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Marshmallow Kitty's 1st Birthday with Cuteness Recap

Marshmallow was born on March 1, 2012, as the fragile, underweight only kitten of Mama Mochi and Daddy Jumbo Pillow. Her family devoted themselves to her care, and she blossomed into a healthy, happy kitty. Her growth and development have been chronicled in a widely viewed series of videos that include many adorable moments with the kitten at play and bonding with her parents.

Marshy’s family celebrated her birthday last week, and uploaded this video to commemorate the milestone today.

They write:

On March 1st, Persian ELH kitty Marshmallow turned ONE. Affectionately known as Marshy, her life started a bit rocky, weighing in at only 66g or 2.3 oz (about 2/3rds the normal birthweight). Through supplemental bottlefeeding, heat pads, warm rice socks, plentiful interactions, love, and resilience, Marshy grew into a healthy and happy kitty. She now carries the title of heaviest female kitty in the household, picking up daddy Jumbo Pillow’s short stocky body while maintaining a healthy weight and gorgeously soft, fluffy fur.

For her birthday, Marshmallow dined on a buffet-style arrangement of boiled chicken, steamed salmon, grilled tuna from Petite Cuisine, and freeze dried shrimp and ocean whitefish from PureBites. She makes food look so yummy with her nom nom nom.

For those fans who have been following Marshy since her “eye-opening” experience, here are some special treats for you. In celebration of her first birthday, we have chosen a few precious clips that have never been seen before. We hope you enjoy, and thank you for all your love and support of our Marshy.

For a selection of videos from Marshmallow’s first year at our site, click HERE.

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    March 8, 2013 4:30 pmPosted 2 years ago
    T Washington

    The photo montage at the end made me just squee with delight! What a cute and girly kitty!


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