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Shadow Cats Sanctuary

Shadow Cats,  of Round Rock, TX, operates a nonprofit sanctuary for less adoptable cats;  seniors and those with behavioral or medical issues, including FeLV.  They have an adoption program for cats likely to transition well into homes.

Shadow Cats says at their website, “Our focus at the sanctuary is primarily on providing lifetime care for cats with health or behavioral problems that make it unlikely they’ll ever find adoptive homes. Many of our cats are older, and some have behavioral issues like spraying, or health issues like feline leukemia, that make the sanctuary the best place for them to live. However, we do have a number of cats with relatively minor issues who would do fine in the right adoptive home with experienced and patient guardians.”

The sanctuary does not accept owner surrenders, but instead takes in stray, feral and otherwise homeless cats. Shadow Cats promotes TNR as a means of humanely managing the population of unhomed cats.

We came across a short video with one of their adoption before and after stories by chance today, and ended up discovering another video from May of 2012 that gives a 15 minute tour of the sanctuary and introduces the viewer to the resident cats. If you have the time to linger over the tour, you’ll see a serene, aesthetically pleasing and orderly environment with its good looking and placid seeming cats.

You can follow Shadow Cats at Facebook.

Here’s the short before/after with Alina – A Little Orange Cat:

The tour:

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