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Wild Cats: The Homeless Domestics of Washington DC

A short 2012 documentary by Rachel Horesovsky examines the world and effect of the abandoned and feral cats of Washington, DC through vignettes with various colony caretakers, advocates, and TNR practitioners, as well as anti-cat advocates.


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  • October 16, 2012 6:40 pmPosted 2 years ago
    Adriana Perciballi

    The cats that are abandoned by irresponsible adults are not the issue to the bird population declining. It is, indeed, the irresponsible adults that abandon these poor cats that are responsible for the huge amount of feral and stray cats.

    There needs to be more enforcement or regulation in the spaying and neutering of all animals before owning a pet. Also encourage people not to just abandon their pets when they no longer wish to own or cannot keep them for one reason or another.

    Recognizing the actual issue and placing the blame accordingly would hopefully ensure a proper resolution is found. Should these poor souls that once had a home be left to starve? Keep in mind that these feral cats all came from a stray that was abandoned.


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