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Bandit the Miracle Kitten

Bandit, heading to his foster home on Friday.


Bandit was a tiny kitten when he was accidentally stepped on at only 5 weeks old, on November 1. He sustained a skull fracture & was comatose when he first arrived at the emergency vet hospital. Without an owner to care for him, Victoria Pet Adoption Society of Victoria, BC stepped in to care for Bandit. Bendit came out of his comatose state and, day by day, improved. Two weeks and a day after his terrible injury, Bandit was up and moving around and headed off to his foster home.

The two videos below follow Bandit’s incredible journey. Bandit’s journey is also chronicled at the Victoria Pet Adoption Facebook page.

November 3: Bandit in the incubator.


November 7: Bandit is able to lap kitten formula of of a bowl on his own.




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    November 18, 2012 12:16 pmPosted 2 years ago

    awe hes such a sweetheart, has he gotten a forever home yet?


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