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Miss Kitty is awesome.


This is Miss Kitty. She was a rescue, found alone on the street, and had been abused. She chose my wife, crawling into her arms outside Petco, surprising all the rescue workers who had only ever gotten hisses and bites out of “Delilah.”



She only let my wife touch her for years. After we moved in together, I worked on gaining her trust by moving slowly around her and speaking quietly to her.



I got many hisses and knew to stay my distance. I let her come to me, and eventually, after about six months, she did.



Now we’re great friends who’ve made up our own games to play every morning and at bedtime. Whenever I’m on the bed, she’s attached to my hip. She’s still super sassy, but now her bites are love bites.



I’m so glad she gave me a chance. She’s such a beautiful cat, and so loving in her own way.

Miss Kitty’s photo essay was posted online by Reddit user dumbfrakkery. An Imgur slideshow of the photos is below.



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    November 14, 2013 11:57 pmPosted 5 months ago
    Ginny Lyman

    How did you get such nice pictures of Miss Kitty? What kind of camera did you use, and exposure settings, and did you use a flash? I especially would like to know how you got the cat’s eyes to turn out so well, without that “ghost cat” look. Thanks…

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    December 7, 2013 12:42 amPosted 4 months ago

    I think you’re right Michelle


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