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Kittens Travel From VA to OH in Tractor Trailer Truck


Seven kittens ended up near Cleveland, Ohio this week after taking a long ride from Hopewell, Virginia, hidden in a box full of straw.

A man discovered the kittens in a load of straw being delivered to a mulch company following the 400 mile ride from Virginia to Medina, Ohio.

“Someone knocked on the door at 7 a.m. and they had eight kittens,” said Wendy Mirrotto, executive director of Kitten Krazy,the non-profit shelter that took in the kittens. “They were found on a straw truck, at a mulch company. They certainly went on an adventure.”

The kittens were in poor condition when they were rescued, and one of the eight did not survive. Kitten Krazy set about feeding the rest of the kittens and restoring their well being.

“They were starving,” Mirrotto said. “So, we bottle fed them because they were too small to eat for themselves. We had round-the-clock care for them. We had to mix the milk [and do] all the things a mommy cat does. We had to feed them every two to three hours.”

The kittens have been named after cities in Virginia. The four black and white kittens seen in the photos here are named Bristol, Winchester, Norfolk, and Richmond.

“[Richmond] would fit in about one and a half palms of your hand. He’s real tiny, about six weeks old, and super loveable,” said Mirrotto.

The kittens will be made available for adoption when they are big/old enough.

See more cute pics of the four black and white kittens being cared for together, below the video.

14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro



Wendy Mirrotto and kittens.

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