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Woman Flies 1,200 Miles to Adopt Rescued Special Needs Kitten

We  covered the story in February of last year when Gail Bancroft of Bethesda, MD flew halfway across the US to adopt a kitten found frozen to a storm drain after being hit by a car in Sioux City, Iowa two weeks earlier. Gail’s sister lives in Sioux City and called to tell her about the kitten, who had to have a leg amputated as a result of his ordeal. Gail made a very generous donation to Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue, then brought the kitten back home to join her other cats ; one who’d survived breast cancer and another who survived an acid attack.

This past Tuesday, March 5, Gail was back in Sioux City to adopt another special needs kitty. Though she does not mention it in the local reports on the story, it seems the kitty who’d survived breast cancer has passed away in the last year.

This time, Gail has adopted a  4 month old kitten named Rocky, who was near death when found in the snow, frozen to a garbage can on December 29, 2012. Rocky suffered from frostbite and was very thin. Animal control officers did not expect him to survive.

The partial transcript of the KTIV news report below tells the story:

“When he first came in, it was severely emaciated, thin, dehydrated and it was taking its last gasps of air,” said Cindy Rarrat, of the Siouxland Animal Shelter & Rescue.

After volunteer Kylie Butler treated him with a heating pad, and gave him some food. That cat, now called Rocky Balboa, started to show signs of life.

“About three hours after I did everything, he actually came back to life as wild as can be. He wouldn’t even let me touch him,” said Butler.

With a slight case of frostbite, and some other minor physical ailments, Rocky continues to fight back.

Enter Gail Bancroft, a former Siouxlander, who now lives in Bethesda, Md. She says she’s always had a special place in her heart, and her home, for animals like Rocky.

“He’s a cat who’s in need. He probably needs a little bit of rehabilitation. That’s what we like to do,” said Bancroft.

“When you rehabilitate an animal, they’re so grateful and they’re so loving, and they give more back than they take,” said Bancroft.

For now, Rocky loves the Pine-Sol box that’s inside of his cage. He’s still working to build up some strength in his legs, before he can run around full time. In due time, Bancroft says, Rocky will be running and playing all over her house, just like Jonas.

“He’ll be by himself in a room with a kitty box and food and everything for a period of time and then, he’ll be integrated in with the other cats,” said Gail.

Just a little bit of adjustment, for a cat in need getting a new lease on life.

KTIV News 4 Sioux City IA: News, Weather and Sports

Gail talks to reporters from the Sioux city Journal about adopting Rocky:


<photos, Sioux City Journal >

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