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Neighbors and Good Samaritan Rescue Cat Stranded Atop Pole

A group of residents of a northwestern Las Vegas neighborhood banded together to help a cat stranded atop a utility pole for two rainy days this week while being tormented by ravens. The concerned neighbors think a coyote may have chased the cat up the 45 foot pole. Coaxing and leaving food at the base of the pole didn’t bring the cat down, and calls to the humane society, fire department, utilities and everyone else the group could think of did no good, until one Good Samaritan who wants to remain anonymous made the rescue. While the KSNV news feature below doesn’t show the Samaritan’s face or give his name, we see a Cox cable truck pull up to the pole and park before the rescue, which is caught on video. The neighbors placed the rescued cat into a crate and took it to safety.

A very different cat related story of the worst kind also came out of Las Vegas this week, making this simple story of caring and community effort all the more sweet.

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    October 12, 2012 11:29 amPosted 2 years ago

    YEAY!! God bless this man! Shame on the Fire Dept/Humane Society!!!
    This is a gorgeous cat!!!!! Definitely belongs to someone.



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