for everything and always wants the last word!” The staff at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care says they can confirm that! Russell definitely has a comment on everything, and we hear it for ourselves in the Channel 11 news video below.

You can also hear Russell purring up a storm in a short video found at Facebook.


WTVD Channel 11 news Raleigh spoke with Russell’s family and his caregivers for their story on him. The Channel 11 crew was on hand when Russell’s petmom, Leta Mae Strickland visited him at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care.


Animal Emergency Hospital has set up a PayPal account to receive donations for Russell’s care HERE.

Donations can also be made by calling 919-781-5145 or sending them to Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care at 409 Vick Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612. The family appreciates any support.

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  • Visit site
    March 6, 2014 6:47 amPosted 1 year ago

    rusell I willy love you I live clyde n,y 14433 and I would love to bring you home if he able to live with me I love so much and I canake care of him ok patty

  • Visit site
    March 21, 2014 4:56 pmPosted 1 year ago

    russle you are a special cat to me and hope I can come your mommy and hope to here from you soon

  • Visit site
    September 25, 2014 7:26 pmPosted 11 months ago

    God bless you and your keepers, Sweet dreams and get back home soon


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