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Miracle Reunion Caught on Camera

“My friend just went to pet cats at our local animal shelter, and found her cat that had been missing for over a year.She called her name (Princess) and she came running “

Reddit user sweetniblets

Chances are, you’ve seen this photo sometime in the last week or so since it was uploaded by Reddit user sweetniblets.  A moment of pure, raw emotion is captured as a young woman is overcome at being reunited with her long missing cat, who she found through a chance encounter at an animal shelter.  The young woman gladly paid the $160 adoption fee to get her kitty back.

A ‘Happy to be home Again” series of photos gives us a look at the happy pair, back at home and together again.

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    September 29, 2012 6:19 pmPosted 2 years ago
    Karen Kistler

    God Bless you both!! What an amazing ending to this story. I’m so glad you both are together again.

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    September 30, 2012 3:31 pmPosted 2 years ago
    Monique Koller

    She shouldn’t have had to pay such a high adoption fee.

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      October 1, 2012 6:08 amPosted 2 years ago

      Yes you would think the shelter might have waived the fee, yet it does not say how long they had been caring for the cat. We all know how shelters run on a shoestring budget, often relying soley on donations. They often get a bad rap by people who say their fees are too high, yet if you were to compare the costs of taking a cat to the vet to be examined, given shots, spayed/neutered, microchipped, tested for FIV, etc, dewormed, defleaed, to the fee a shelter charges, it is startlingly high. What a shelter charges is a HUGE savings and assures that the cat is fixed before it leaves the shelter, reducing the chances of overpopulation. I got the feeling from the article that the young woman was grateful for not only finding her lost cat, but to the shelter for caring for her and being there to look after the cat for her to ever discover her in the first place. I’m sure she considered it an appreciative donation more than a fee- I know I would. <3


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